7 Tips to beat the post-holiday blues as an expat in New Zealand

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    So the holidays are behind us and the January is flowing. We all felt excitement approaching holidays and during those days. We put so many emotions and energy into preparations, choosing and buying gifts for our loved ones, and actually having that emotional rollercoaster that holidays often are. And now, the majority of us feel empty, like an inflated balloon. That feeling is even enlarged if you are an ex-pat in New Zealand and actually far away from your family. So here are some tips for you on how to beat the post-holiday blues. The first thing we want you to know is that there is a way to connect with your loved ones. Contact Transparent International NYC and find out how they could help you.

    Moving across the sea

    Moving is always such a complex action and that is even amplified if we are talking about long-distance moving. If this subject worries you, try to find some more information about moving to New Zealand from US. If you are about to face such a big change, be prepared as much as you can. Your movers will be able to answer all your questions so you can get ready to beat the post-holiday blues.

    ship on the sea
    Moving across the sea can be tricky.

    Do not be afraid of this change. You will be able to figure it all out. Just hire the best moving company you can find to help you. They will explain it all to you, how moving boxes overseas work and which timeline is realistic. You must have a good reason to make such a huge step, so stay calm and make it all work. The organization is the key.

    7 tips to beat the post-holiday blues as an ex-pat in New Zealand

    Hiring your movers is already half job done. They will explain to you all about international services you could use. That way you’ll be able to beat the post-holiday blues, even if this is just the time of the year when you are leaving your home country. Also, we are here to help you with our 7 tips on how to feel better after the holidays. So, let’s start on that.

    Simplify your schedule

    If you just moved or you traveled for the holidays, don’t bury yourself in obligations. Simplify your schedule for the next two weeks and give yourself some time to rest. This is the time to take good care of yourself and to feel all the feels. It is okay to be sad. You should feel how are you. The only thing is that you don’t want to stay that way for too long. So rest, find simple joy in every day, and lose your schedule for a little while.

    Take care of your mental health

    You should take this seriously. Read some self-help books, journal, and meditate. You can talk to a trusted friend or a therapist. Feeling blue after moving long-distance and after the holidays is a normal thing. There is nothing wrong with you. You just want to work through all those feelings.

    Journal to beat the post-holiday blues.
    Journal to beat the post-holiday blues.

    Reflect on your time during the holidays to beat the post-holiday blues

    You probably made some unforgettable memories during the holidays and had some new experiences. So this is the time to reflect on these and to add all that you learned to your life. Look again at photos you made then, and remind yourself of all the things you have in your life that are valuable to you.

    Go out

    You change the continent and yes that is huge. But there are advantages to it. You can explore the area where you found yourself now. It must be full of some hidden treasures you could enjoy. Yes, taking time for yourself is important. But you really have to go out and move a little bit. Search for some places you would love to visit and don’t postpone going there.

    Find yourself an activity you’ll enjoy

    You can start something new or go back to an activity you loved before. Whatever that is, this is the perfect time of the year to start with some healthy habits. Make yourself some plan and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be hard. You can just go for a long walk a few times a week. Enjoy the weather or listen to a podcast or an audiobook. And you will see how much better you feel after.

    girl running
    Find yourself an activity you will enjoy.

    Help someone

    One of the best ways to beat the post-holiday blues is to get up and help someone. We all have something to offer to others. Whether it is some skill of yours or a smile, you are able to help. There is a website called Couchsurfing via which you can offer your place to some travelers who don’t want or have to spend money on accommodation. This is just an example that we all have to offer something that other people will value. If that is not your jam, it is totally fine. You can decide to join some humanitarians and spend your time for a good cause. And since there are so many different organizations, you will find one that you share interests with.

    Plan your next holiday

    Our last piece of advice is to plan your next holiday with people you love that are near to your heart. That will lift your spirit and put you in a good mood. You can invite them for a visit and show them some pieces of your new life. Or you can travel somewhere else, maybe to a place you’ve always dreamed of.

    Did we help you to beat the post-holiday blues as an ex-pat in New Zealand?

    We really do hope that we helped you to beat the post-holiday blues as an ex-pat in New Zealand. This advice will give you some idea of what to have in mind and of course that you can modify them as you like. Focus on how you feel, don’t avoid it, and do every day something that will make you feel better. In no time, these post-holiday blues will be in the past.

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