7 ways to How to pack your PC for an international move like a pro?

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In life, we have sometimes opportunities to make a difference in the way we live. If we need to move to some new faraway location and be around new people, the best thing is to plan that moving in the best possible way. Find an international moving expert and you will avoid stress, you will be able to move on to the new life in no time, relaxed, and happy. In most examples, people move because of work. But if it not that the case, either way, our computer is one of the most important things today in the world. Besides packing your furniture, clothes, etc, try to pack your PC for an international move like a pro, so you won’t lose the important information. You will need them in the new house also.

Home office PC, monitor, keyboard
Pack your PC for an international move like a pro!

Preparation, preparation, and preparation!

First thing you need to do always when you plan a move is to make a plan and checklist. Without a checklist, you could forget the simplest thing purely because of stress that can be never avoided totally, especially if you do everything alone. Let’s say for example you are moving to Luxembourg from US, that is one remarkably long journey. You must send your belongings overseas and arrange them to make sure they are reached destination safe and sound!

Tree basic tips for arranging your checklist:

  • Find help in moving – investigate what moving company is the best company for your current needs. There are great international services that you can choose from for regular and overseas relocations.
  • Sort out all of the paperwork and personal documents – Don’t let some oversite spoil your moving process. Inform yourself what is important for your move, do you need something different to prepare in your case. Check if there are any different laws in the place you are moving to. 
  • Pack your belongings in the most organized way – Arrange boxes, markers for labeling, duct tapes, cushioning materials for avoiding the damage to your property, including your most beloved (probably) of all the devices – computer. Think of the best way how to pack your PC.

List of how to pack your PC for an international move like a pro

We sometimes have our whole life on one hard disk. In some way, it sounds sad when we say it like that, but it really is not. This is generally a normal thing today in our world. People work hard to make money and make a good living; we use computers for all sorts of things. You use PC for work, emails, writing, fun, music, keeping pictures and other kinds of memories in one place. So, if you don’t want to lose all that great and important memories, you must pack your PC for moving in that way you can avoid damaging it.

Motherboard and Lego man beside
Disassemble your memories and then put them together again!

7 ways to How to pack your PC – essential tips for moving

The first step – start from the beginning

  • Back up everything you can! – First thing first, before you start packing your computer like a pro, pack up everything you can! Even if you are not moving, this is a lot more useful than you think. Without moving also, you never know whether something is going to go wrong, and especially when you are moving overseas companies, you need to be extra careful. After you back up everything, you can start reassembling your PC.
  • Reassemble your PC – Why is that much important to reassemble your computer? Because not only does it take up less space than it is, at the same time, there is less chance of any part being damaged. You don’t need to reassemble your PC totallyespecially if you don’t know how to take out the hard drive and the rest of the inside parts. If you know how to pack your PC for an international move like a pro, with all-the-way reassembling, go for it! Just don’t risk it doing it at least without someone’s help, if you don’t know how to do it alone. Remember that after you finish moving you need to assemble again back. What you can do, is to remove all the cables and separate them from the PC. Separate keyboard, mouse, monitor from each other and prepare them for packing.

The second step – the more detailed part

  • Find appropriate boxes – The most appropriate box is the original box, the one in which you bought your PC. The chances are great that you didn’t keep the original boxes, so now you must find replacements. Measure your PC, all of the elements, and arrange or buy, preferably, new and durable boxes. If you are reassembling the PC details, you can get some plastic boxes as well. Try to provide more you can all the waterproof materials. Overseas shipping and moving can be sometimes a little bit watery.
  • Get cushioning supplies – There are different types of offers for cushioning materials, that you can choose from. For example, there are supplies like air pillows, bubble packs, Styrofoam sheets, foam loose-fill, kraft paper – a biodegradable natural product, if you want to be eco-friendly. There are also foam blocks and sheets that you can use. Some of these materials can be used generally for packing, not just for your PC. Whether if you pack totally reassembled PC or just basic parts, you can choose from these cushioning supplies. Make sure that all the pieces are properly packed so they cannot be damaged while shipping.
Pack your PC for international move like a pro, use the tape and bubble wrap like on the picture
Take care of your belongings! You will need them!

The third step – a cherry on the top of the cake – detailed part

  • Prepare airtight, waterproof plastic zipper re-usable bags – These are great to make sure that all the cables are far away from the moisture. That way they are packed separately, without tangling. For example, you can use tags for labeling. That is in case you have more than one PC to move to your new home.
  • Buy cable ties or rubber bands – The last thing, that maybe isn’t that necessary are cable ties or if you don’t want to use them, rubber bands. These can be helpful with tying up cables so they don’t use more space than they should. This is a more elegant way to pack cables, and it’s easier to put them in a waterproof bag.
  • Label boxes that contain all the PC elements! – When you use boxes and cushioning materials for your PC elements, make sure you put everything tight and in a way that can’t be moved easily inside a box. And the last part is to label them! You will need some labels like EXTRA FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE! Monitor inside, PC inside, etc.


Enjoying the work well done!

You and your belongings reached Luxembourg or any other great destination. “Pack your PC for an international move like a pro” task is done! You are unpacking now. Even if you want to assemble your PC immediately, don’t do it right away. In case there were any changes in temperatures along the way, turning on the computer right away may damage it. Let it get used to the new environment just like you will too! Of course, the PC will get used to in a couple of hours. More important is for you to move on with your beautiful life after moving! Reach out and meet new people, do some new job and be happy in your new home!


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