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It is no secret that everyone today is living such busy lives. You could say that as a kind we’ve pretty much lost the connection with nature. This is the case in many countries of the world, especially in the USA. Dedicating our lives to our jobs makes it really hard to leave some time to enjoy outdoor activities. It takes some time to plan a trip and make it long enough so you have time to actually enjoy it. As a nature lover, you may find it hard to live in a place where you can’t be in contact with nature.  This is the reason why relocating to Europe with international household movers is a great idea. So, let’s take a look at some of the best countries for nature lovers in Europe!

1. Norway

Since we are talking about the best countries for nature lovers in Europe, it’s almost impossible to start without mentioning Norway. Norwegians are people who are well-known for having a strong connection with nature. It’s a part of their culture and essential in their everyday life. Something that is the best example of this statement is the fact that even major cities are only about an hour’s walk away from a forest, lake, etc. This is exactly why moving to Norway from USA sounds like a dream come true.

a woman standing in the middle of a crop field
Being in contact with nature is a part of Norwegian culture

Summer in Northern Norway is simply one long day and evening that never changes into the night because of the midnight sun. Even though the northern lights occasionally brighten the sky in the winter, the sun never rises over the horizon.

Nature is highly valued in Norway. They adore their nature and are certainly proud of all the amenities it has to offer. Norway’s culture is fundamentally based on the outdoors. Throughout the spring, summer, autumn, and winter – they spend a lot of time in the mountains. Norwegians enjoy going on hikes between their cabins in the summer and skiing in the winter. They have cabins inland, along the fjords, and along the coast. Therefore, cabin life is not limited to the mountains. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you like what you hear, you may want to check out some international moving services and pack your bags. Norway is waiting for you!

You’ve heard about great hiking spots in Norway and want to try the out? Here are some tips

As lovely as Norwegian nature is, it can also be wild. In the mountains, the weather can suddenly switch from beautiful sunshine to downpours, thick fog, and strong winds. Therefore, it’s crucial to respect nature and take precautions. Before beginning your hike, speak to experienced hikers and familiarize yourself with the Norwegian mountain code, fjellvettreglene. These suggestions will help you in creating wonderful hikes while keeping yourself safe. It’s also important that you are able to physically endure the hike you plan to go on. Well, we assume that after moving boxes overseas, you should be in pretty good shape.

2. Spain is one of the best countries for nature lovers

Spain is a place that never fails to surprise. While some of the most popular destinations in Europe include Barcelona, Madrid, and the restaurants of the Basque Country, there are still many unpopular natural wonders that will make moving from USA to Spain the best decision of your life. This country offers endless options for outdoor adventures with its rich history, huge landscapes, breathtaking coasts, and charming villages.

green trees covered island in spain, which is one of the best countries for nature lovers
Spain is one of the best countries for nature lovers because of its amazing history, landscapes and charming villages

Let’s take a look at some of the best locations for nature lovers in Spain:

  • Playa de la Concha
  • Acantilados de los Gigantes
  • La Geoda de Pulpí

Playa de la Concha

Playa de la Concha (and its westerly extension, Playa de Ondarreta) in San Sebastian is unquestionably one of the best city beaches in Europe. It represents an ideal way of how a beautiful city beach should be created. Throughout the long summer months, when a fiesta vibe is in the air, everyone is on the beaches getting their summer tan and enjoying some summer sports like beach valley. Swimming is generally risk-free. The bay’s dazzling lights and illuminated structures create an enchanting nighttime scene.

Acantilados de los Gigantes

These magnificent, dark rock cliffs create a beautiful natural geological spectacle right on the border of Los Gigantes, rising beautifully 1969 feet above the sea. If you want this place to really leave an impression on you, try to visit right as the sun is setting.  The greatest places to see the cliffs are from the sea (you can check out several businesses that offer quick cruises) and from Playa de los Gigantes. Climb up and along Calle Tabaiba’s end to a natural lookout point for a breathtaking view.

La Geoda de Pulpí

The second-largest geode in the world became accessible to the general public in 2019 in the Sierra del Aguilón of northeastern Almera. This extraordinary geological creation, which is 26 feet long and 7 feet tall, was found by Madrid-based mineralogists in the abandoned Mina Rica, where iron, lead, and silver were mined until the Spanish Civil War. Visitors are able to attend guided tours 197 feet underground, down metal stairs and hallways. The tours will also give you the opportunity to climb inside the geode and see its stunning collection of translucent gypsum crystals at the end of the journey.

3. Germany

Another beautiful country on our list of the best countries for nature lovers – Germany. This is the seventh-largest nation in Europe, and it is home to numerous untouched natural landscapes and a wide variety of flora and wildlife. The following places are a selection of the distinctive nature and animals that you can find there after your relocation with the best moving companies to Germany.

a duck standing on a brown rock on water in Germany, which is one of the best countries for nature lovers
Moving to Germany will give you the opportunity to see a wide variety of flora and fauna you might not be able to see anywhere else

Berchtesgaden National Park

According to an ancient legend, as God rushed the angels in charge of spreading the world’s wonders all over Europe, they unintentionally dropped every single one of them here instead. This park is the only national park in the German Alps. That’s exactly how Berchtesgaden National Park feels; the area’s cloud-covered mountains, dense alpine forests, and crystal-clear lakes appear to have been crafted by a higher deity. There are many hiking paths available, so you can explore to your heart’s delight. However, make sure to choose one that includes Lake Königssee, whose emerald-green waters seem to be completely pure. Not bad for a place that was, in all reality, a mistake.

