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    Moving overseas is a very complex process. It certainly depends on the type of move it is. Whether people are transporting their business or relocating with the family, or both. It needs a lot of planning, research, and communication. For example, if you are moving from the USA to Denmark, there are two ways to transport the goods. You can do it either by air or sea freight. Here we will focus on the sea fright. Sea Freight is a method of transporting large amounts of goods using carrier ships. This is something you definitely cannot do on your own. International moving companies and worldwide movers should come in handy in this complicated process. Your belongings need to travel across the ocean and to reach your new home in Denmark safe and sound. In this article learn everything about international sea freight organizing.

    a canal in Denmark
    Be aware of different customs regulations when moving to Denmark

    Moving to Denmark overseas

    Since living in Denmark offers many opportunities and a completely different lifestyle than living in the US, it is no surprise you wish to move there. But be aware that Europeans have different ways and customs for nearly everything. For this reason, reaching out to this country can be somehow troublesome. For this reason, it moving to Denmark from US should be organized with skilled movers. They have a supply chain network all over the world. Reliable movers know all rules and regulations regarding goods transportation overseas and import into Denmark. This is something you should have in mind when packing your items. Also, sea freight is one of the most cost-effective ways of shipping internationally. Almost 90% of cargo travels by sea freight. This is the oldest way of transporting goods in the world which is still in use. Therefore, we suggest that you go for it.

    International sea freight in a nutshell

    To put it simply, it is a way of transporting goods by sea. Sea Freight is one of the most available forms of transportation, with oceans and waterways covering most of our planet and ports in every country. Under this practice, large quantities of goods travel in different containers over the sea by different sea routes.

    This way of transportation is for example more common than any other. Of course, companies also rely on air freight, since this way you can transport the goods faster. But if a shipment weighs more than 100kg, it will be sent only by sea freight. Moving companies overseas use different sizes of containers for shipping the goods. Usually, most ships under Ocean Freight sail once a week.  The time period when transporting by this mode can be quite long. But for large shipments ocean freight is the better option as it is much cheaper.

    a ship being loaded with cargo
    Ocean freight is the most common means of transporting goods overseas

    Reasons to choose sea freight

    One thing is obvious and that is the costs of loading and transportation of the goods. Yes, ocean freight is much cheaper than any other means of transportation. Relocation overseas is a very expensive process that can take a lot of your budget.

    Therefore, if you want to move and save a bit, go for international sea freight. Also, cargo shipping can carry the biggest load. Whatever the size of the item you need to transport, either a car or huge industrial machines, it can travel via ocean freight. There are other advantages of ocean freight. For example, a $195 ocean shipment can cost $1,000 by air. You can choose between the FCL, or full container load shipping, or LCL – or Less Than Container Load. Choosing the LCL is cheaper as you do not need to fill in the container to the top.

    Be aware of the international shipping frauds

    Another very important aspect you need to pay attention to is common international shipping frauds. Nowadays there are many different shipping companies on the market with attractive offers. Since international moves can be very pricey, you would certainly like to pay as little as possible. But do not allow very low shipping prices to mislead you. Ask yourself why would a moving company offer significantly lower prices than the others. This has to be a fraud alert. There are some common shipping frauds such as stealing your cargo, changing the company’s name and bank details, only top reviews from customers, etc. Therefore, find out about the moving company as much as possible. Read customers’ reviews, check their moving certification on FMCSA. Also, make sure that you have additional insurance for your goods if something unexpected happens during transport.

    a woman counting money
    Sea freight is cheaper and more convenient for heavy loads

    Ocean freight customs import regulations

    Shipping goods to Denmark when moving by international sea freight has a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow. Of course, a reliable moving company will inform you of these rules prior to shipping. Maybe you would like to bring into Denmark your art collection, or certain types of beverages, or some pets. If you fail to find out about these import rules of Denmark, you risk a huge delay at the customs. Whatsmore, for possessing certain prohibited items you risk your entire move. For example, certain breeds of dogs need additional import documentation. Some food and fireworks need a permit. Narcotics, endangered animals, and plants are prohibited.  You can import a certain amount of alcohol and cigarettes. Also, some medicines and items for personal use you can import. Do not hesitate to contact a moving company for any questions you have about your move.

    International sea freight organization is a complex and very useful means of transportation. For numerous reasons stated above people decide to use this transport service when moving overseas. Although slow, this way of transportation is cheaper than air freight. If you start your moving journey on time, the risk of reaching your new destination is lower. The most important thing is to use a reliable moving company that will provide you a detailed moving plan. They will advise you what kind of shipping containers to use for the best price. With good organization, soon you will be enjoying the landscapes of Denmark.

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