7 tips for Americans studying in the UK

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If you are getting ready to move to the UK so that you can study there, you must be very excited and nervous. And while Brittain might not seem that different from the USA. There are still a lot of big and small differences to which you have to get used to. While preparing for your move one of the most important things to do is to hire good international movers USA to UK to help you move to the UK. Here are some tips for Americans studying in the UK.

First of all, make sure that you hire good movers

Since this is going to be a big move you want to make sure that you are hiring good movers on which you can rely. And you need to be thorough when getting international moving quotes for your move. Make sure that your movers have good reviews. And that they are experienced in international moving. This is important to ensure a safe and efficient move. You want to make sure that your movers know what they are doing and that you can rely on them.

Man shaking hands after following one of the tips for Americans studying in the UK and hiring movers
Hiring good movers will make your move much easier and less stressful ant that is one of the best tips for Americans studying in the UK

One of the biggest tips for Americans studying in the UK is to get used to the humor

Brits are generally more ironic and their tone might sound off-putting or even insulting to you. But it is normal in the UK and you should be aware of that and get used to it. So while international moving company New York is taking care of your move and you are getting to know people. Keep that in mind and keep an open mind. You will get used to it with time, and you are likely to grow to like it as does most people. So try to look at it as a fun part of studying in the UK and learning more about their culture.

British people are more reserved

This is probably going to be one of the bigger culture shocks for you when your international household movers finish the move and you are finally in the UK. The British people are not so keen on talking with strangers while waiting in line for example. While in smaller towns and villages it is going to be a little bit more relaxed and people might not be as reserved. So it somewhat depends on where you are located. But this is one of the important tips for Americans studying in the UK to keep in mind.

If you are bringing your car with you make sure that you plan it well

Transporting cars internationally can be complicated. And it requires a lot of documentation. But you can make it much easier if you hire an international car transportation company to help you with it. They have a lot of experience with moving cars and know how to avoid all the common mistakes. So you won’t have to worry and you will know that your car is going to arrive safely and on time. So it is well worth the money to hire good movers to help you with the car transportation to the UK.

Man holding the steering wheel while driving
Don’t forget to plan well how you are going to bring your car to the UK

Another tip for Americans studying in the UK is to learn the slang

The Brits have a very fun and interesting slang, and you are going to enjoy learning it. But at the start, it is undoubtedly going to be very confusing, especially with the words that have different meanings. But they won’t hold it against you and will love to teach you what it all means. So don’t hold back from asking what does what they said means, that is the best way to learn. There are some common British slang words that you can start learning on your own too. Here are some that you should be ready for:

  • Pants – Trousers
  • Mate – Friend
  • Banter – Joking/Teasing
  • Quid – Pound

When talking about tips for Americans studying in the UK we can’t go without mentioning the specialty shops

If you are missing some food from home that you can’t find anywhere in the local shops, don’t worry. There are stores which specialize in American food and you can find all the food that you would in the USA. But you should know that the prices are going to be much higher, which is to be expected. But at least you will be able to find some comfort food when you need it.

You can rely on the NHS

The National Health Service, most often referred to as NHS has you covered. Even though it can be slow and a lot of people complain about it, the NHS still works very well and you can rely on it. You are going to pay a surcharge as part of your visa application for access to it. But then you are covered and you can relax knowing that if you need any kind of medical help, you can get it. And that you won’t have to worry about paying huge bills. Everything from simply going to see a doctor to surgery is covered and you won’t have to worry about it.

Doctor checking on her patient
You won’t have to worry about paying huge medical bills in the UK, you are going to be covered by the NHS

Sales tax is included in the price and tipping isn’t obligatory

Unlike in the USA, where the price is included in the price tag. In the UK you are going to pay exactly how much the bill is, no more or less. This is one of the most important tips for Americans studying in the UK and it is something that you are going to have to get used to. As for tipping, it depends from situation to situation. But generally, you don’t have to tip everywhere like in the USA. But it is still a very nice thing to do and people will appreciate it. Some might even expect it from you because you are American and they know that you are used to it. So that is another thing to keep in mind.


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