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea, which is under UNESCO protection, is the world’s biggest unbroken system of intertidal sands and mudflats. It stretches over 500 km from Denmark to Germany’s northwestern coast to the Netherlands. Sea-grass meadows, dunes, and salt marshes make up this dynamic habitat, which is home to a wide variety of animals. You may learn about the nuances of this special habitat, including the over 10,000 plant and animal species that call these mudflats home, from lugworms to oystercatchers, by taking a guided barefoot walk through them. A visit in June or July will allow you to see seal pups being born. Larger inhabitants can be found on the sandbanks beyond, and boat cruises will allow you to see porpoises, grey seals, and harbor seals.

Rügen Island

Let Rügen Island persuade you that Germany is a better choice for a beach vacation than you might believe. Off the northern shore, Rügen has long been regarded by residents as a top choice for a local holiday. The biggest attraction is the 56 km of powder-white beaches; on a hot summer day, this area feels far more Caribbean than Baltic. However, there are numerous spots to get away from the crowds given that it is Germany’s largest island. One of Rügen’s more peaceful areas is its own national park, Jasmund, whose ancient beech woodland and orchid-speckled meadows make for a pleasant stroll. You will see chalk cliffs so white they would make Dover envy once you reach the island’s edges.

4. Luxembourg is among the best countries for nature lovers in Europe

Let’s talk about Luxembourg. This is a place you can’t miss out on if you are a true nature lover. While most Americans are unfamiliar with the tiny nation of Luxembourg, European families view it as the source of some of the most attractive recreational regions in central Europe. Some would wonder why any Americans would want to go hiking, mountain biking, and exploring in Luxembourg. It’s simple. Apart from these activities, there are so many national parks to explore as well.

a woman standing on a cliff under trees in luxembourg which is one of the best countries for nature lovers
Luxembourg offers great conditions for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and exploring its beautiful national parks

German-Luxembourg Nature Park

This is certainly the biggest attraction for nature lovers in Luxembourg.

One of the best illustrations of Luxembourg’s beauty is the German-Luxembourg Nature Park. This is the first cross-border nature reserve in Europe. It spans an area of around 500 square miles on both sides of the Our River. The park offers hikers more than 105 miles of routes. The routes pass through distinctive natural and cultural settings. It also provides fun for the whole family and an adrenaline rush for lovers of climbing which is something that will make moving to Luxembourg from US even better.

Wollefsschlucht rock formation

The Wollefsschlucht rock formation, also known as the “wolf’s gorge” is one of the park’s most magnificent natural landmarks. It is close to Echternach, the seat of government for the Mullerthal district. On the 50-meter-high rock walls, the structure and layering of Luxembourgish sandstones are clearly visible. According to a certain legend, a treasure is hidden in the gorge and is being protected by a dog with dazzling eyes—who is actually a haunted Count! If you are moving to Luxembourg with your family, you can enjoy following in the footsteps of two Echternach boys who are believed to have found the treasure one day through a crack.

5. Portugal

Nature, the greatest resource we have on earth, has always been protected by the Portuguese. In fact, Portugal is one of the most diverse countries in Europe when it comes to nature and all it has to offer. There are breathtaking, untouched landscapes all around the nation. We are here to present to you some of the most stunning natural treasures in Portugal along with entertaining activities. As a nature lover, moving to Portugal from US might be the best decision you can make.

a brown bridge with light in portugal, which is one of the best countries for nature lovers
For nature lovers, moving to Portugal is a dream come true


This is Portugal’s only national park and without a doubt one of the most gorgeous locations for hiking.
It is tucked away in the country’s far north and borders the Serra do Xurés in Spain. Nevertheless, despite its well-known name, it is one of Portugal’s least visited locations, gloriously unaffected by the scourge of mass tourism. Once you visit and take in the breathtaking natural beauty, you’ll wonder why. Penada-Gerês occupies an area of 80,000 hectares and is made up of four mountain ranges, six glacial valleys, and more than 90 communities. With decades of experience among tour guides and outdoor activity leaders, Gerês Equi’Desafios is among the best tour companies in the region.

Hiking in Madeira

One of Portugal’s most beautiful locations is Madeira. It’s a volcanic mass that has been thrown adrift in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa.
These islands are frequently linked to cruises or all-inclusive vacations. But it doesn’t mean that one of the top activities in Portugal for nature lovers isn’t a trip to Madeira.

aerial photography of a person on a cliff i
When you move to Portugal and you go to visit Madeira, hiking is a must!

Here, the striking peaks provide excellent opportunities for an ecotourism trip away from the mass tourism crowd.
One of the best outdoor activities in this area is hiking. Pico Ruiva, Madeira’s highest peak, is the focal point of many of the best hikes on the main island.

Cycling tours

Portugal, as one of the best countries for nature lovers, is the ideal location for a cycling journey because of its expansive vistas and beautiful scenery. The roads are relatively calm. You can cover a lot of ground without having to go through many challenging mountain passes. Not only that, but it’s also fairly affordable. You may explore a lot of Portugal on a bicycle tour in as little as 10 to 14 days due to the country’s modest size.

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