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Are you a young professional looking for a country in Europe to move to? You are at the right place! As someone who is kind of new to the business world – you still have a lot of things to experience. If you’ve lived your whole life in the same place, you may want to pursue your career somewhere else, somewhere in Europe for example. Why Europe? Europe has a lot to offer in the means of work, life quality, and much more. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air to move somewhere completely new and start your career there. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of the bucket list places in Europe for young professionals to help you choose the best place for building your career.

Things to do before moving abroad

Moving out of the country is one of the most exciting things you will ever experience. However, it’s not something that can be decided or done overnight. Doing your research on time is very important in this kind of situation. Wherever you are moving to, whether you are moving to Luxembourg from US or somewhere else, there are some things you should think about before you move abroad:

  • Do research on the destination you chose
  • Make copies of important documents
  • Get a health checkup
  • Notify your bank and other service providers about your move
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need
  • Get to know your future neighborhood
    photo of a woman thinking about bucket list places in Europe for young professionals
    Doing research is the key to every successful move

Do research on the destination you chose

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but we still think it’s important to remind you about it. Doing good research on something is the key to every successfully finished task. This one is no different. When you choose a destination from the bucket list of places in Europe for young professionals, make sure that you are well informed. This applies to moving to the UK with international movers USA to UK, and all other places in Europe.

The first thing you’ll want to learn about is – the language. Depending on how familiar you are with the given country and how many times you’ve been there, you might speak it well, a bit, or nothing at all. In case you are fluent in speaking the language of this country, there is nothing to worry about. But what if you aren’t? Not speaking the language of the country you are moving to can be more than challenging. It can make everything so much harder for you than it should be. Nobody is saying that you have to speak like a native speaker to be successful, but taking a course and making communication easier is pretty necessary.

The same goes for learning things about the culture of the country you are moving to. It’s good to know the basics for the start. This is important because not knowing some basic etiquette might get you into trouble or you might end up doing something illegal without knowing it. You’ll probably experience something called culture shock. Once you start living there, you’ll be in constant contact with the locals. This means both your language skills and knowledge of the culture of the country will drastically improve.

Make copies of important documents

Whether you are moving to Norway from USA or some other country, taking important documents with you is one of the essential things when moving abroad. Make sure to have both digital and paper copies of documents like your passport, birth certificate, medical history, travel insurance, etc. Why is this important? It’s good to have these on hand in cases of emergency when you are supposed to provide them in a short period of time. Being prepared at any time will save you so much time and save you from unnecessary stress. Trust us, you’ll be thankful to yourself later.

doctor talking to a patient
Make sure you are healthy and ready for move

Get a health checkup

It’s true that every country has a healthcare system, which you will be able to access and do your regular checkups. However, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor before moving abroad, just to make sure that everything is alright and that you are ready to go. This means that you should schedule appointments with all health professionals you see on a regular basis. 

Notify your bank and other service providers about your move

Moving to another country also means starting a new life. Once you move, you won’t be going to your local gym anymore, won’t be using the same phone service provider, and things like that. This means you need to cancel all your subscriptions before you move. Do this as soon as possible – if you leave it for later, chances are that you’ll probably forget about it. The same goes for your bank, inform them about your move on time and cancel any direct deposits that you might have. Get informed about fees and charges to your cards.

Get rid of everything you don’t need

When you are moving anywhere, especially if you’re moving internationally, you’ll want to get rid of unnecessary things you don’t need or use. Everyone has those things at home that they keep “just in case they need them”, while they know very well that they just don’t want to throw them away. Well, now is the perfect time to get rid of them.

Think about having to transport all those things just to never use them. Why would you go through all that trouble? You don’t have to always throw them away, if they are still usable you can organize a car boot sale.

yellow car boot sign
A car boot sale is one of the best ways to get rid of the things you don’t need and earn some extra cash

This way, you won’t only get rid of something you don’t need and sell it to someone who will actually use it. You’ll also earn some more money that will go into your moving budget. Considering that a moving process of any kind is pretty expensive, this will come in very handy. It will also be of help to your movers, that offer services like international removals and many more, to perform the move more quickly and efficiently. 

