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In this day and age, the internet has become something that a huge number of people can’t imagine their lives without. But as scary as it may sound, it’s helpful to many people around the world. One group of those people is social media influencers. They used this opportunity and turned it into a way of earning money. However, you can’t be a successful influencer just anywhere. There are certain locations where it’s much easier to build your career. So, whether you are someone who is moving from USA to Europe to pursue a career as an influencer or are already a part of that world and want to become more successful, this article is for you. Let’s take a look at the best places in Europe for young influencers.

Becoming a social media influencer

Before hiring international movers and moving to another country to be an influencer, you need to make sure you know what it takes to become a social media influencer. For those who are new to this, we’ll go over a few steps you should follow in order to become successful in this field.

a woman in a pastel pink blouse thinking with a smile on her face
Think about the field you’d like to work in as an influencer

Choose a domain

Choosing your niche of interest is the first step to becoming an influencer. It would be easier to study, investigate, and understand a subject if you had a natural passion for it. You can produce engaging content thanks to this. Additionally, having some level of experience in the selected field will make it easier for you to become a successful social media influencer.

Decide on a platform you are going to use as an influencer

Selecting a social media platform to promote yourself as an influencer is one of the most important tasks. Among some of the things to take into account while choosing your platforms are:

  • ensure that you just use up to two social networking platforms
  • think about your understanding of the various material types, such as textual, audio, video, and podcasts
  • pay attention to the platform where the majority of your target audience is present.

If you want to be a thrift shop influencer that’s treasure hunting for unique types of furniture, Instagram is the right platform for you. If you enjoy buying furniture and have a lot of it, you might as well need the help of international furniture movers.

Make sure that you are good at what you do

Last but not least, choose a field that you can survive in as an influencer by relying on your skills. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the best from the start, but you need to be good. This means that you also need to know a lot about the field you have chosen to work in. Why is this so important? For the sake of your audience, as an influencer, you must keep up with the latest events in your particular field. You must use a variety of sources to gather information for this.

What are the best places in Europe for young influencers?

1. Denmark

According to Pixobo, a photography blog, Landscape, Panoramic, and Wildlife are types of photography that get the most attention on social media. So, if you are a travel blogger, moving to Denmark from US can be a game changer! The city we want to talk about specifically is Odense. While it may not seem like an interesting city at first – if you take your time to do a research on this place and explore it, you’ll most likely change your mind. Not only that, but Odense is also pretty close to the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, so you can always hop on a train and take some amazing pictures in the capital as well. Train tickets cost around $25, depending on where in Odense you’re traveling from. 

three people cycling on the road in Denmark which is one of the best places in Europe for young influencers
You can take a trip from Odense to Copenhagen anytime you want to since they are so close to one another

Places to visit in Odense

As for the places in Odense, here are some interesting suggestions to choose from so you can get more recognition as an influencer:

  • Odense Old Town – one of the oldest parts of the city with houses that were homes to some of the most important residents of this city, the overall medieval atmosphere is what makes this location so special, and you’ll definitely be able to capture quite a few amazing pictures which are sure to be liked by your followers on social media
  • Storms Pakhus – an ideal place for travel and food bloggers who will be able to show their audience the soul of this city. Storms Pakhus is basically an old warehouse turned into a street market with street food, bars and creative stalls. You’ll find anything from food and unique clothing to hairdressers and barbershops in here. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Vera’s Market – a call for fashion lovers who promote sustainable clothing options! Vera’s market is a place your followers will be happy to find out about. It takes place every Sunday at Bispeengbuen, outdoors or indoors depending on the season. You’ll be able to find so many different stalls with all kinds of clothing for any style there is! Not only is it sustainable clothing, but it’s also super affordable. 

2. Spain is among the ideal places in Europe for young influencers

Heepsy, an influencer marketing platform, ran a study that showed that Spain is the 10th country in the world regarding the number of influencers residing there. According to Heepsy, there are currently around 158.1K influencers in Spain(including Instagram influencers, YouTubers and TikTokers). 

two brown tables outside colorful building in Spain which is one of the best places in Europe for young influencers
There are currently almost 160K influencers in Spain

Types of influencers

In Spain, there are 4 types of influencers according to the number of their followers – micro(5K-50K), medium(50K-100K), macro(100K- 1M), and mega(1M+). Surprisingly enough, influencer marketers have been quite interested in micro-influencers. What makes them so desirable is mostly their unique audience. This means that Spain is a great place for you to start your influencer career! You are sure to find a place in this huge community. 


Now, let’s take a look at what kind of content are influencers in Spain making. The most popular categories are surely sports, media, and photography. Some other relevant categories would be music and arts. Of course, there are some of the broader content categories which include many other sub-categories which may be interesting to you or you may already be a part of. 

