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If you are looking into relocation to Australia, but are unsure whether you can find a decent job, we have an article for you! Before you can hire an international moving expert to relocate your belongings to this great country, you are going to want to know about all the Australia job opportunities, first. From construction, through science, to energy and mining, we are going to cover the most desired jobs in Australia. If you can find yourself working in one of these positions, your new life in Australia will definitely start off on the right foot!

Australia job opportunities – top 6 jobs to look into!

Here are the main six jobs currently desired in Australia:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Science and technology
  • Engineering
  • Energy and mining

There are many other jobs of similar value, but these 6 form the crux of employment opportunities. If you are an expert in any one of these areas, you will be able to find a job with ease. It will be a lot easier to get a visa if you have extensive experience in any of the jobs listed above. Hiring international movers to Australia is easy after you know that you have a great job waiting for you, after all. But if your expertise lies somewhere else, do not fret! Australia is large enough to accommodate any jobs, but you may need to wait a bit longer.

construction site two workers
Construction is one of those fields where experienced workers are always in high demand.


The first job on our list is construction. There is always something going on in Australia, where construction is concerned. Therefore, experienced workers are always in high demand. The pay is great, of course, but you will need to adapt to the Australian climate. The same as you need to prepare your vehicle for international car transportation, you need to prepare yourself for the climate conditions. You may want to wait a bit before you start working, lest you succumb to the weather. But, for all intents and purposes, construction is a great field to work in. You are going to be well-respected in Australia if you are a construction worker.

Australia job opportunities – Education

And if respect is what matters most to you, education just might be your niche. In Australia, teachers, professors, and the like, enjoy a high degree of communal authority. They are the pillars of society, as they should be. Thus, there are plenty of job opportunities for a budding education specialist. If you have extensive experience teaching, you can safely contact your household movers and have them relocate your belongings to Australia. You will have a job almost as soon as you land. The Australian education system is constantly evolving, as well. You will be working in a field that is not constrained by tradition as much as some of the other countries. Aussies want to have their children properly educated, which is why they pay their teachers very well.

two people, laboratiry
Australia has many job opportunities and healthcare is always looking for new talent!


Since 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still going strong to date, healthcare has seen a lot of new faces. Every country is struggling to get more health professionals, and Australia is no different. However, even outside the outbreak, working in Australian healthcare is both lucrative and respectable. Of course, the more advanced you are in your studies, the more opportunities you will have. But even if you are “only” a nurse (which is an extremely respectable profession in Australia), there will be plenty of work positions for you. You can always continue your studies and advance, as well.

Most popular Australia job opportunities – Science and technology

Technology is a field that is extremely popular these days. If you are a developer, you can find a job anywhere on the planet. This is due to just about everything running on code these days. The apps and programs that make our lives easier have to be created and maintained by someone, after all. And Australia knows how to appreciate its developers. However, the science sector is not far behind, either. There are numerous research opportunities in this country, and you might be just what some of them need. If you have a science degree, make sure to look into some of the projects that are going on. Chances are, you will be able to land a job in one of them.

three women sitting in the office
“Real” engineers can always find employment in Australia.


This is one of the fields that will always be in high demand, similar to construction. No matter what happens, you are going to need an engineer in the future. Now, we are not talking about social engineering here, but the “real” engineering. The one that you need to study your behind off to get a degree in. While the other “engineerings” are valuable in their own right, if you are a “true” engineer, you will be able to find great work opportunities in Australia. There are always new solutions to be had, lives to be made easier. And the Australian government knows they need engineers for it. So, if you have a degree in engineering, perhaps some experience as well, head on over to Australia and you will have a good time!

Energy and mining

Lastly, there is the mining and energy sector. While, perhaps, not being the most glamorous job of the lot, it gets the..well..job done! This is usually a sector that is largely unappreciated by the community, but in Australia, things are a bit different. Everyone knows that these jobs are vital to the country as a whole. Thus, they offer a lot more deference and respect to the men and women in this sector. As far as Australia’s job opportunities go, energy and mining are the “workhorses” of the lot. That does not mean that every position is backbreaking, on the contrary. It just means that you will be doing honest work for honest pay. If you have experience in this area, you might even get quite generous pay, as well.

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