10 things to know before moving to Malaga from NYC

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This time around, your relocation project is quite a challenge. You decided on moving from USA to Spain and to do it, you must organize like a pro, pack the right way, and find the right moving service. Covering everything will take a lot of time, energy, and funds. But with a proper moving plan in hands, it is more than doable. So, let us help you today and help you by providing the essential tips you should consider when moving to Malaga from NYC. Let us prepare you for this adventure.

Without a thorough plan, you won’t have a great moving experience

Each relocation has a moving plan behind it. Yours shouldn’t be any different. You should create a moving checklist and write down all the details related to your relocation. It might be an extensive one for sure but you’ll find ways to shorten your moving checklist eventually. Guided by your personal needs and requirements, you will gradually remove step by step and reach your goal.

Making a plan for moving to Malaga from NYC
Give yourself some time and patiently create an adequate moving plan. You can do it!

Search for the moving company to help you with moving to Malaga from NYC

Probably the biggest task ahead is to search for a reliable moving company. This time around you’ll need services from one of the international moving companies NYC. Therefore, start browsing online until you find one. Check their website, services, prices, and reviews. Obtain as much info as possible before you call them and communicate further. Figure out if your company is legit and if they have all the tools and requirements to relocate you abroad. It is quite a feat and you’ll need a serious and professional moving company by your side.

Choose the right one

When you find a moving company you like, you should inspect it a bit more. It is important to choose a legit one for such a big project. There is no space for a fraudulent or sketchy moving team here. Therefore, check if your movers are registered online and if they are members of the US Moving Association. You can check FMSCA as well. Moreover, you should obtain references or word of mouth. Find a friend of a friend that used their services in the past that can vouch for a positive outcome.

Once you call your movers ask them if they have all the permits and licenses to operate locally and abroad. You are purchasing international moving services after all, and it would be a shame if you stumble upon incompetent movers that will hinder your progress. Ensure your movers are legit and rest assure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Inspect your belongings

You should know exactly how much stuff you have so you can organize the packing process accordingly. The same goes for your furniture and appliances. Of course, this is all relevant if you are taking it all with you. Whatever might be the case, you should know the number and weight of your moving boxes and if there are any pieces of furniture that need greater oversight.

Your home needs a detailed inspection as well

You should inspect the environment as well. Presumably, you want to have a safe relocation without any moving mishaps and damages. We all do for sure. Therefore, inspect your home and realize if there are any hazardous materials or any threats along the way. Inspect the hallways, stairs, floors, windows, and doors. Ensure everything is clear for your movers to walk through and that they won’t be endangered while hauling furniture and boxes. Secure the environment and avoid damages and injuries.

Realize moving costs

Upon inspecting everything, you’ll finally know how much you must invest in your moving endeavor. After inspecting your cargo, home, and deciding on the moving service you’ll purchase, you will have your numbers crunched. Then, you should take advice from your moving representative and obtain the final moving estimate. Then you can adjust your spending according to the moving budget. You will finally know if you can save something up or you must invest more.

A person counting money
Give your best to calculate the moving budget as precisely as possible.

Moving to Malaga from NYC is easier if you declutter and downsize

A smart thing to do while inspecting your belongings is to declutter and downsize as much as you can. We all have clutter in our homes. Usually, those are the items of emotional value that we save for sentimental reasons. On other hand, we all have a few pieces of old appliances sitting in the garage somewhere. Now is the time to take it out. Shuffle through your stuff and figure out what can be replaced or simply removed. You can throw it all away, donate, give away, sell online, or stash away in a storage unit. Whatever is best for you.

Pack for the occasion

Now when you know what you’ll pack and how many packing materials you need, you should take a shot at it. You can purchase all moving materials online or let your movers bring them. Movers can pack you as well and tuck everything in nicely to survive the long voyage ahead. Or you can purchase everything yourself at the nearest hardware store and pack as you wish. But we suggest consulting with the moving company you hired. They know all the regulations, services, prices, and requirements for such a feat. They will advise how to pack and what to look out for.

A man packing boxes for moving
If possible, use only higher-quality packing materials for your international move.

Ensure you have your documents sorted out moving to Malaga from NYC

You are moving to Malaga from NYC and this step requires all your important personal documents and moving papers aligned. And you should start doing it as soon as you know you will move and the date when it is going to happen. Therefore, check all your bank, medical, and school records. Figure out all the laws and regulations in the country you are moving in and realize if something will block your plans. This must be done in due time to prevent delays and complications.

Moving day is here, are you ready?

In a week before the move, you should take as much rest as you can. Keep yourself on full batteries to avoid stress and a bad mood on a moving day. And the night before the move, check all your documents, inspect your cargo, and run through your checklist again just to be sure that you covered everything. Also, one more thing you can do is to follow the forecast a week before the move. If the weather is unfavorable you should prepare for it adequately.

And now you know 10 mandatory things you must do before moving to Malaga from NYC. We won’t lie, this is going to be a challenge for everyone involved. But with a proper plan in hand and with an efficient moving team engaged, you’ll be nothing but successful. Good luck and have a wonderful journey. New beginnings are just around the corner.

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