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Education tends to be one of the most important things in life for many people. We are ready to travel or move somewhere else to pursue quality knowledge. However, that’s not all there is to it. Along the way, we meet new people, experience new things, and learn things that change our lives. That’s why traveling is just as important, whether you choose to travel during your studies or after you graduate. Look at it from this perspective – everyone needs a break once in a while, especially after you finally got your diploma. Why not think about what are some of the best countries for your post-college travels?

Why is it a good choice to travel after your studies?

There’s this popular belief that you should get a job as soon as you are finished with your studies. However, while it’s true that it’s good to strive toward becoming financially independent, you should reward yourself for your hard work before that. When you think about it, as time goes by, you’ll be busier and busier, you won’t have as much time on your hands as you do now. Some other reasons include:

  • You don’t have to worry about money
  • By traveling, you’ll make a lot of friends
  • Seeing things from another point of view
  • Give yourself a well-deserved break

Out of it all, freedom is probably something you will enjoy the most. We all know that college can be a very stressful experience, you are constantly facing a lot of work, deadlines, etc. Now is your chance to be completely carefree, so why not use it? Visiting more countries might make you fall in love with one of them and hire international movers to make it your permanent home.

four people standing at the top of a mountain
It’s a good decision to enjoy your freedom for a bit after graduation

What are the best countries for your post-college travels?

We briefly mentioned why you should choose to travel after college. The next question is – where should you go? Every country is interesting in its own way, but we’ll take a look at some that will probably be the most appealing to you as a young graduate.

1. Australia

Making time for a journey throughout Australia is a must, whether you’re an overseas student in Australia looking for the Aussie university experience or a local student looking to explore the country. The island continent is wild and beautiful, and it has so much to offer with its breathtaking coastline, red deserts, tropical rainforests, bustling cities, multicolored reefs, and distinctive species. This trip might make you fall in love with the country and make you consider moving to Australia from USA.

What else does Australia have to offer as one of the best countries for your post-college travels?

Learn about its wildlife

Visit one of the many sanctuaries located all around the country so you can get familiar with how beautiful Australian wildlife is  It is among the top things to do on your post-college trip to Australia. If you are an animal lover, this will be like a dream come true! For those who are not, we still suggest that you give it a try.

Being able to interact with these unusual animals should be on your list of fun things to do in Australia because Australia is home to a wide variety of species that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There are many ways to interact with these animals, such as cuddling koalas, learning about crocodiles, whale watching, and witnessing penguin parades.

koala sleeping on a tree branch in australia which is one of the best countries for your post-college travels
If you choose to visit Australia, you’ll get the chance to meet some adorable koalas

Don’t miss out on Australian festivals on your post-college travel!

If you enjoy festivals, Australia offers a variety of activities over the weekend. One of the coolest things to do in Australia is visiting festivals! It goes without saying that Australians enjoy a good party, and the nation hosts numerous world-famous festivals throughout the year.

Splendour in the Grass, Mardi Gras, and WOMADelaide are a few well-known festival names. However, smaller, local festivals are also a lot of fun and a terrific way to get to know new people and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

2. Denmark is one of the best countries for you post-college travels

The Royal Family has been living here for generations and turned this into a sovereign nation, yet despite the fact that many people just refer to it as “Denmark,” it is truly the Kingdom of Denmark. The result of it is that palaces and castles dominate the landscape, and if you appreciate history, there is a ton to enjoy. This nation is home to some of the most breathtaking natural views on earth, including majestic cliffs that carry 65 million years of history and floating sand dunes that change location every year.

Of course, that’s not all.

Visit Maritime Museum

This one is ideal for the history geeks and those who love visiting museums. You might think to yourself that you can visit museums anywhere, but not this one! What makes Maritime Museum so special is the fact that it’s actually located under the ground! Therefore, this is one experience you will never forget. It is one of the most unique museums in the entire world and it was designed by Bjarke Ingels. This is a must-see attraction for both people moving to Denmark from US, and those who are only visiting.

Beer lovers, make sure to visit the Carlsberg Brewery

Since you are on vacation, why not relax with some beer. Not just any beer though – the Carlsberg Brewery produces some of the most well-known beers in the world. It is located just outside of Copenhagen, so it’s easy to reach.

You can take a tour here with a beer historian who will explain how beer was initially produced in Denmark if you’re interested in learning how it is brewed and made. A sampling session of some of the iconic beers that have made this brand popular is available here, along with the world’s largest collection of beer bottles on display. If this place leaves a huge impression on you, think about international removals and moving to Denmark – because what’s stopping you?

people doing cheers in denmark which is one of the best countries for your post-college travels
Carlsberg Brewery is a great place for beer lovers

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The ones who usually enjoy this place are literature graduates and those interested in art. In Odense, where Hans Christian Andersen was born, you can go visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, which opened in 1908. Many of the writer’s original sketches and paintings are on display in the museum’s exhibits, which depict the story of the writer’s life and work.

There are listening posts placed throughout the museum where you may hear some of his most well-known tales, and a museum store where you can purchase a copy for yourself.

3. France

France is usually referred to as the ‘country of love’. Most people dream of going to Paris to try the famous French croissants and visit the Eiffel Tower. However, that’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg, France has much more to offer to students who chose to travel there after graduation.

