Best ways to meet your new neighbors after relocating to Luxemburg

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    Luxemburg is a cosmopolitan place in the heart of Europe. If you are a US citizen planning to immigrate to Luxemburg make sure to hire Transparent International NYC and take care of all of your work permits.  Discover the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg’s capital and seat of many European institutions. It is a perfect mix of urban and traditional. There are different nature parks, medieval castles, and numerous hiking or mountain biking trails. Nature parks are also an ideal place for you to meet your new neighbors after relocating to Luxemburg.

    Meet your new neighbors after relocating to Luxemburg – make a plan, find the places, etc.

    If you are thinking about moving to Luxemburg from US, make sure to read all the information online. Invest your time in reading blogs, official policies, articles, etc. No matter how old you are you deserve to make changes in life if you feel you need them. Whether is about studying abroad, retirement or simply reaching out to new experiences Luxemburg will not let you down. Here is how you can try socializing in your new environment:

    • introduce yourself
    • don’t be shy
    • participate in outdoor activities
    • throw a housewarming party
    Feel free to expose yourself and socialize!

    Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and meet your new neighbors after relocating to Luxemburg

    Before you enter the moving process itself make sure that while still in the USA you do a bit of research about international household movers and find the best company for you. Hiring a great company will save you a lot of time for socializing later. Don’t expect your neighbors to rush to your door. Of course, it depends on the neighborhood. Either way, you shouldn’t be waiting for your neighbors to make the first step.  All you’ll need to do is say Hi to them, smile friendly and let them be aware of your presence.

    Don’t be shy

    Of course, before you get ready to embrace your new experience do not forget to pack everything nicely while still in the USA. Feel free to go online and search for additional packing services that will reduce your stress levels and enable you to be the best version of yourself at the new place. You don’t want to be labeled as the weirdo, so make sure that when you approach them your introduction is not only one sentence but maybe an entire hot small-talk topic. You can always ask them some kind of useful tip. That way you are creating the connection, finding out the information, and the neighbors will feel useful and helpful.

    Four friend smiling
    Sometimes just saying “Hi” is more than enough to meet your new neighbors after relocating to Luxemburg

    Participate in outdoor activities

    Luxemburg is famous for its great nature parks and some excellent sightseeing places. Therefore, make sure that you inform yourself about the hiking trails and picnic places. Of course, there are always both good sides and bad sides to a place, but Luxemburg can indeed be very beautiful. Besides parks, there are a lot of medieval things you can see. However, if you feel the need to do something more regular check out the Ville Haute (Old Town). If you like the bustling city atmosphere, feel free to ask your neighbors for a drink to the Old Town. Ville Haute is the historical and cultural center of Luxemburg City and is full of coffee shops and restaurants.

    Throw a housewarming party

    It does not have to be too fancy, and no one will expect you to do it either. A casual cocktail party is actually awesome. It will be even better if the weather is nice. Great music, drinks, and regular cocktail food are just about perfect. Be friendly and approachable. Even if you don’t feel like it, try to make some effort since first impressions are very important.


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