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It is the dream of many to live in Europe, either for retirement or for starting up a new life. That is because Europe, Western, and Central Europe in particular, capture an ambiance of prosperity, calm, organization, and freedom. Of sophisticated peoples with long traditions, whose architecture holds grandiose and whose borders and languages tell a thousand tales. The Old World is old indeed, and it is the time past that paves the roads of modern European cities and that feeds them the sense of importance and beauty. And nowhere is this better seen nor experienced in Austria. Therefore, if you are to ask us what are our reasons to live in Austria, we could find a hundred. However, in this article, we will focus on the most important ones!

First among reasons to live in Austria – Vienna

If we are to talk about reasons to live in Austria we would be very wrong not to immediately mention Vienna. Vienna or Wien in german is not only the largest city, by population and by land surface, but also the capital of Austria, and has served as a capital for various Austrian states for millennia. It holds almost a third of the Austrian modest population with 1.9 million inhabitants.

While today it is the 6th largest city in Europe, during the beginning of the 20th century, Vienna was the largest German-speaking city in the world. Today, it is second, behind the capital of Germany, Berlin.

First among reasons to live in Austria - Vienna palace
Vienna is truly an exquisite place, and you can find many reasons to live in Austria

If you are moving from USA to Austria, Vienna is a beautiful choice. It is a cultural, economic, and political center of the country. Here are three main reasons why you should consider Vienna as your top location for relocation in Austria.

  • City of Music – Vienna is often called the City of music. This name owes to the musical legacy left behind by some of the most famous classical composers and performers in history, namely Mozart and Beethoven. Additionally, if this was not the best out of all reasons to live in Austria, consider that it also has another nickname – City of dreams, thanks to being home to the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.
  • Imperial capital – Being a historic center of Austria, one of the oldest countries in Europe, has its perks. Vienna is rich in amazing baroque palaces and gardens, grand monuments and buildings, huge parks, and breathtaking baroque, and neoclassical architecture.
  • The good life – Finally, and maybe most importantly, Vianna is famous for its high quality of life. It ranked first among European cities 7 years in a row while occupying the still amazing second place worldwide.

Old and authentic

Something being old does not necessarily invoke a positive feeling. You do not think that someone would call up international relocation companies in order to move as soon as possible just because something is old. However, in Austria, one could definitely see and feel why that is the case. Why having venerable cities on an ancient land truly does make for a great country.

History is calling behind every hill in Austria. In every house built more than a century ago. Underneath the cobble streets and among the high rocks of the Alps. There is something very ancient about this country, very old and it yearns to tell us its secrets. One of the reasons to live in Austria is definitely so you can, for yourself, experience that connection to the land and its people. To its buildings and nature, from Vienna to Tyrol.

History didn’t just leave its mark on Austria, it used it as a brush. Its history made empires of Europe. And now, small and in peace, it tells us of turbulent times and great deeds of its proud ancestors. Who would miss it for the world?

The alpes
You can see some truly jaw-dropping natural monuments in Austria!

Low-cost property

When moving furniture overseas, it is fairly important to have a place where you intend to move it. luckily, buying a property in Austria is, by American standards, very affordable. And we are talking about the luxury levels of the property. You can move to Austria and, not only experience an eco-friendly society, healthy, happy people, and levels of beauty beyond compare, but also a beautiful place that you can enjoy and call your home.

Amazing natural riches

When you are moving from USA to Europe, you will experience a lot of change. It is hard to say that one land is more beautiful than the other. The USA is a huge country that has some spectacular natural riches. However, the scenarios in Austria, if not the superior, will definitely leave you breathless in their beauty.

Austria can, sometimes, truly seem like a country born of fairytales and that can be held only within the gates of Eden.

Center of Europe

Austria is close to basically every place you want to go to Europe. In the west of it, continuing over the alps lies Switzerland, land of three languages, chocolate, stoic neutrality, and great prosperity. In the north Austria borders with its German brethren, and Munich is not that far off.

A street in Europe
Austria is close to almost every European capital!

To the east, lands of Chezia, Slovenia, and Hungaria are all within a few hours of travel. To reach Bratislava is basically a 45-minute drive since there are no hard borders between European states. Finally, after settling in Austria with the help of Austria travel information, you can visit the famous Adriatic coast of Slovenia, Croatia, and even Montenegro, with the party capital of Belgrade not being too far off for a weekend visit too.

What more reasons to live in Austria could you possibly need? Austria is not the heart of Europe, it is its soul. A shining example of great deeds and monumental architecture. Of vision in art and science alike. A story of perseverance and opulence, of pride and tradition, progress, and collaboration. It is truly an estimate to the good people of Austria and a place you should definitely be proud to call your new home.


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