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Constant sunny weather and a laid-back lifestyle are just some of the reasons people are choosing to move to Australia. Are you thinking about moving to Australia, but have no idea where to settle in? We talk about some of the best cities in Australia for expats that have a plethora of different options to offer. Moreover, when talking about relocation, hiring moving companies, like International removal companies, can help you run through each part of the relocation process with ease. More importantly, having help from experts during relocation can save you a lot of time and stress. Not to mention the fact that you can choose between a variety of different services that suit your needs. As for the cities, we will talk about a few of them and highlight what separates that city from the other ones. Namely, what you should expect to find in a specific city.

What are the best cities in Australia for expats?

As we were saying, the cities we will talk about will have something unique to offer to you. Moreover, each of the cities will have a distinct advantage compared to other cities. This means that each of them will be a good choice for a certain lifestyle. Because you are moving to a new country, you want to make sure that you easily adapt to the lifestyle in the city. One way to ensure you start off on the right foot is to hire international moving service to help you go through the process with ease. On the other hand, the city you choose to move to can only suit your lifestyle and adaptation if chosen right.

an australian flag waving
The diversity of the country, as well as its people, can lead you to a plethora of different cities
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  • Hobart, Tasmania
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Sydney, New South Wales

Brisbane, Queensland

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? Do you enjoy spending time in nature and rural areas? If your answer is yes then Brisbane is the perfect place for you. This thriving city is the third-largest city in Australia. While the center of the city might be urban, the ideal location of the city allows residents to enjoy various outdoor, in-nature activities. However, most residents focus on river sports like sailing or swimming in the Brisbane River. On the other hand, other people jog, bike, and hike near it. Moreover, if living in the urban part of the city is not for you, you can settle down in some of the many relaxing suburbs with beautiful nature landscapes.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Although the capital of Australia, Canberra is a city that has around 400.000 residents only. The small-town vibe and streets laid out with tress are perfect for those who seek a place to settle in with their family. On top of being extremely family-friendly, the city of Canberra is known for having very affordable housing options. For instance, the average household price in the city is approximately 5 times lower than the national average.

the city of Canberra as one of the cities in Australia for expats
Canberra gives off a small-town vibe and is incredibly affordable, which is perfect for family life

During the summer, you and your family can enjoy picnics, biking, fishing, sailing, etc. Lake Burley Griffin, which is near the city can provide great ways to enjoy quality time with your family. On top of that, the city also boasts its great restaurants and bars, as well as various cultural attractions and activities. When talking about cities in Australia for expats, Canberra surely provides a quality lifestyle to its residents.

Best cities in Australia for expats – Hobart, Tasmania

In the south of the country, on the banks of the Derwent River, you will find the city of Hobart. This is the second oldest city in the country. One of the most attractive things about this city is the cooler temperatures and manageable summer temperatures. Apart from that, the city can offer various real-estate options, varying from affordable to luxurious. If you are an expat with expertise in engineering, viticulture, or construction, you will be pleased to find out that the job market for these industries is very stable in the city. So, if you are planning on moving to Australia from USA, consider visiting Hobart to see what you like the most about it. Maybe you will enjoy the art scene in the city or climbing the spectacular Mt Wellington in your free time.

Melbourne, Victoria

Strong artistic vibes, beautiful museums, and a plethora of bars, restaurants, and festivals are just the tip of the iceberg when talking about Melbourne. The city of Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of the country. As the city is highly diverse, you will encounter various cultures and traditions wherever you go. Moreover, living in the city will allow you to meet people with different backgrounds and stories to tell.

Buildings in the city of Melbourne
The city is a cultural hub of the country, attracting people with various cultures and traditions

The industries of aviation, construction, financial services, and technology are leading the way on the job market in the city. This means that expats working in that area will surely have an easier time finding full-time employment. However, as the city is a cultural hub of the country, handling culture shock might be easier when you have new things to do and see.

Syndey, New South Wales

Now, you did not really expect us to talk about cities in Australia for expats without mentioning Sydney? With five million residents, Sydney is the biggest city in the country. The central part of the city, which is full of eccentric bars and restaurants, is appealing to younger people. However, most families choose to settle in the suburban areas of the city. Moreover, the unemployment rate in the city is lower than the national average. The leading industries are financial services, communications technology, and creative industries. As there is a good and stable job market, one can expect that the economy is booming. This translates to having higher house values. Some say that it matches the values of housing in New York City.

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