Blind shipping overseas – all you need to know

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    Are you puzzled over blind shipping overseas? Well, you are in luck because in this article we will go over the basics of what it is and differentiate between similar concepts. Also, if you are looking to ship something to, for example, Australia, in this way, makes sure to contact international movers to Australia. You will get sound advice and great service! Furthermore, it will come at an affordable price. But, let’s talk shipping, shall we?

    What is blind shipping overseas?

    Blind shipping is a type of dropshipping method that ships order directly from the manufacturer to the customer while keeping the name and identity of your supplier anonymous. This way, the customer assumes that it came directly from you. And with the international moving companies worldwide movers this will be much easier.

    Online shopping
    Blind shipping overseas is especially useful for e-commerce businesses.

    Similar to white label services, there is no branding or labeling that identifies who your supplier is. To conduct a blind shipment, the shipment is prepaid and the request to ship blind is done before shipping. The name and contact information of the shipper (your supplier) is then taken off the bill of lading (BOL) before it gets shipped to its final destination.

    Why using this method?

    Blind shipping is a common supply chain management technique that protects your business (and potential profits or recurring revenue) by keeping your supplier anonymous. This helps encourage your customers to order from you again and not directly from the source, letting you maintain the role as the middleman rather than losing customers to your supplier. Blind shipping also reduces the chance of competitors finding out what supplier you work with.

    The additional benefit is that you can transport almost anything in this way. For example, by using international car transportation you can deliver different types of vehicles to any corner of the world.

    Some of the pros of blind shipping overseas

    You will up the efficiency. It is strange but sounds logical. Although there are so many people involved in this shipping, people think that it is not much useful. That is not true. Numerous land freight forwarders have worked on this way, and they have no troubles at all. They work even better since every part knows their jobs and do it the best they can.

    You can increase efficiency by using this method.

    You don’t need a warehouse or storage. This is especially useful for overseas relocation. Although there are a lot of storage services on the market, sometimes you will need to save money and time on that. The easiest is to find a third-party company that will transfer your goods as you send them from the factory. It could be an excellent way to control production only and not bother with supply and demand.

    To conclude

    Blind shipping overseas has many benefits, both to you and to your customer. But, the third party also gets a share in the total revenue. So, it’s a triple-win situation. If you want to learn more about the difference between blind and dropshipping, you can read further online.

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