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Many average people after years of hard work, decide that they want to retire in a foreign country. For some it was their dream destination, for others, it may have some sentimental value. But most pick the country based on the benefits the said country may provide for their health or its affordability. So This means that the best country for you might not be the same as someone else’s. There are many beautiful places worthy of your attention, but still, some are better than others. But what are some of the best overseas places for seniors? And just how much does hiring professional international moving companies affect your move there?

Seniors moving overseas

For the average person, it takes a lot of courage to move overseas. Add on top of all that old age and the distance from your loved ones, and many people would be reluctant. But sometimes even though you might be reluctant at first after researching the country of interest you might find that idea growing on you. You see there are many places with great benefits for seniors. So even though you will be further away from what you are used to, don’t cancel the idea out!

Seniors sitting on a beach looking at sea
Is there a place where you always wished to live? What are you waiting for? Choose it as your retirement spot and enjoy it as much as you can.

You deserve a nice place where you can spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy the passage of time. But what are some countries you should consider before you settle on one and contact a moving company and inquire about their overseas relocation services? Well, we made a list of the best overseas places for seniors!  Although the county may wary of your personal likes and dislike these countries have one of the world’s best policies for elder people.


The first place we will mention when talking about the best overseas places for seniors is Germany. If you are considering moving from USA to Germany there are some basic things you need to know. This beautiful country is located in Central Europe. And it holds the position of the second most populated country in Europe, following Russia that’s in the first place. But if we are strictly speaking about the European Union it is the most populated county among them. The neighbors surrounding it are Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The capital city is Berlin, and it also has the most residents in Germany. But Frankfurt holds the position of the most important city for finances. Most of Germany has a temperate climate, going from oceanic in the north to continental as you go towards the east and southwest. Meaning that depending on where you are located winters can range from cold to cool, and summers are hot or cool and rainy. But if you want to retire in Germany here are some cities to consider:

  1. Munich
  2. Berlin
  3. Dusseldorf
  4. Frankfurt


This beautiful city in the south of Germany has a lot to offer to seniors. From safety to great public transport and some of the best healthcare centers. There are many parks around the city giving you room for walks and relaxation. Due to parks and nature surrounding it even though it’s a big city, it lacks the feeling of rush that other big cities have. Although it is the third largest city in Germany and living expenses are higher than in the smaller cities, it is still affordable.


Located in northern Europe there is a beautiful Nordick country of Denmark. Being made out of flat land with low elevation, and sandy coasts, and boasting a temperate climate it is definitely one of the best overseas places for seniors. You see when moving to Denmark from US the only problem is picking a perfect city. Why? Because this gorgeous country has so many nice places to offer! Whether you choose to be on the mainland or one of its islands you are guaranteed to have a nice life without any worries. Some of the places you should consider are:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Aarhus
  3. Odense
  4. Aalborg
Denmark canals are one of the best overseas places for seniors to visit
One of the best overseas places for seniors to visit and move to is located in Denmark!


Although this place is ranked among the most expensive place to live in the world, and in the top 15 in Europe, this does not take away from its charm. Especially not for those that can afford it. For average people, there are many highly paid-jobs that will balance the costs. And the program for seniors in Denmark makes sure even those that are retired have all the means of living in this beautiful city. Unlike most cities in America and some in Europe, Copenhagen can boast about its clean air and water. Not to mention that there are many things to do, from exploring Vikings and their culture to walking in one of many clean green spaces in the city.


We can’t talk about the best overseas places for seniors without mentioning Luxembourg. This county located in western Europe bordering France, Germany, and Belgium is landlocked. This is a place that has close ties both culturally and linguistically wise with its neighbors. And even though many people speak one of those languages the official language is Luxembourgish. If you are considering this to be your retirement spot do know that it is one of the smallest European counties, as well as one of the least populated. But if you are thinking about moving to Luxembourg from US don’t let that scare you!

  1.  Clervaux
  2. Larochette
  3.   Diekirch
  4. Vianden


The reason we picked to tell you about this location is that most places we will mention are cities. But it’s a shame to move all the way to Luxembourg just to live in a city. On the contrary, this is a country of villages and beautiful scenery decorated by nature and castles. And in this place one of the most beautiful places is Vianden! Perfect for those that like the countryside. Located here is also one of the most beautiful castles in the country. Vianden Castle looms high above the River Our looking over the Vianden. This is a place straight from a fairytale.

