Best way to handle moving antique furniture from US to Spain

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If you are moving from the US to Spain you are about to experience some real change. And it will be so exciting, we are happy for you, but we also want to help you to lower the stress level as much as possible and to experience flow during this transition. And our first advice is to hire international movers New York. You should for sure have some professional help. There are so many things that you will have to do and you won’t have answers for all of them. But you can ask your movers anything, even how to proceed moving antique furniture from US.

Choosing the right movers

Choosing the right movers will make all the difference. So you should really take the time to find the best for yourself. And moving from US to Spain is always so complex. You should partner up with the best company you can find. Look for their experience especially in the long-distance relocation. So when you go to the website of a company, don’t forget to read about them all you can find. And never skip on reading reviews. Other people share their hones experience and you can see there if they were content or disappointed.

moving antique furniture from US
You should partner up with the right movers when you are moving antique furniture from US to Spain.

Ask for a free quote for at least three different moving companies. That way you can compare quotes and see are they realistic. When you talk to them tell them your situation as specific as you can, so they can offer you services that will meet your needs. And this is especially important if you are moving antique pieces. When you are about to choose the company, the plus will get those who are international furniture movers.

How to handle moving antique furniture from US to Spain

So we guess that you understood the importance of having your movers on your side. And once you find the right ones for you, you can start planning the other things. Packing will be on the top of your list, for sure. Moving boxes overseas is never easy. So you have to get some quality packing material like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, for start. You also have an option to ask your movers to finish packing for you. But they will charge it extra, you should know this. Depending on your budget and the time you have before relocation.

Moving furniture

When it comes to along distance moves, we rarely advise you to move furniture. The thing is that your movers will charge you in accordance with the weight of your load. So sit down and count how much heavier and more expensive it will be to relocate all your furniture. And it often isn’t. So you can sell your pieces, get some money and buy new furniture for your new home.

But this advice is not applicable for the pieces that have a special value for you. Moving antique furniture from US to Spain can be a bit expensive. But your antique things are, too. And it often has also emotional importance that you would love to have close by whenever you live. So find ways to move it as safely as possible.

moving chair
You can ask your movers to help you with packing.

Packing and moving antique furniture from US to Spain

Your valuable possessions are about to travel far away. So they really need to be packed well and moved with care. Just the regular packing material won’t be enough. Think of getting some corner protectors, furniture pads, packing peanuts, microfiber cloth, moving blankets, and furniture pads.

What you should do before you start packing

If you have more than one antique item, take an inventory. Write down all your valuable items and also the state they are in now. That way you can compare if their damage happens after they come to the new location. You should think about getting an appraisal. That way you can give this information to your movers during the initial call. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy, because some will cover your antique items during the move. But that is not always the case, so make a call to your agent and find out what you can expect. That way you will know if you want to sign an extra policy for the move.

Now you can start packing

If you have any large antique piece of furniture, you should disassemble whatever is possible. That will assure safer packing and also an easier transfer. That shouldn’t be done if you have pieces that are too. Try to look if you can remove any small item from your furniture like a drawer pulls. If that is the case, pack them separately.

antique chair
Before you start packing, take an inventory.

To protect your valuable items, wrap each piece in moving blankets or furniture pads. You should never put plastic wrap directly on an old piece of furniture and this is especially true if it is made from wood. The plastic wrap could trap some moisture and that will lead to damaging your furniture, for sure. If you didn’t disassemble your drawers, use the tape to keep them closed during the move. After you put moving blankets, add a layer of air-filled plastic wrap. That will make it all even safer. You should pay special attention to corners. After you wrap all surfaces of the furniture, secure it with packing tape.

Safely moving your antiques

After you pack them safely, it is time for moving it. The best idea is to let your movers do this for you. But if you insist on doing it by yourself, isolate your items, so they have less chance to fall down or be damaged during this process. Mirrors and artwork should be stored upright. Never put anything on top of your valuable items. After you put it in the moving truck, you can add some more moving blankets to secure they stay in place. We do hope that you learned something about moving antique items from US to Spain, Europe. Now is the time to start your journey. Good luck!

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