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Retirement doesn’t mean slowing down, especially for the dynamic group of individuals who crave adventure, cultural immersion, and a breath of fresh air even in their golden years. As the globe becomes more connected and retiree aspirations evolve, the hunt for the ideal retirement haven extends beyond domestic boundaries. Right after you find the right location to move to, make sure to get assistance from the global international movers so you can easily get to where you need to be. Throughout the article, we will be listing the cost of living indexes for each of the best overseas places for active retirement mentioned. The cost of living index is compared to New York City (NYC), with NYC as the baseline location and an index of 100%.

Austria: A haven for active retirees

The country of Austria stands as one of Europe’s jewels, combining rich history, serene landscapes, and a high quality of life — thus making it an increasingly popular choice for retirees.

a picture of one of the Best overseas places for active retirement in Austria
Austria offers breathtaking Alpine landscapes and a rich cultural scene, hence it has a spot among the best overseas places for active retirement.

For the active retiree, Austria provides a year-round playground; ski in the winter, and hike or cycle in the summer. Vienna, its capital, ranks consistently high for its livability, also showcasing impressive architecture, green parks, and a robust healthcare system. Additionally, the local cuisine, characterized by its delicious pastries and coffee, adds a delightful touch to everyday life.

Moving to Austria and the cost of living

Here is the information about the cost of living index in Austria:

  • cost of living: 68.7
  • rent: 23.5
  • groceries: 61.5

For those considering moving from USA to Austria, the transition to Austria is made smoother with our professional movers who understand the complexities of such a relocation. Moreover, they will ensure that settling into this European haven is as seamless and stress-free as the Austrian landscapes themselves.

Pros of living in Austria – One of the best overseas places for active retirement

First and foremost, its healthcare system is among the best in the world. With universal coverage and a focus on preventive care, retirees can rest assured that their health needs are being met efficiently and affordably.

Moreover, the country has an efficient and punctual public transportation system. Whether you wish to walk the cobblestone streets of Graz or venture to the wine regions in the Wachau Valley, getting around is both easy and convenient. This not only eliminates the need for personal vehicles but also provides retirees with the freedom to explore at their own pace.

Safety is another significant pro. Austria consistently ranks among the safest countries in the world. Its low crime rate, combined with a strong sense of community, makes it a comforting place for retirees to call home.

Germany: The ideal blend for a fulfilling retirement

Germany, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and innovation, emerges as a top choice for retirees seeking a harmonious blend of the old and the new.

a picture of one of the Best overseas places for active retirement in Germany
With its efficient healthcare system and robust public transportation, Germany provides a comfortable and active retirement lifestyle.

Choosing to move to Germany is exciting, but it can also come with its set of challenges. Thankfully, with the rise of specialized overseas relocation services, the logistics of moving have become smoother and more accessible than ever before.

Exploring Germany

Historic towns like Heidelberg, Rothenburg, and Bamberg transport retirees back in time with their cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and timeless charm. On the other hand, cities like Berlin and Munich stand as symbols of modernity and progress, with world-class museums, theaters, and art galleries. This diversity ensures that retirees never run out of experiences to indulge in, whether they’re history buffs or contemporary art enthusiasts.

Healthcare and the cost of living

Here is the information about the cost of living index in Germany:

  • cost of living: 66.0
  • rent: 25.1
  • groceries: 52.5

Healthcare in Germany is top-notch. The universal healthcare system ensures that all residents, including retirees, have access to high-quality medical care. The emphasis on preventive health, combined with world-renowned hospitals and medical practitioners, means that retirees can enjoy their time in Germany with fewer health-related worries.

Moving to Germany

For those contemplating the logistics of moving, Germany’s central location in Europe is a plus. It allows for easy travel to neighboring countries, making weekend getaways or longer European explorations feasible. And for those concerned about the moving process itself, moving companies to Germany specialize in assisting retirees in transitioning smoothly to their new German abode. Their expertise furthermore ensures that the process of setting roots in this European gem is as effortless as enjoying a slice of authentic German Sachertorte.

Luxembourg: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity for Retirees

Luxembourg stands as a testament to the beauty of blending cultures, languages, and histories. While the country is small in size, it offers a multitude of attractions for retirees seeking serenity in their golden years.

It’s crucial, however, to choose the right partner for this journey. Among the multitude of moving overseas companies, it’s vital to select one that understands your unique needs, offers comprehensive solutions, and has a proven track record in international moves. Therefore, by entrusting Transparent International NYC, you can focus on the exhilarating experience of settling into a new country, knowing that the logistical details are in expert hands.

Why is Luxembourg one of the best overseas places for active retirement?

a road next to a small water stream
Luxembourg’s safety, strong economy, and picturesque countryside make it an attractive choice for those seeking an active retirement abroad.

One of Luxembourg’s most captivating charms is its rich history. Walking through its capital, Luxembourg City, you can witness a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with ancient fortifications, majestic palaces, and meandering alleys. For those who find solace in nature, Luxembourg also doesn’t disappoint. It has undulating landscapes of dense forests, meandering rivers, and rolling hills. Hence, the country provides countless opportunities for active retirees.

How to move to Luxembourg and what kind of cost of living to expect

Here is the information about the cost of living index in Luxembourg:

  • cost of living: 71.7
  • rent: 45.5
  • groceries: 65.7

The thought of relocation might seem scary to some, especially when considering moving to Luxembourg from US. However, the country’s welcoming nature, combined with efficient international moving services, ensures a smooth transition. As more retirees discover the myriad benefits of Luxembourgish living, it’s becoming clear that this small European gem offers a retirement experience that’s both enriching and comforting in equal measure.