Awake your inner child and have fun at Disneyland

As a student who worked hard all these years to properly enter the world of adulthood, you probably forgot how important it is to not let your inner child disappear. Well, this is an ideal opportunity to have some fun!

Disneyland Paris is around 40 minutes away from the center of the city so you won’t spend much time getting there. It consists of two large parks where you can go on interesting rides, enjoy your favorite Disney movies and meet some of your favorite characters!

Something you might not know about Disneyland is that it was built in just one year! When it opened it had only 18 attractions which is nothing compared to what it looks like now. The funny thing is that you can actually buy ‘a piece of Disneyland’ for $150, if owning a brick from the park means anything to you.

a white and blue castle under the clouds in france which is one of the best countries for your post-college travels
When you choose to visit France, you can’t miss out on visiting the Disneyland

Visit the amazing Louvre Museum

When people describe the world’s most popular museum, they say that even the main entrance of the Musee de Louvre is something that will take your breath away. However, there isn’t much time to linger and stare up at this pyramid of glass. The most extraordinary collection of artwork the world has ever seen is waiting inside. Art lovers may recognize some of them right away –  Code of Hammurabi, Egyptian mummies, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo. If you decide on moving to France from USA, you’ll be able to visit Louvre as many times as you want!

4. Luxembourg

One of the tiniest countries in Europe – is Luxembourg. Despite its amazing location between Belgium, Germany, and France, it often receives less attention than its larger neighbors. But those that fail to notice the beauty of this country miss out on the charm, culture, and enjoyable things to do in Luxembourg, it’s one of the best countries for your post-college travels, after all.

a brown concrete building near a bridge
You can’t go wrong with Luxembourg, its charming nature will leave you speechless

Notre-Dame Cathedral

A place that could be interesting for both art and history graduates is the Notre-Dame Cathedral. This is a place that everyone who has ever thought about moving to Luxembourg from US greatly admires.

It’s the one and only cathedral in the whole country. The cathedral’s late Gothic and Renaissance-style building is famous for its stained glass and choir made of sculpted alabaster.

With a history dating back more than 400 years, Luxembourg City’s Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most historic sites to visit. Some royal family members are buried there, with some of their remains dating as far back as the 1300s.

Try tasty Luxembourgish dishes

Luxembourg’s multinational culture may be its most distinctive feature. Apart from Luxembourg’s national dishes, you’ll be able to try food from all over the world.

However, since you are in Luxembourg, it only seems logical that you should try the local cuisine first. There are many places where you can enjoy delicious regional cuisines, such as Judd ak Gaardebounen (smoked pig neck with large beans), Friture de la Moselle (little fried fish from the Moselle River), and many others.

5. New Zealand is among the best countries for your post-college travels

One of those places that spark the imagination is New Zealand. A country where you can go surfing and skiing on the same day, go hiking on a glacier and then relax in a natural hot spring at night, or take a boat through a glow worm tunnel and then spend the afternoon in the enchanted kingdom of Hobbiton. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

Rotorua is very popular among young people

The finest spot to visit in New Zealand is the Maori town of Rotorua. Many students like visiting Rotorua because of their adventurous nature. This location is well-known for its adventure activities and hot baths.

Don’t forget to experience skydiving, bungee jumping, and a few water sports while you’re exploring Rotorua. Connect with the Maori community members there, strike up a conversation with them, and attempt to pick up a couple of their terms and phrases. You can also enjoy their mouthwatering hangi pie and a hot, silky, sweet corn cob that has been fried directly in thermal mineral waters. After all these adventures, you might even start considering moving to New Zealand from US.

aerial view of city building during daytime
If you are an adventurous person, Rotorua is the place for you

The longest beach in New Zealand – 90 – mile beach

Another location for graduates looking for some adventure! You may have guessed from the name that this is the longest beach in New Zealand.  You can rent a car and cruise along this beach’s lovely shore. Another well-known location is close by, and that is Cape Reinga. There is also a lighthouse there from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the seashore. You might also find it interesting to know that the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet here! Therefore, geography and biology graduates might find this pretty interesting.

6. Norway

When we talk about the best countries for your post-college travels, we can’t fail to mention Norway. Norway is an incredibly fascinating country that stands out for various reasons – that’s why many people consider moving to Norway from USA. It has the largest herd of wild reindeer in all of Europe, it’s the place of origin of both traditional and modern skiing, and it even has an active volcano on Jan Mayen island in the Norwegian Sea. As a student hungry for adventure, you need to put Norway on your bucket list!

Aurora Borealis

No matter what your interests are, this is something that can leave anyone speechless. Observing the incredible natural light show known as the Northern Lights is one of the most special things to do in Norway while you’re on your trip. Norway is an awesome place for watching the Aurora Borealis because of its fantastic position (part of the country is located in and above the Arctic Circle).

Plan your vacation for the winter to have the perfect opportunity of experiencing this natural phenomenon. The ideal viewing conditions are pure darkness, no light pollution, and completely clear skies.

Hop on a train and enjoy the beautiful nature of Norway

Norway has a total length of more than 3,000 kilometers of railways. You will therefore undoubtedly discover a path that works for you, regardless of where you are starting from or where you want to go – which is exactly why Norway is one of the best countries for your post-college travels. Unlike a car trip, using the train lets you relax and enjoy the view while seeing areas of the country you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.


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