10 Practical tips for a smooth international office move

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    Every relocation is difficult in its way. Whether this is a local home move or interstate office relocation, it can be pretty overwhelming. It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to make any move go smoothly. One of the most important things to bear in mind when moving your office is to try not to stop working. Time is important when it comes to moving, especially when moving office. Every business is time-sensitive. Therefore, the less time you spend on your move, less your business will suffer. So, pay attention to your time, construct a firm plan, and also hire global international movers. Take your time to look for a reliable moving company to ensure safe and stress0free relocation. In this text, learn all about organizing a smooth international office move and how to make everything work at all times.

    Get the right estimate and organize your budget

    Since moving an office internationally can put a lot of pressure on your business, it is important to focus and do all that is in your power to make it as easy as possible. International relocation can be quite expensive if you do not know how to handle your budget properly. Preserve the value of your money by organizing a moving budget. When moving to Portugal from US it is important to get the right estimate. So contact your movers and inform them about all the details of your move. With as much information as possible, your movers will provide you with an accurate estimate, so you can plan the money to spend on the move and your workers’ salaries. Remember that you can still work and run your business while organizing relocation. Whenever possible meet your clients both in person and online.

    paper money that can provide smooth international office move
    Organize your moving budget for office relocation

    Organize a smooth international office move with your co-workers

    As you start packing your office, you can start with work transition online. It would be great if you could engage your employees to help you with this relocation. No matter if they would stay in the US and work online for you or move with you to Portugal. Helping each other during this transition will only make the bonds stronger. International removals are serious work so assign your workers with different tasks on time. Also, contact your movers to get the right packing crates so you can start with packing. Regarding documents, you will need some climate-controlled crates. Also, make sure to store as many files on your computers as possible. It is always better to have both virtual and hard copy documents. In addition, this is a perfect moment to remove all the clutter from your current office and pack only necessary.


    Pack on time and efficiently

    Proper packing is what sets aside good relocations from the bad ones. Think about how improper packing can lead to damages and losses. When it comes to a smooth international office move, it is crucial to start on time. Set a packing date with your co-workers. Kindly ask everybody to show up on time and start with their tasks. When it comes to packing computers, printers, and scanners, it would be great if you still have original boxes. For large items, such as a piano, or other valuables, hire international piano movers to help you out. On your packing materials list, there should be cardboard boxes, plastic containers, different box fillings, etc. Assign one group of people to pack only computers. Others should deal with documents, etc. Remember to discuss all in detail so everybody knows what to do at all times so you do not waste time.

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    Together with your employees organize a smooth international office move

    Consider hiring professional packers

    If your moving budget can sustain the costs, we highly recommend that certain items, such as large, bulky furniture you let professionals handle. Also, if you need additional help, hire a professional business analyst. Although you are a  business owner, you will not have all the necessary skills and knowledge to find out about this. Hiring a professional analyst and letting them discover all about Portuguese business ground. Also, while professional packers handle packing and transportation, you can dedicate your time to contacting your business partners. Inform them on time about your business moving. In addition, make sure to change the data regarding address, website domain. Redirect any future shipments from your business partners to your new address in Portugal. Avoid any late deliveries and misunderstandings that might happen during these busy times. And, please do not worry as you are not alone and you will make it.

    Other practical tips for a smooth international office move

    Another person to appoint for this move is a moving manager. As you have more important things to do, such as communicating with your clients, this person can take care of your move. This should be a person with great organizational skills. Remember also to adjust all the meetings to a moving date. Inform your business partners that you will be out for at least two days. In addition, make sure to organize some food both for your workers and movers. Take special care of your plants. Also, ask your movers which plants you can import into Portugal. Avoid any kind of delays, as your business may suffer losses. Finally, you can throw a farewell party when you do all the packing work. You can have a special group of people who can organize that party.

    two people holding hands
    Take enough time to pack your entire office

    With a good organization, you can have a smooth international office move. Nobody says that it will be easy, but with the right people all the work will be easier and you will all have some fun. Let’s face it, people usually do not look forward to international relocation. What you only have to do is to give yourself and your employees enough time to organize properly. Then moving office will not be that hard as people say. With the right door-to-door movers, enough skills, and experience, your new office will start working in Portugal in no time.


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