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International relocation has seen a hit during the pandemic. Global supply chains saw a disruption but things are getting back to normal with 2022 supply chain trends. The global perception is changed, though. Air freight replaced many other types of transport and logistics, but it’s still unclear for how long. The problem is, however, that it is the most expensive way of shipping goods overseas. If you’re looking for international removals New York, here’s all you need to know before relocating or shipping items internationally in 2022.

What do you need to know before moving internationally and should you worry about 2022 supply chain trends?

If you moved before, you’re well aware that the moving process takes many days and requires a lot of preparation. You should be even better prepared when moving internationally.  That’s especially the case because you’ll need a lot of documents. And, moving your items will be more complicated. Things like delayed shipments are more likely to occur if you ignore global trends when planning. You need to gather all the required visas, and permits and provide other necessary documents. Make sure you do this before relocating internationally. Every part of the process is simple, but it’s important not to miss anything.

cargo ship
Overseas relocation requires special logistics and is impacted by 2022 supply chain trends.

Transporting your items internationally falls under the import and export laws of the destination country. You have to get through the customs office and get clearance for everything you plan to bring into another country. This requires proper packing and labeling of your items, while some of them may require special licenses. All overseas moving services can be provided by specialized professionals, and you shouldn’t hesitate to hire them. You should do your research and find a reliable company. Make note that international relocation is too complicated to do all by yourself.

Moving to Europe

If you’re moving to Europe, you should consider moving to Luxembourg from US. You can easily hire professional movers to help you out, and you’ll love the country as it has a great blend of many European cultures. You’ll enjoy Luxembourg, especially as an expat. Many expats from the US come to Luxembourg, so you might also bump into some of your countrymen.

How do 2022 supply chain trends impact international relocation?

Crisis events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ida hurricane created massive problems in supply chains. With workers in quarantine, logistical blockades, and unstable markets, many businesses suffered. And with them, their customers. All of this reduced the reliability of service, which made customers’ trust go down. At the same time, prices didn’t meet the demand fully, as material shortages created another kind of problem. All of this is now over, with the pandemic behind us. However, logistics businesses that took a hit will have to be innovative if they plan to recover. Implementing new technologies and creating a flexible business model have become crucial in staying competitive and providing quality service.

Increased use of robotics in 2022 supply chains

Warehouses using robotic technologies are a great advantage, as they can work with more precision. They are also more immune to circumstances such as lockdowns. While not entirely immune, as they need to be operated by human workers, they increase the efficiency of managing materials. This results in your goods being shipped more quickly while making sure everything stays safe.

man working in a trending supply chain
Humans will always operate and service robots, at least to some degree.

Eco-friendly supply chains are trending

Global reactions to climate change pushed many governments into implementing eco-friendly subsidies and policies. Many companies that follow this path can see benefits directly from their government but they can also optimize their energy consumption much better. Such logistics companies will have more competitive prices and may be a better fit for transporting your goods.

2022 supply chain trends include data-driven supply chains

Data-driven supply chains stay ever optimizing, as they always gather important information. This can help a business become much more efficient. Mistakes when shipping items internationally and overseas are quite pricey. That’s why responsible companies will know how to mitigate such losses.

How to pack for international relocation?

Packing for international relocation is more complicated than for other types of moving. However, some parts remain the same, and some items don’t need special transport. For example, you can take your clothes with you, while you should ship heavy household appliances.

If you plan to bring most of your clothes with you, you don’t need to use moving boxes. If you’ll be traveling by plane, you should simply pack your clothes in your traveling bags. This is not ideal for your clothes, but it won’t damage them if you store them quickly afterward.

airplane traveling overseas
Taking your clothes with you on a plane is a good idea.

Other types of items, such as breakable kitchen items and heavy household appliances require another kind of care and handling. Chunky items need to go through the customs office. This requires standardized packing and proper labeling. Place all of your items in wooden crates, and make sure to label them. Failing to properly label the boxes may raise suspicions at the customs office but you easily avoid this.

If you’re unsure about how to properly label the crates and boxes, contact some of the trained professionals. They can assist you with packing and also provide necessary information for proper labeling.

What to expect from moving heavy household appliances overseas?

Unlike your clothes and other items, heavy household appliances are more valuable and quite chunky. They usually fall under special regulations and need to go through the customs office. Some heavy household appliances may require special permits or licenses while others may be subject to taxes and duties. Consider every single item you plan to move and do your research. It’s important to stay on budget and not have any unexpected costs. At the same time, you’ll ensure a successful and stress-free relocation. Solutions for moving these types of items are impacted by a shift in 2022 supply chain trends the most. They depend entirely on global supply chains, tied both to warehousing and overseas transport services.



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