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One of the most time-consuming parts of relocation is always packing. It will certainly take you at least a couple of days to pack your home before the move and that’s if you’re in a hurry! If you’re taking your time with it, then the process can be as long as several weeks or even months. Any time-saving packing tips are, therefore, more than welcome especially if you’re in a hurry. So what is the secret? How do international movers NYC manage to pack your home in mere hours? And what can you do to make packing easier and faster?

6 time-saving packing tips for your next relocation

It’s good to save time on packing even when you are not in a huge rush. Packing is a huge multi-step process that takes a lot out of you. So even if you’re moving to New Zealand from the US in a few months and everything is still going to plan, it would be wise to find ways to cut down your packing time. And if you do expect to be in a rush? Well, that’s all the more reason to prepare.

Man researching time-saving packing tips.
Prepare for your relocation by reading up on the best moving practices.

#1: Start on time and don’t procrastinate

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is procrastinating. Moving in general takes time – people prepare months in advance. If you’re planning on relying on international services for your relocation, you have to contact your movers early on to make sure they are available when you need them. If you’re moving to another country, you also need to sort out your visa or residence permit. And if you’re packing by yourself, then you need to start planning for it early. All of this takes more time than you probably expect. So don’t waste precious days – start well in advance even if all you do is just plan!

#2: Have a strategy

Packing your home for relocation is not going to be as simple as putting things in boxes randomly. You’ll have to make decisions about what to pack first, what to leave behind, how to disassemble bulky items, which supplies to use, and more. So make a list of things you need to pack and decide on a system for packing them. The two most common ways to pack are by priority and by room. If you plan on packing quickly, then your best bet is to go room by room – finish packing one room before moving on to the next. But if you want to take your time with the packing, then start by packing the things you need least and do so well in advance. Slowly move your way up the priority list until you finish your packing with the things you use regularly.

#3: Gather supplies in advance

If you want your packing process to run smoothly, you need to be prepared. That means gathering plenty of supplies before you start actually packing. You’ll need:

  • boxes in a variety of sizes
  • a lot of tape
  • sharpies and paper for labeling
  • cushioning material like packing peanuts or crumpled paper
  • moving tools like moving blankets and furniture sliders
  • a basic set of tools for disassembling furniture

If you have everything you need on hand, the packing will be easier and faster because you won’t have to keep running around gathering supplies as the need for them arises.

Moving box and tape.
Gather plenty of supplies in advance.

#4: Don’t pack everything

There’s no doubt that you are attached to many of your belongings. But do you really need to bring all of them? Clothes you’ve outgrown, old furniture, outdated electronics and similar things you no longer need can be donated, sold, or simply thrown away to make the packing and relocation process faster and easier. Additionally, there are things you cannot move internationally. These are usually hazardous items but can vary from country to country. Consult with your movers on this and don’t pack things you won’t be allowed to bring with you anyway.

#5: Work smarter, not harder

Oftentimes, “shortcuts” to relocation are something you want to avoid – they rarely work. But there are certain ways to make your packing smarter and your work easier. Here are some tips:

  • utilize short-term storage to keep your home tidy and organized
  • don’t attempt something difficult like international car transportation or piano moving by yourself
  • reinforce your boxes so they are more durable
  • upcycle materials you have in the house (towels, sheets, and blankets make for great cushioning)
  • don’t fill your boxes too much or they’ll be too heavy to carry

#6: Prepare an essentials bag or box

Most of your belongings will be delivered to your door by your movers. But there are some things you should carry with you. Pack a few changes of clothes, important documents, valuables, cash, medication, cosmetics, and anything you might need on your first few nights in a new home in a bag or box that you won’t give to movers. Bring that bag or box with you. That way you won’t have to wait on deliveries or dig through boxes for your essentials.

A bag.
Pack a bag of essentials separately.

Time-saving packing tips for last-minute packing

Ideally, you’ll have at least a few weeks if not months to prepare for an international relocation. But if you have to move last-minute then packing will be a problem. Here are some things that’ll help you do it warp-speed:

  • don’t think, act: when you don’t have a lot of time, overthinking things is not going to help – just pack everything now and sort through it later
  • get creative with supplies: you likely won’t have time to really gather the right supplies so use what you have around the house – old boxes, containers, baskets, hampers, drawers, and even plastic bags can serve in a pinch
  • pack clothes on hangers: there’s no reason to bother with folding clothes – leave them on hangers and put them in a clean garbage bag for quick packing
  • go room by room: pack each room completely before moving on to the next one
  • don’t panic: panic slows you down so take a few minutes to feel the nerves, then move on and start packing

Time-saving packing tips only get you so far – hire professional packers if you’re really in a hurry

Even if you follow all the time-saving packing tips for last-minute moving, it will still take you some time to pack your entire home. If you’re moving in a serious rush, it might be best to contact last-minute movers in the area and have them pack for you. They are quick, efficient, and equipped with high-quality supplies – you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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