7 Ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Portugal after moving from US

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    Talking about the country of Portugal, there are plenty of cultural and architectural attractions to see and enjoy. When it comes to the holidays, you might be surprised to find out that Valentine’s day in Portugal is celebrated in a similar way to the USA. So, if you are using overseas removalists services to come here, it will not take long for you to adjust. You can expect to see people exchanging chocolates, giving away flowers, or enjoying a romantic dinner. So if you are looking for fun ways to spend this holiday with your loved one or family; you can be sure that you’ll have a wide variety of activities to choose from. For example, you can spend the day in Lisbon and have fun at the special Valentine’s day concert; or opt for a romantic night at the hotel instead.

    About Valentine’s Day traditions in Portugal

    The holiday which celebrates love and the great Saint Valentine makes the whole country more vibrant, joyful, and exciting to be in during this time. Portugal’s youngsters and adults alike have a habit of making gift baskets for this occasion, and you can also buy these in stores. What makes these gift baskets special is the beauty of the handmade craft, and these made them famous among tourists as well. For people who are moving to Portugal from US, it can seem that this holiday is celebrated in a very similar way. You will see flower shops offering various bouquets to choose from, romantic cards, chocolate candies, and candles alike.

    a happy couple exchanging gifts while spending Valentine's Day in Portugal
    From heart-shaped balloons to incorporating red into decorations, there is a lot you can do

    Decorate your Home with Simple Ideas

    If you have young children or you enjoy decorating on special occasions, it can be fun to spruce up your new home on Valentine’s Day in Portugal. Of course, you will want to make sure that your boxes with decorative items arrive safely and in one piece for the holidays.

    Choosing the right overseas relocation specialists can give you peace of mind during this stressful period.

    Ways to Spend your Valentine’s Day in Portugal

    To help you choose, here are some places to go or ways you can spend your day on February 14th in the country of Portugal:

    1. Music Festival in Lisbon
    2. Romantic Night in a Hotel
    3. Wine tasting in cellars
    4. Romantic tour in a boat in Aveiro
    5. Valentine’s Day dinner at the Bussaco Palace and the Palace Lousã
    6. Night Ride in a tuk tuk
    7. Skydiving with special offers for Valentine’s Day

    A happy place to be on Valentine’s Day

    When it comes to ways of celebrating Valentine’s day in Portugal, there are no wrong choices here. Portugal makes sure that it is a joyful and romantic place to be in, during this time of the year. To be sure that you settle in the best way possible before the holiday and in case you are moving antiques overseas to Portugal, you will be in need of an experienced moving company.

    a happy couple hugging near the river
    Full of joyful and romantic places, Portugal will surely allow you to spend February 14th in the best manner possible

    After you have successfully settled in, you will be able to enjoy your new home; and spend Valentine’s day in the best way that suits you.


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