10 most developed cities in Europe to move to

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If you’re planning on leaving the US and trying your hand at a better life on a different continent, then Europe is certainly a popular choice. Despite not being a vas continent, Europe is quite culturally diverse. Where exactly you move will have a huge impact on your experience. So, before you make your final decision and start looking for international movers, let’s take a look at some of the most developed cities in Europe to move to this year. You will surely find your new home among them!

What are the most developed cities in Europe to move to?

Because Europe is so diverse that countries bordering on each other could be completely different, your choice of where to move exactly will have a huge impact on your life. An American living in Moscow and an American living in London will have completely different experiences. So to make this decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best European cities to move to from the US.

Amsterdam, one of the most developed cities in Europe to move to.
Amsterdam is not only beautiful, but it is also a great place to live.

1. Vienna

The capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most developed cities not just in Europe but in the world as a whole. The city has been known for its high quality of life for a long time. Luckily, it also hasn’t rested on its laurels – there is a constant stream of local and state government projects dedicated to bettering the lives of its residents. There are plans to increase the use of renewable energy, make charging stations and WiFi available city-wide for public consumption, and drastically improve public transport to encourage using it instead of personal vehicles and thus help with congestion.

2. Amsterdam

There are two things the Dutch capital is probably most famous for: biking and the legal consumption of marijuana. And to be fair, both of those things are a big part of what makes Amsterdam so unique and uniquely attractive as a location. But there’s so much more to this beautiful city too! Despite its quaint appearance, Amsterdam is one of the smartest cities in the world. Urban planners work every day to make it more accessible and a better place to live. Current projects include a smart electrical grid and innovative parking solutions.

3. Copenhagen

Although all Scandinavian capitals make it on this list, Copenhagen manages to snatch the honorary title of being ranked best among them. The Danish capital is one of the greenest cities on the planet. A number of factors combine to make this possible. Firstly, cycling is just as popular here as it is in Amsterdam. Secondly, the local government has implemented an ambitious plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. To this effect, there is a number of development projects going right now including electric car ride shares and renewable energy use.

4. Barcelona

Although it is the only city on our list that is not a capital, Barcelona is well worth considering for your relocation. The beautiful architecture and even more beautiful beaches truly speak for themselves. But that’s not all that the city has to offer. For years, it has also been one of the world leaders in innovative urban planning and has run projects that include increasing the popularity of biking and electric vehicles to create a greener space, expanding on pollution testing, and encouraging investments from both local and international entrepreneurs.

Aerial view of Barcelona.
It may not be a capital, but Barcelona is still a great place to live.

5. London

The British capital is one of the most important economic centers in Europe. But it combines its development projects meant to increase economic growth with its ecological projects intended to decrease pollution. One example of this has been the congestion-free zone that was set up only a few years ago where portions of the city center are closed down for vehicles during apart of the day unless you pay a fee. For an American moving abroad, there’s also the added bonus of English being the official language!

6. Paris

You may know it as the City of Love. But there’s more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. If you decide on moving to France from the USA, you will enjoy an excellent business climate and fewer traffic issues. Both of these are possible thanks to the city’s development projects that ran successfully over the last few years to encourage ride-sharing and electric vehicles as well as small business growth and start-ups.

7. Berlin

If you’re considering moving from USA to Germany, you’ll have your pick of developed cities. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Cologne are all excellent options. But the German capital still takes the top spot. Its secret is in encouraging innovative urban solutions and attracting creative young professionals. The goal is to continue the trend of development through modern projects that increase the residents’ quality of life.

8. Stockholm

Another Scandinavian capital, Stockholm often finds itself on top lists of places in Europe to live. So it should come as no surprise that it is also one of the most developed cities in Europe to move to. It is home to a number of tech giants including Spotify and the company behind Minecraft. So if this is your industry, you’ll definitely be among your people.

View of Stockholm from the sea.
The Venice of the North is more than just beautiful – it is an excellent location of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

9. Brussels

If there’s one city that can be considered the capital of Europe as a whole, then it’s probably Brussels. Home to the European Union, the Belgian capital is one of the most modern and most developed European cities today. On top of that, moving to Belgium will offer you the unique opportunity to experience the merging of two different cultures. The Flemish North and French South meet precisely in Brussels!

10. Oslo

The quality of life in all Scandinavian countries has been well documented. Norway’s capital Oslo doesn’t disappoint in that regard. A lot of job opportunities, high wages, friendly people, and a love for nature are just some of the reasons to consider this city for your new home. The development of the country as a whole is even more impressive when you consider that it gained its independence relatively late (in the early 1900s). So just imagine how much better things can still get in the future!

What to look for when choosing one of the most developed cities in Europe to move to?

You can’t go wrong with any of the most developed cities in Europe to move to. They all offer excellent opportunities. Yet, they’re all very different, too. So what should you be prioritizing? Think about how easy it’ll be to find a job, complete the immigration process, and integrate into society. If you work in IT, a city where IT experts are wanted is your best bet. If you’re not good at learning languages, you should aim for an English-speaking country or a place where ex-pats are accommodated. Finally, don’t forget about the culture – you won’t fit in everywhere equally well. Choose something that works for you!

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