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Leaving your current country comes with a plethora of doubts and questions. If you haven’t decided which county you should choose, this short guide will help you discover some of the main reasons to move to Spain. This beautiful European nation is one of the most desirable countries and there are so many reasons why. Although the moving process can be complex, with our international relocation services you can make things simple. But before you start planning your relocation, let’s research factors that will determine if this relocation is the right step for you. Whether you’re moving for work, love, or retirement, find out what to expect after moving to Spain. After reading this article, you will know if you are doing the right thing. With our help, you will realize exciting things about the opportunity to move to this magnificent foreign land. So let’s get to know Spain together!

Discover some of the most appealing reasons to move to Spain

Although you will need to prepare for a long time traveling, you will not regret it if you opt for Spain. This is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and it is famous for its history and culture. With about  46,799,401 residents and an incredible international reputation, this country offers a lot to its residents and tourists. But if you are not sure if should you hire international movers New York and make this huge step, we can help you. So now we will see vital reasons to move to Spain, here are some of them:

  1. Outdoor living and exploring incredible places;
  2. Affordable costs of living in Spain;
  3. The food scene and fiesta are great reasons to move to Spain;
  4. Warm weather and quality of life;
  5. Rich history and culture.
A colorful concrete stairs
There is a long list of reasons to move to Spain.

A paradise for travelers and active persons

Although every new country can be interesting in its own way, Spain is more than incredible in this term. Getting new experiences is one of the main reasons for moving from USA to Spain with our global relocation services. Undeniably, Spain got something for everyone, all along miles long coastline. Its coastline is unique, dotted with cozy fishing villages. In the South, you will find Tenerife in the Canary Islands and also Palma in the Balearic Islands.

Further, in the North, you will find many places with cooler summers where you can enjoy hikes in green mountains. In the East of Spain, you will find big cities – Barcelona and Valencia. These cities are home to many colorful events and festivals throughout the year. In the end, the West of Spain is an ideal area for the tranquility that you will find in the countryside.

Living costs are one of the reasons to move to Spain

If you are wondering why Spain is a favorite among many expats from all across the globe, here comes the answer. Well, this country is more affordable than many western European countries. You should know that the average monthly rent for an affordable one-bedroom apartment costs approximately $1,050. This is cheaper compared to other popular EU countries such as Denmark and Germany.

Now you do understand why so many people plan to hire our international household movers. The average monthly salary in Spain is nearly €2,710. Although this is lower than in many other European Countries, it does not matter as long as you can count on savings and enjoy the Spain vibe.

An aerial view of city buildings
In this country, you can find different housing options at affordable pricing.

Transportation, food, and utility costs

When it comes to other costs such as transportation, groceries, food in restaurants, and utilities, you can expect affordable prices. Grabbing a drink and eating out are pretty low throughout Spain. So, once you decide to move to this beautiful country, forget about concerns about moving costs. Hire our experts for moving furniture overseas and relocating your belongings without spending a fortune.

Bring to Span all the other things you will need for comfortable living, too. Our international moving specialists will transport your items safely and smoothly. Even if you forget to pack and transport something, you can purchase that after you arrive at your new Spain address.

Food, drink, and fiesta

Talking about reasons to move to Spain is not complete without mentioning the food scene in this country. Undeniably, gastronomy is an integral part of Spanish culture. Spaniards are very proud of their cuisine and produce such as olive oil and wine. Living in Spain means you will have a chance to try various dishes and wines from several different regions.

Some of the first things to try after moving to Spain are the national dish Paella, Tortilla Españalo, and the ever-present Jamon Iberico. If you like cold soups, don’t miss to try Gazpacho. Very soon you will realize that Spanish people follow the Mediterranean diet. For this reason, most often they eat fresh and seasonal food.

A person thinking about reasons to move to Spain while looking at a paella dish on the plate
Spain is known for affordable and delicious food.

The next thing you should look forward to is Spanish fiestas. These events will help you understand how much Spanish people like to socialize and enjoy life. Don’t miss well-known fiestas such as the Fallas Festival or Jerez Flamenco Festival. This is a great way to be a part of local celebrations and make new friends.

Enjoy meeting Spanish history and culture on sunny days

One of the main parts of the unique Spanish culture is their people, without a doubt. Spaniards are very family-oriented, warm, welcoming, and generous people. Smiling people all around, bright just like sunny weather. Yes, the weather here is warm and pleasant almost all year round. Whether you are an art, history, or culture lover, in pain you will find beauty around every corner. If you decide to visit the city of Valencia, you will take a chance to explore the architectural entertainment complex like no other. Don’t miss visiting the IMAX theater and the planetarium. Also, in Valencia, you should visit a performing arts center, an interactive science museum, and an opera house.

Unforgettable and valuable experiences you will get

Overall, Spain abounds with historical and cultural treasures. Spanish art, architecture, traditional music, literature, and religious and cultural festivities, are reasons to move to Spain and get to know them well. So, make your dreams come true and start a new life chapter in Spain.

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