Castle on top of a hill
If you are tired of city life and concrete then this country is meant for you!

New Zealand

Out of all the best overseas places for seniors, we will mention this is actually the only island on the list. What many think of when you mention New Zealand is one big island. But actually, here you will find two landmasses split into North and South Islands along with over 700 much smaller islands. This place is one you should seriously consider. Moving to New Zealand from US will bring you many benefits as this country boosts unimaginably good policies and a standard of living. What are some cities you should consider when moving here?

  1. Auckland
  2. Christchurch
  3. Wellington
  4. Hamilton


This beautiful city is the biggest and most populated city in New Zealand. It is home to many people and opportunities. Among the benefits for seniors, this is also a good place for young people! There are many job opportunities, good play, a good standard of living, and so on! You can come here and enjoy walks on beaches or sit and watch surfers do their thing on the high waves. Beautiful art galleries also give you opportunities to relax with some of the most beautiful art pieces. All in all, this is a big city that doesn’t feel all that big but relaxed!


The Kingdom of Norway is one of Europe’s most beautiful and clean countries. With its capital Oslo(also the biggest city) as the center. Its neighbors are Sweeden, Finland, Russia, and Skagerrak, and how can we forget  Denmark and the United Kingdom? Dominating Norway’s climate is the maritime influence. The country is cold but even during polar nights temperatures above freezing are present on the coastlines.

Northen lights
Norway has some of the most beautiful night scenery in the world.

This is the home of the Vikings! So for people that would like to learn about the Viking Age and see some of the history left behind by them this country is a must! It has many beautiful cities one must see if they decide moving to Norway from USA is the right thing to do! Among them are some of the best places for seniors! So when talking about the best overseas places for seniors what are some in Norway?

  1. Oslo
  2. Arendal
  3. Bergen
  4. Trondheim


The beautiful capital city of Norway. Known as the second healthiest city in the world! This is a perfect place for seniors to retire. Rich with clean air, clean water, and beautiful scenery this beautiful city is home to many people. But even though there are many residents it is far from crowded. It doesn’t give the feeling of rush and loudness. On the contrary, it is relaxed. Making it a perfect place for the elderly as well. The majority of people here speak English! So going into a local store, restaurant or cafe will not be uncomfortable. Not to mention the policies in place here due to the laws regarding elderly people! Norway really is among the best overseas places for seniors.


Located in the Western part of Europe is France. A country with long history and tradition. Along with the territory in Europe, there are also many territories that belonged to it! Due to these islands and territories that belong to it, France has the largest economic territory in the world! And how can a country like that have poor policies for seniors? It’s impossible. Actually, we rank France high among the best overseas places for seniors in the world. Moving to France from USA for many seniors may look scary. A big country with many residents and the main language is French! But even so many decide to take the risk, and none of them have regretted it.

Paris France gate
Paris has many places to see, so wherever you live this is a perfect place to visit.
  1. Lyon
  2. Montpellier
  3. Sarlat-la-Canéda
  4. Bordeaux


Yes, we know that when we first said France, most of you assumed we will mention Paris. The city of love and lights. But even though we recommend visiting Paris with your partner we don’t place it high on our list of best places to retire in France. The reasons? Well, it’s a fast-paced city that is constantly crowded with residents and tourists. Although there are many places worth seeing for seniors it is best to go during the off-season. This way it is more affordable and less crowded.

But on the other hand, there are cities perfect for retirement. Among them there is Lyon. This is a city that doesn’t lag behind Paris in the least! Decorated by beautiful 18-century architecture and surrounded by two rivers, this heaven on earth painted in oranges, yellows, and pinks is incredible! Although it is the third largest city in France and has almost half a million people it is not crowded. It has many squared, wide streets, beautiful views and so on.

How to pick the best overseas places for you?

When we talk about the best overseas places for seniors we are only naming countries that have good laws and regulations about senior people. Among that we place high values on the standard of life, along with cleanliness and medical faculties. Healthcare is free in most countries outside America. And even though packing and selling your things in order to move abroad seem scary it is worth it. You and your partner will be able to meet new people, see new things and relax.

Elderly couple meditating
Find a place where you can relax with your spouse and friends.

Your family can always visit you from time to time, and can also call you over the phone or video to see you if they miss you. The best place for you should be based on your medical condition along with your preferences. Do you want to go somewhere warmer or colder? Do you like snow or long summers? Beaches or mountains? Everything is your own choice!


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