7 ways to reuse your moving boxes after international move

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The move, packing, and unpacking are over. You have settled everything, arranged your new home, settled down and now one question remains – what to do with the boxes? With our 7 ways to reuse your moving boxes after an international move, you won’t have a dilemma about what to do with them! Let’s find out!

Here are the 7 ways to reuse your moving boxes after an international move:

  1. Recycle
  2. Donate
  3. Sell
  4. Consult an international moving expert
  5. Save
  6. DIY and playing material
  7. Storage
Recycle sign on phone, on a net bag
Be ECO-friendly

Recycling old cardboard moving boxes

If you’ve had overseas relocation, you certainly have plenty of boxes after moving. To get rid of the excess boxes you used, you can always opt for recycling. In that way, you contribute to the preservation of nature and the reduction of waste in it. There are recycling centers in the cities, and depending on the center, you will see if you will have to take the boxes yourself or they will come for them. Also, there are usually containers for disposing of cardboard, which is then recycled, so you can dispose of it there. To make it easier for yourself and others, remove the adhesive tape from each box and break the box so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Donate to charity or community organization

If you are moving to Luxembourg from the US, it is inevitable that you carry everything with you and you will have a lot of storage boxes. When you unpack them, walk to a nearby community center and ask them if they need boxes. They are often needed in the center itself, as well as in libraries, schools, soup kitchens, and shelters. They use them to store or pack food.

Selling is one option on how to reuse your moving boxes after an international move

Wondering who to sell your boxes to? There are companies that deal with the purchase and resale of used boxes. You can contact them and they will sell them for you. You can arrange for them to come for free and they will take a small commission from their sale.

Kid drawing on a cardboard box
Kids are masters of finding another use for things

Consult an international moving expert

If you have used one of the international services, they can also help you. Often the agencies you hire for packaging can also solve your problem of excess boxes on the same day as the move.

Save it, store it, play with it

If you are someone who likes zero waste, opt for one of these options. These are exactly the three ways you can reuse your moving boxes after an international move. If you are planning to relocate, leave them in the garage or pantry so you can use them again. They can also be used as storage. Mark boxes with stickers and put away things you don’t use often. If you have children, DIY projects, houses, and castles made of boxes will be a great idea. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy yourself with the kids!

Don’t worry, there is a solution for everything, as well as for excess boxes. With our tips on how to reuse your moving boxes after an international move, you will not have problems deciding what to do. There are plenty of options, choose one or more of them!

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