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Did you know that 10% of all Americans move every year? Still, more than 70% of US citizens live in or near the place they were born. If you are among that 70% and you are feeling like you need a change, moving to a new place is one of the solutions. You are not sure whether you have good enough reasons for this? Transparent International has selected the top 10 reasons why people relocate for the people who are in your situation. Take a look. You will find that people move for various reasons and that motives for the move, in reality, can be quite benign.

Cost of living is the most common reason why people relocate

Unfortunately, these days expenses are the biggest reason why people decide to move. Luckily, property and utility expenses vary a lot throughout the US. So it is always possible to find a more affordable place to live. Naturally, you do not have to be strictly tied to the US. There are many great and affordable international relocation services that can move you wherever you want in the world.

Coins and a calculator
Let’s be honest. Money makes that world go round

Cannot find a job? You can always try somewhere else

The next place on the list also has to do with finance. Moving because of a new job is one of the most common reasons why people move. Moving because of the inability to find a job in your current place, or because of the new opportunity are the most common situations. If you are unable to find a proper job in your city, know that there are many places in the world that need just people like you. Or you can forget about them all and make a name for yourself and start your own international company. Unfortunately, moving companies overseas is not that easy. And you should do a thorough analysis before you start this.

Moving because of a positive relationship outcome is one of the common reasons why people relocate

Moving because of a relationship is one of the usual reasons why people move. All serious relationships eventually end up with at least one partner moving. And that is quite a big number of people. If you are in a relationship and everything is going well, start thinking about your future life together. If not both, then one of you for sure will have to move eventually.

When you expand your family you have to expand your living space as well

A lot of people start small. Living in a small and cheap apartment, however, usually cannot last forever. People get into relationships, start living together, and suddenly realize that they need more space. That is when they usually decide to upgrade their living space. And the easiest way to do it is to call international door-to-door movers and move.

If you have kids you would want them to go to the best schools

Moving to be closer to a good school is one of the reasons why families relocate. Unfortunately, like everything else in the country, the US school quality differs as well. If you happen to live in a place that has no good schools and you want to provide your kids with a proper education you will have to move. And that is what happens quite often.

Cambridge university
People often because of schools

Eventually, people decide to downsize

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. Kids eventually grow up and leave the nest. That is when people decide that they do not need that extra space anymore and that it is time to downsize. A smaller home is cheaper to run, easier to maintain, and overall cozier when you are alone.

Feeling bored and unchallenged is one of the surprising reasons why people relocate

Another reason why people decide to relocate is a desire to change their surroundings. Even though this might not look too important comparing to others on our list. Expenses, jobs, and relationships are more significant, no doubt about it. Still, you would be surprised to learn how much people have the courage to make such an important step because of some, on first glance, trivial matter. Maybe because it isn’t so trivial. Boredom and monotony can easily lead to stress and depression. So if you are feeling like your current city is making you feel that way it is definitely time to move.

Want to see the world, meet new people, new cultures? You will have to move

The similar reason, the change of scenery, but with different motives. Yes, people move because they want to see something new. They want to see the world, meet new cultures, and meet new people. That is one of the most common reasons why people move overseas as well.

Do you feel like you deserve better property? A lot of people think that way as well

Dissatisfaction with the current property’s quality is why people move as well. If you are doing well at your job, your company started to grow, or you won a lottery it is reasonable to assume that you would like to upgrade your home.  Do not be scared. People do it all the time. It is time to get the home you deserve.

a modern house with a pool as one of the possible reasons why people relocate
Many people feel like they deserve better especially when they can afford it

When friends and family are far away, people decide to move there as well

Being closer to your family or friends is one of the legitimate reasons to move as well. Maybe you would like to be closer to your older parents so you can help them out from time to time. Or your friends are not that close as you would like them to be a good solution is to move.

There are many other reasons why people relocate

Those are the top 10 reasons why people relocate. Of course, there are many more examples and situations other than these 10 and not finding yourself among our examples shouldn’t stop you from moving if you really feel like you need a change in your life.

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