New Zealand: An Adventurous and Peaceful Retreat for Retirees

New Zealand, often affectionately known as the “Land of the Long White Cloud,” calls the retirees with its captivating blend of dramatic landscapes, warm hospitality, and rich Maori culture. For those envisioning a retirement filled with both adventure and tranquility, New Zealand effortlessly checks both boxes.

New Zealand is one of the best overseas places for active retirement due to its nature and culture

North Island’s geothermal wonders and pristine beaches contrast beautifully with the South Island’s majestic Alps and fjords. Active retirees can indulge in many activities – from hiking the famed Tongariro Alpine Crossing to cruising through the breathtaking Milford Sound.

a picture of a river in New Zealand
New Zealand’s diverse natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities make it one of the best overseas places for active retirement.

Beyond its scenic beauty, New Zealand also offers a relaxed pace of life that many retirees find irresistible. The Kiwi culture prioritizes community and well-being, hence ensuring that newcomers feel welcomed and integrated. Cities like Wellington and Auckland provide urban amenities without the overwhelming hustle, whereas towns like Nelson and Tauranga offer coastal living with a touch of arts and community festivals.

Cost of living in New Zealand and moving there

Here is the information about the cost of living index in New Zealand:

  • cost of living: 70.7
  • rent: 30.4
  • groceries: 68.1

For U.S. retirees considering an exciting chapter abroad, the journey of moving to New Zealand from the US can appear to be difficult. But with the appropriate resources and meticulous planning, such a transition can be as invigorating as a stroll through the Waipoua Forest.

Spain: A Sun-Kissed Paradise for Retirees

Spain, with its sun-soaked coastlines, rich history, and diverse culture, has emerged as one of the top overseas destinations for retirees. This Iberian gem promises a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle paired with a variety of traditions, making it an ideal location for active retirees from across the globe.

The pleasant climate and people make it one of the best overseas places for active retirement

One of Spain’s foremost attractions for retirees is its pleasant climate. The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca regions, in particular, boast over 300 days of sunshine a year, offering a sunny respite, especially for those accustomed to colder or more variable climates.

a picture of one of the Best overseas places for active retirement in Spain
From charming cities to sunny coastlines, Spain offers a wide range of active retirement options to suit various preferences.

Spain’s rich tapestry of history and culture ensures there’s always something to explore, from the Moorish palaces of Andalusia to the buzzing streets of Barcelona. Spanish people are known for their warmth and hospitality, ensuring that newcomers feel welcome and quickly integrated into local communities.

How much does it cost to live in Spain and how can you move there effortlessly

Here is the information about the cost of living index in Spain:

  • cost of living: 49.9
  • rent: 20.9
  • groceries: 41.9

Transitioning to a new country in one’s golden years might seem like a formidable task, but with the right assistance, it can be as effortless as a gentle Spanish breeze. With our movers guiding the way, moving from USA to Spain becomes less about the logistics and more about the anticipation of savoring Spain’s endless offerings and embracing its infectious zest for life.

Belgium: An Underrated Gem for Active Retirees

Belgium, while often overshadowed by its more prominent European neighbors, presents a unique blend of attributes that make it a top choice for retirees looking for an active and enriching overseas experience.

a city in Belgium
Belgium’s unique towns, historic architecture, and excellent healthcare system make it a compelling choice for retirees looking to stay engaged.

Belgium also stands out for its gastronomic delights. It is famous for its chocolates, waffles, and a vast variety of beers, the country offers culinary explorations that can turn any retiree into a food enthusiast. The vibrant café culture, combined with its rich tapestry of festivals like the Carnival of Binche, adds depth to the everyday Belgian experience.

One of the best overseas places for active retirement and excellent healthcare

For the active retiree, Belgium’s diverse landscapes, ranging from the Ardennes’ rolling hills to its North Sea beaches, present numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Hiking, cycling, or simply taking leisurely walks through historic cities like Bruges or Ghent can fill days with adventure and discovery.

One of the country’s most enticing features for retirees is its exceptional healthcare system, which is both high-quality and accessible. This is a paramount consideration for those in their golden years, seeking both preventive and specialized care.

Living in Belgium and getting here

Here is the information about the cost of living index in Belgium:

  • cost of living: 65.8
  • rent: 22.4
  • groceries: 55.7

One thing is certain, moving from USA to Belgium is easy thanks to our expert moving services tailored to the specific requirements of retirees. These professionals guarantee a hassle-free relocation. They will also help the retirees to promptly establish themselves and immerse in the Belgian experience.

Best overseas places for active retirement: Everything you need to know

As our golden years approach, the vision of retirement expands beyond our familiar surroundings, prompting many to consider these exceptional overseas locales. The journey to turning these retirement dreams into reality is made significantly easier with the support of reliable international household movers and their services. With their expertise, the transition becomes easy and also allows retirees to focus on what truly matters – embracing and enjoying the next exhilarating chapter of their lives in some of the world’s best places for active retirement.

Your Interactive Guide to Must-Visit Spots in the best overseas places for active retirement

Whether you’ve recently moved to a new country or are simply considering a neighboring adventure, the world offers a rich tapestry of destinations waiting to be explored. To help you navigate this vast array of wonders, we’ve sourced a comprehensive map detailing the most popular tourist attractions in every nation across the globe. Before you embark on your next journey or even a weekend excursion in your new home country, consult this interactive map to uncover must-visit spots in your destination and its surrounding territories.


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