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When it comes to family, size can sometimes matter, especially when choosing the right environment for growth, safety, and well-being. The question many people often ask is: Where are the best countries to raise a big family? The answer is not straightforward, as different nations offer varied benefits and potential challenges for larger families. From affordable housing to quality education, healthcare access, and family-friendly policies, numerous factors come into play. But for those ready to expand their horizons and give their children a unique upbringing, there’s a world of possibilities out there. For this reason, before you hire global international movers, find a country that can suit your family the best.

Raising a big family in Iceland

Iceland, a Nordic nation with beautiful landscapes, emerges as an ideal destination for families, especially those with multiple children. One primary reason is its safe environment. The crime rate in Iceland is remarkably low, giving parents peace of mind when their kids play outdoors or walk to school. The country values education, boasting a top-notch educational system, ensuring children have access to quality learning experiences. For those contemplating an international move, Iceland is friendly to newcomers. International moving services in the country are efficient, making the transition smooth for large families.

Furthermore, the emphasis on family life is evident in Icelandic culture. Many local traditions and events are designed around family participation. Plus, the nation’s healthcare system is renowned for its excellence, ensuring that family members, both young and old, receive outstanding medical care. Lastly, living in Iceland offers families the unique chance to grow up close to nature, fostering a strong bond with the environment. With all these attributes combined, Iceland proves to be a promising choice for those thinking of raising a big family in a supportive and enriching environment.

best countries to raise a big family have green fields
Iceland ranks as the best country to raise a big family

Germany is a prime choice for big families

Germany stands out as an ideal location for families, especially those on the larger side. Here’s why:

  • Living Costs – While major cities can be pricey, many areas in Germany offer affordable housing and utilities. Plus, healthcare is top-notch and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Education – Germany boasts some of the best schools in the world. From Grundschule (primary) to Gymnasium (secondary), children get high-quality education. There’s also a plethora of kindergartens for younger kids.
  • Jobs – The country has a robust economy with a low unemployment rate. This ensures stability and ample job opportunities for parents.
  • Family Benefits – Germany provides generous family allowances, including Kindergeld (child benefit). These financial incentives can be a big help when raising multiple kids.
  • Safety – It’s known for its low crime rates, offering a secure environment for kids to grow up.
  • Infrastructure – Efficient public transport, well-maintained roads, and countless recreational facilities make life convenient.

For families thinking of relocating, many moving companies to Germany specialize in hassle-free transitions. It’s no wonder many choose Germany as their family’s new home.

Switzerland is one of the best countries to raise a big family

Switzerland is an excellent choice for those considering raising a big family. Cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Bern offer all the conveniences necessary for one family. Living costs, while higher than in some places, ensure top-notch public services, healthcare, and public transportation. When moving from USA to Switzerland, many appreciate the country’s commitment to safety, with its low crime rates making it ideal for families.

For education, Switzerland has reputable schools, both public and international. Many schools offer bilingual programs, ensuring your children grow up multilingual. Cities like Lausanne and Basel also have renowned universities, preparing your kids for higher education. Job opportunities are abundant, especially in fields like banking, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Swiss companies often promote work-life balance, allowing parents to spend quality time with their families. Public spaces, parks, and recreational facilities are family-friendly and well-maintained.

a person looking at the bridge
Switzerland has a great work-life balance

Raising your family in Spain

Spain is a top choice for families, especially for those moving from USA to Spain. Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville offer welcoming communities with a blend of tradition and modernity. The living costs in Spain, compared to many major US cities, are notably lower. You can expect affordable housing, cheaper healthcare, and inexpensive fresh produce.

When it comes to education, Spain has a variety of good public and private schools. Bilingual institutions are becoming more common, aiding in smooth transitions for American kids. For parents, the job market is diverse. Fields like tourism, business, and technology offer numerous opportunities. Moreover, Spanish culture is family-centric. Festivals, community gatherings, and long meals emphasize the importance of spending time with loved ones. The country’s infrastructure supports family living, with numerous parks, family-friendly attractions, and child-friendly amenities in most urban areas.

Finding a home in Australia with a large family

Australia stands out as an ideal destination for families, particularly those considering the services of moving companies to Australia. With its strong economy, parents can find diverse job opportunities in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. These urban hubs are not only centers for employment but also education. Many Australian schools, both public and private, are renowned for their high academic standards and extracurricular offerings.

Cost-wise, while some Australian cities can be pricey, many suburbs and regional areas offer affordable housing options. The healthcare system is strong, ensuring families get the medical attention they need without breaking the bank. Family life is at the heart of Australian culture. With vast open spaces, parks, and beaches, there’s ample room for children to play and explore. Furthermore, the community-oriented atmosphere in many neighborhoods encourages social interaction and mutual support among families. Safety is another strong point, with many cities consistently ranking among the world’s safest.

people in the ocean talking about the Best countries to raise a big family
Australia offers an active lifestyle for families

Family living in Denmark

For families considering moving to Denmark from US, this Scandinavian nation offers numerous benefits. Cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense are bustling with family-friendly activities and environments. Denmark has an emphasis on work-life balance, making it easier for parents to spend quality time with their children.