Most popular influencer communities in Spain

When moving from USA to Spain to be an influencer, you’ll want to move to a city with an active influencer community so you can meet fellow influencers and like-minded people. Some of the most popular destinations for influencers in Spain are Madrid, Valencia, and Cataluña

3. Germany

Another place on our list of best places in Europe for young influencers is Germany. A lot of different brands in this country are slowly starting to realize the popularity and good sides of influencer marketing. They collaborate with popular content creators in order to promote their products. Influencer marketing companies are a great way to connect with talented people. The engagement or purchases they make are managed and measured, and they connect you with your ideal influencers. That makes Germany an ideal place for you to start or continue your career! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and look into some moving companies to Germany!

a landscape photo of grey and brown buildings in germany which is one of the best places in europe for young influencers
Influencer marketing is slowly becoming more and more popular in Germany which makes it a good place for influencers

Let’s say you decide on moving to this ideal country for young influencers. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the most popular influencer marketing agencies:


Lookfamed can run successful ads quickly because of its close connections with a network of 20 selected influencers. Its creators come from very different backgrounds, including fashion, lifestyle, food, family, fitness, and other sectors. The company’s creative director and well-known influencer, Luana Silva, uses her skills to run effective campaigns. In addition to finding creators, the business creates original tactics, puts them into practice through campaigns, and tracks the outcomes. The company conducts brand awareness campaigns, arranges national product launches, and offers its services in other countries.

The Influencer is a great influencer marketing agency in one of the best places in Europe for young influencers

The Influencer links businesses with content creators in the popular niches of cuisine, travel, beauty, and fitness. This influencer marketing company often chooses to collaborate with local German brands. With your unique goals and objectives in mind, it focuses a lot on how authentic you are and connects you with the appropriate producers.

It has a wide variety of influencers on social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, ranging from macro to nano.


A leading influencer marketing company in Germany with a focus on gaming is Audiencly. Since being acquired by Flexion, a developer and distributor of video games, the firm has raised its level of experience in the sector.

There are 5000 influencers in its network. The organization uses a seven-step process that includes setting up KPIs, comprehending the target demographic, developing the strategy, choosing the right people to work on it, producing content, promoting it on social media, and providing campaign reporting services.

4. Portugal – one of the best places in Europe for young influencers 

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. International moving services have their hands full with moving people’s homes to Portugal because it became one of the most famous spots for influencers all over the world.  There is so many things in this beautiful country that can be turned into quality content for your social media. What exactly are some of the best locations in Portugal for influencers? Let’s find out. This one is mainly for Instagram influencers, so of you are one of them, pay close attention

city landscape photography during daytime
Portugal is a great place for Instagram influencers

Cabo Espichel

When moving to Portugal from US, this is a place you have to visit as an influencer. This little town might as well be the setting for a movie, or it might just give you the impression that you’re in a Greek village. The vibrant village of Obidos, with all its charm and color, is sure to impress. It’s the ideal destination for admiring gorgeous bougainvilleas and enjoying delectable cuisine and wine because it transports you back in time to medieval times.
An odd assortment of several tourist destinations offers the ideal day trip when traveling from Lisbon. The lighthouse, The Lagosteiros dinosaur footprints, the tiny Chapel of Ermida da Memória, and breathtaking views are all nearby. One of Portugal’s most breathtaking views.


A stunning seaside community in Portugal famous for its continuous port wine production and majestic bridges. The bridges were designed by no other than Gustave Eiffel. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Portugal because of the beautiful river and the variety of things to see and do. This is the ideal location for taking some stunning pictures and taking it all in. Cobblestone streets, trendy pubs, and even larger hotels.

5. United Kingdom – London

It’s only logical that the capital city is the one booming with influencers in the UK. Studies show that around 75% of the UK’s influencers are based in London. The rich history, culture, and especially outstanding architecture. These are all things that attract so many influencers to come and live in this city. Not only that, but there are also many headquarters of popular brands in London, which means making collaborations is so much easier. Therefore, we think that these are good enough reasons for you to start looking into some international moving quotes and seriously consider becoming a resident of London.

big bend london during daytime
Around 75% of the UK’s influencers are based in London

When it comes to the popularity of content categories, the situation is a bit different from the one in Spain. Here, the most popular ones are lifestyle, beauty, and music. If this suits your aspirations as an influencer, you are only one decision away from moving to London. All you need to do is hire international household movers to help you and you’re all set. 

In London, which is one of the best places in Europe for young influencers, you can also find a huge number of TikTok houses. These are places where like-minded content creators start living and creating content together. This is a great opportunity for those who want to start or continue their career as an influencer. Why? Because moving to an influencer hotspot, like London, will give you the opportunity to create interesting content, collaborate with many different brands, and much more. 


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