Best European cities for starting a business

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    Starting our own business is something many of us dream about. But choosing the right place for it is almost equally as important as selecting the field that you want to work in. There are many cities around the globe that are more or less suited to startups. Moving all your equipment to another location is quite easy, with the help of professional movers such as Transparent International NYC but you need to choose the perfect spot first. That is why this article is going to point out some of the best European cities for starting a business in.

    What are the best European cities for starting a business! Top 7!

    Here are our top 7 picks for the best European city for startups:

    1. London – United Kingdom
    2. Berlin – Germany
    3. Paris – France
    4. Amsterdam – The Netherlands
    5. Stockholm – Sweden
    6. Munich – Germany
    7. Madrid – Spain

    1. London – United Kingdom

    It is no surprise that London is the first on our list. This is, perhaps, the best city you can start your business endeavor in. Globally, London ranks 3rd in the entire world when it comes to startups. The only cities that are in front are New York and San Francisco. You are going to need some assistance from moving companies overseas services if you are going to transfer there but we promise that it is worth it. This place has a dynamic community, as well as a really amazing pool of talent for you to draw from. Other benefits include a large concentration of capital and investments, as well as many accelerator programs for startups. Everything combined makes it an ideal place to start your brand new business operation.

    London, England, parlament
    London proudly stands as the 3rd best startup city in the entire world.

    2.  Berlin – Germany

    Next up, let’s take a look at London’s greatest competitor when it comes to startups. Globally, it is the 8th city in the world for fledgling startup companies, 2nd in Europe. This city specializes in B2C startups, and the e-commerce sector is particularly strong. If you plan on working in the tech industry, especially one that has to do with sales, this might be the best place for you. However, Berlin did experience a small decrease in its rankings as compared to 2019. But things are looking up for the German powerhouse and 2021 looks to be promising.

    3. One of the best European cities for starting a business – Paris – France

    The capital of France, Paris, ranks 4th in Europe and is the only French city to make it to the top 100 on the startup ranking list. It features an extraordinary talent pool that is constantly increasing, as well as an amazing regulatory system that is highly beneficial to startup companies. This particular ecosystem also receives a lot of interest, both foreign and local, and looks like to be evolving into something extraordinary. However, moving to France from USA might be quite difficult for some people to manage on their own. That is why you may want to hire professional movers to make things a little bit easier. But once you settle in, you are in the right place to grow your business!

    Paris France, bridge
    Paris, the city of love, welcomes all startups equally.

    4. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

    The 5th best European city for startups, Amsterdam, has one unique thing going for it. And that is the TheNextWeb, a leading tech magazine that provides insights into everything startup. There is also a global startup event where new entrepreneurs can learn more about the nature of their businesses. But what really makes Amsterdam stand apart from other cities lies in some of its great initiatives. They help new businesses that think outside of the proverbial box by trying to self-fund their efforts. A couple of really great initiatives are the Betalist by Marc Kohlbrugge and the Nomadlist by Pieter Levels. Look into them, as they might help you set your business on the right track.

    5. Another one of the best European cities for starting a business – Stockholm – Sweden

    Moving to the Swedes, Stockholm is famous for a “do it yourself attitude”, as well as independence. This is the perfect place to start a business if you are a solo entrepreneur. While coopted businesses can still thrive, solo ones will find the most success and the most recognition in this city. There are numerous startup conferences and events being held throughout the year, where you can share stories and find people to collaborate with. Of course, it helps if you learn the language but you can get by even without it. Swedes respect “solopreneurs”, after all. However, you might need your own car to navigate through them all. Consider using car transportation services to bring your own vehicle, as that will further boost your independence rating. You need to build and maintain your image first, after all.

    6. Munich – Germany

    While it may seem that we are giving the Germans preferential treatment, we simply can’t make a list without Munich. This is the 2nd strongest place for innovation in Germany, and it comes with its own set of unique benefits. Namely, it has a reputation for being a sustainable, green, living hotspot, which attracts many fledgling businesses to its fold. Some of the largest companies in the world, such as Siemens, Bosch, and SAP offer additional funding for startups, which makes Munich really attractive for these companies. Of course, you need to prove yourself first with a great idea, but once you do, you will have numerous options here.

    Munich, Germany, Olympic park, stadium
    Munich is a really beautiful place to live and work in. It’s one of the best European cities for starting a business

    7. Madrid – Spain

    The last on our list is Madrid, the capital of Spain. While it may be somewhat superseded by Barcelona, this city offers many unique opportunities that you simply can’t find elsewhere. It is both a political center as well as an amazing tourist destination. Therefore, if your business is in one of those areas, or both, you will be hard-pressed to find a better place for it. The city itself has an amazing infrastructure, has excellent weather conditions, and features a true melting pot of talent.

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