Get to know your future neighborhood

Moving somewhere completely new to you can be really overwhelming. You may find it hard to organize when you don’t know where things like supermarkets, shops, boutiques, and such are located. When you move, you’ll already be overwhelmed by the whole process and this can only make it worse. While your transparent international movers are taking care of the moving process you will have time to visit your future neighborhood and figure out where everything is. Take your time with this as it will be easier for you once you move. 

What are some bucket list places in Europe for young professionals?

As a young professional who is looking for job opportunities that will help you build a career –  you must have realized that moving from USA to Europe is one of the best choices you can make in order to achieve that. However, you can’t move just anywhere without doing any research and expecting to succeed wherever you go. There are certain places in Europe that are ideal for young people like you who choose to move abroad and become successful in what they do. It’s a whole new experience, you won’t only be learning about work, but about a new culture as well. This is all interesting in its own way and we ensure you that it will be an exciting part of your life. Without further ado, let’s see what are some of the bucket list place in Europe for young professionals:

  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland


Denmark will be the first country on our list of bucket list places in Europe for young professionals. One of the best things about Denmark you’ll be pleasantly surprised with as a young professional is that it has amazing working conditions that are also pretty flexible. Not only that, but it also has a well-established and strong social support system and at least five weeks of paid vacation every single year. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? If you’ve been thinking about moving to Spain or Denmark and choosing Denmark in the end, keep reading. 

red and whit concrete buildings
If you want an amazing and flexible working environment – Denmark is the right place for you

The majority of locals in Denmark are able to choose the time to start work every so they can make sure they are able to take care of their children properly, and the country has an amazing work-life balance policy and it’s one of the best ones in the entire world. The cost of living is pretty similar to the cost of living in the US, although the welfare system does cover quite a few things of that American citizens are obligated to pay for themselves — this includes things such as education, healthcare, and other social services. 

However, this leads us to the conclusion that taxes in Denmark are surely higher than the taxes you are paying in the US. Most citizens of Denmark are obligated to pay about 45% of their income to pay off their taxes. However,  they say that they don’t have a problem with this. It’s because they firmly believe they are contributing to the collective well-being by doing so.


Hungary transitioned to a market economy in 1990, creating an entirely new world for young professionals ready to move to this country in order to work in the private sector. This country has an amazing  IT industry, and tourism will always be something that’s needed and constantly evolving. It means that it will most likely be a great venue for English-speaking residents. For young professionals relocating to Hungary, Hungary is known to have an outstanding infrastructure that allows online business pursuits. What’s more, the living expenses are about 40 % lower than the ones in the US. If you are looking to rent a place instead of buying a house, that will be 60 %.

brown concrete building near body of water during daytime
The cost of living in Hungary is about 40% lower than the one in the US

Since 2016 Hungary has had a tax rate of 15%. All taxes are normally taken out by the person who employed you. For foreigners living in Hungary for less than 183 days a year, paying taxes is a little different. You will only be obligated to pay taxes on wages that you earned in Hungary. Healthcare is said to be well-established. However, it has its downsides – which is why some residents choose to use private insurance


Switzerland has a pretty high living standard, a well-educated population that’s speaking many languages, and a well-established economy. These are only some of the things that make this an amazing place for young professionals moving from USA to Switzerland

But be careful, you are supposed to apply for your work permit and residency a lot of time in advance. Getting a work permit can take quite some time. Probably more than you would usually expect. Not only that but finding a place to live might be pretty hard. This is because the majority of people living in Switzerland choose to rent a place over buying. This means you will probably have to wait quite some time to get an apartment. Therefore, Switzerland is one of the countries where you might be willing to get a relocation agent to help you out with this whole thing.

houses near valley with trees
The high standard of living is what attracts new residents from all around the world

The question is if living in Switzerland is as expensive as they say, why is moving there a good idea? And why is it on our bucket list places in Europe for young professionals? The majority of people who relocate to Switzerland earn more than people do on average, globally speaking. Switzerland is central to most places in Europe. This is what makes traveling and doing business internationally way easier than it would normally be. Not only that, but once you become a resident of the Europe Union, it will be a piece of cake to move all over Europe. Switzerland is well known for the beauty of its nature, the mountains, and the villages that are tucked into the Alps.


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