7 things you should know before moving to New Zealand

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    Picking out a new place to live can be challenging. Especially if you want to move internationally. New Zealand is one of those places that attract people with its stunning beauty. So what would you rather do than move to a place of such memorizing charm? For that reason, there are many international moving companies NYC that relocate people there all the time. But, before you make such a big decision, here are some things you should know before moving to New Zealand. There are many surprises that await you in this beautiful country so it’s time to awaken the explorer in you.

    Friendly people and sheep everywhere

    New Zealand has a very small population of just under 5 million people considering its size. Almost 90% of its inhabitants live in cities so be ready for some amazing natural beauty outside of the main towns. The locals are very friendly and will help you adjust to their lifestyle and will welcome you to the community. Above all, you’ll be always near sheep as they vastly outnumber the human population of the country. To be exact, the sheep population is around 30 million. So don’t be surprised if you run into them while exploring your new home.

    Sheep going around the field
    Sheep are outnumbering people by almost six times in New Zealand

    Going barefoot is the norm

    When you think about it, shoes are just big trouble. You can’t decide which pair to choose, they are expensive, can hurt if you pick the wrong ones. So what did the Kiwis decide to do? Well, go barefoot of course. That’s one of the things that are hardest to get used to if you’re moving to New Zealand from the US as people go to the market or local shops without shoes on. However, this has to do with locals being laid back and the Maori belief that if you go barefoot, you’ll be closer to nature. Give it a try, see how going barefoot suits you.

    Be ready to handle the weather if you’re moving to New Zealand

    When you think of New Zealand you might assume it’s constantly hot and sunny, because of its vicinity to Australia. Well, that can’t be further from the truth. Depending on your area, you might feel every season in one day. That’s why it’s so hard for international moving services to prepare, as you never know what weather will await them upon arrival. This unstable weather is due to the two islands of New Zealand being in the Pacific Ocean and other seas that are unpredictable at best.

    Bad weather over a field
    In some circumstances, the weather can get really unpredictable which makes moving to New Zealand even more exciting

    Watch out for earthquakes if you’re moving to New Zealand

    Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll need to adapt to the ground shaking from time to time. New Zealand is located inside the Pacific Ring of Fire, so volcanic eruptions and the ground moving aren’t a huge event. Obviously, there are smaller and bigger situations.  For example, the last really big eruption was over 5 thousand years ago, and from around 15 000 earthquakes that occur in New Zealand yearly, only 0,1% are actually strong enough for a human to feel it. Be alert but don’t let them scare you, as really big tremors happen rarely.

    Moving to New Zealand means beautiful scenery wherever you turn

    We told you that New Zealand is big, but it’s extremely beautiful at the same time. Almost a third of its landmass belongs to national parks. Combine that with the fact that people mostly live in the cities and you’ll get the untouched majesty of nature. The beauty of the land will have you packing in no time, as it has everything you need in one place. From the icy mountains, even fjords, to the clearest lakes and golden beaches. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll call New Zealand home in no time.

    A movie lover will feel like at home

    If you’re someone who loves a good movie, you can’t wait to go and explore your new home. Some of the biggest hits were filmed here. For example, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar, and many others. The movie directors are absolutely in love with the beautiful landscape New Zealand has to offer. It’s no wonder that on a yearly basis, a big chunk of the state budget is filled with the money generated from the movie industry. Have fun exploring all the iconic landscapes you’ve only seen in films!

    Many of the greatest films were shot in New Zealand, such as Lord of the Rings

    Rugby is the number one sport

    When it comes to rugby, it is almost like a religion in New Zealand. We could easily write a whole article about the All-Blacks as they are the best at what they do. They are not only famous for their quality on the field, but also for the pre-game war dance. The haka seemingly terrifies their opponents, because they are really hard to beat at rugby. The whole nation is glued to the TV when they’re playing Also, the domestic rugby competition, Super Rugby, is great entertainment. Even if you don’t like rugby, you should visit a couple of games as they are very interesting and the tickets are cheap.

    From the beautiful landscape to the down to earth people, New Zealand is a great place to live. It has a lot to offer, so you’ll never be lazy to explore everything around you. We guarantee that you never witnessed something magnificent as the land of the Kiwi. If you’re sure that moving to New Zealand is the right place for you, we will help you move as we have tons of experience in such endeavors. Happy moving and don’t forget to explore your new home to its fullest, as it has much to show.

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