In terms of jobs, Denmark’s strong economy is driven by sectors like green energy, pharmaceuticals, and IT. Employment opportunities are many, and the workplace culture promotes a healthy balance between professional and personal life. The Danish education system is one of the best in the world. Schools in Denmark focus on holistic development, ensuring children are not just academically prepared but also socially and emotionally. While the cost of living might be slightly higher compared to some other countries, the high standard of living, free healthcare, and emphasis on well-being make it a worthy investment. Moreover, the country offers great public services, safety, and an array of recreational activities that cater to families.

Raising a big family in Belgium is a practical choice

Belgium is an excellent destination for those considering moving from USA to Belgium to raise a large family. Cities like Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent are known for their family-friendly environments. Housing is more affordable than in major US cities, and the overall cost of living is reasonable, making it easier for families to manage their finances. Education is a priority in Belgium. Schools in cities such as Leuven and Bruges offer high-quality education, with many teaching in multiple languages, preparing children for a globalized world. Universities like KU Leuven are renowned, for ensuring a bright future for your kids.

The job market is robust, especially in sectors like IT, finance, and pharmaceuticals. With its central location in Europe, Belgium serves as a hub for many international businesses, providing ample job opportunities for parents. Moreover, the country is known for its excellent healthcare, picturesque parks, and efficient public transportation. These amenities make daily life convenient and enjoyable for families of all sizes. Belgium’s rich culture, safety, and strong community sense make it a top choice for raising a big family.

a person holding a magnet
Belgium has many cities suitable for large families

Luxembourg is also one of the best countries to raise a big family

Luxembourg, a small yet prosperous European nation, stands out as a great place to raise a big family. Cities like Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette, and Dudelange offer a mix of rich history, modern amenities, and peaceful surroundings. When it comes to living costs, Luxembourg might be a tad higher compared to other European countries, but the high standard of living compensates for it. The healthcare system is top-notch, ensuring the well-being of every family member.

Education is another highlight. Renowned schools like the European School of Luxembourg and the International School of Luxembourg provide excellent learning environments. They focus not only on academics but also on the overall growth and development of the child. The job market in Luxembourg is strong. As one of Europe’s major financial hubs, opportunities in banking, finance, and IT are many. Also, with its strategic location, many multinational companies have set up their bases here, ensuring steady employment opportunities.

Austria is ideal for big families

Austria ranks among the best countries to raise a big family, and it’s not hard to see why. Cities like Vienna, Salzburg, and Graz are known for their family-friendly environments. Housing and living costs, while not the cheapest in Europe, offer good value for the quality of life. These cities boast renowned schools, both local and international, ensuring quality education for children.

Employment opportunities are diverse. Vienna, being an international center, has numerous multinational companies, while Graz and Salzburg have thriving industries and tourism sectors. For family fun, Austria is dotted with green parks, historical landmarks, and interactive museums. Don’t forget the annual festivals and events that kids and adults both cherish. Accessibility to healthcare is commendable, with modern facilities available in urban and semi-urban areas. Public transport is efficient, making commutes stress-free even with a large family in tow.

calm body of water
Austria might be pricey but it offers good value for the quality of life

Living with a large family in the Netherlands

With cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, it is easy to see why the Netherlands consistently ranks among the best countries to raise a big family. Here, families find a blend of historic charm and modern living. The cost of living might be higher than in some European countries, but it’s offset by excellent public services and high-quality healthcare. Education is a significant perk. Dutch schools, such as the International School of Amsterdam and the British School in The Hague, offer top-notch education, equipping students for global challenges.

Furthermore, the Dutch work culture prioritizes work-life balance. With a strong economy, job opportunities in sectors like technology, agriculture, and trade are abundant. For family fun, Efteling theme park is a magical experience for kids and adults alike. Don’t miss the picturesque Keukenhof Gardens, especially during tulip season. The nation’s extensive cycling paths and parks also provide families with a healthy, outdoor bonding experience.

bikes on the bridge
The Netherlands is all about a healthy lifestyle

Choosing your family’s next destination

When deciding between the best countries to raise a big family, various factors come to light: education, healthcare, safety, cost of living, and cultural richness. While countries like Denmark, Switzerland, and Iceland often rank high due to their excellent public services and child-friendly policies, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every family has unique needs, and what works for one might not for another. Therefore, when contemplating your next destination, it’s essential to make a plan.

Determine your priorities. Understand what’s non-negotiable for your family, be it education, proximity to relatives, or job opportunities. Then, research extensively. Go beyond rankings. Dive into forums, read expat blogs, and perhaps even visit the country beforehand. Consider the culture. Ensure that the values and way of life align with how you envision your family growing. While certain nations consistently shine as top contenders for big families, the ideal destination is deeply personal. The quest to find the best countries to raise a big family should always be paired with a deep understanding of one’s family values, needs, and aspirations.

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