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There are a lot of perplexities when it comes to car shipping. Transparent International NYC is a shipping company that has a lot of experience in auto transport. So we have prepared a list of car shipping obstacles that you might come across during your task. If you do things by the book, however, no obstacle will be big enough to prevent you from completing what you intended to do. Here are the most common car shipping obstacles and what you can do to avoid them.

Price is one of the car shipping obstacles that often reject people from doing this

Of course, the first auto shipping obstacle that you will come across is the price. International car transportation is expensive. And a lot of time it can happen that the price of shipping is bigger than the actual value of your vehicle. Therefore, before you enter this process, make sure that what you are doing is financially justified. Of course, it depends on the value of your car, the distance it will have to cross, and the prices of your selected shipping company. Also, it depends a lot on the type of transportation you choose.

Money close up
The price is usually one of the biggest obstacles

Choosing the right type of transportation means a lot

There are many ways to ship a car. Sometimes you will have all options available. Sometimes you will have only one or two. This depends on many factors. Whether your destination country is reachable by land, for example. Or are there any shipping companies that connect the two countries by any other means other than air. When you have all options available, it will be up to you to choose the type of transport that suits your needs. And that can be rather difficult. Especially if you are doing this for the first time and you do not know the pros and cons of available options. That is why, before you choose, make sure that you understand everything about auto transport. Here are your available options:

  • Airfreight is the fastest way of car shipping. However, it is also the most expensive option.
  • Sea freight is the cheapest way to transport your vehicle. But it will take a lot of time to arrive.
  • Road freight is the most common way to transport a vehicle. But it completely depends on the country you are moving to and whether it can be reached by road.
  • Rail freight is also a common way of car shipping, Similarly, as road freight, it depends on the rail network available.

Finding the right shipping company could be another car shipping obstacle

Choosing the right type of transport is important. But choosing the right shipping company is even more significant. For example, if you are moving from USA to Belgium you can find two shipping companies that offer you sea freight. However, their prices could be very different. The price can be differing for up to 1005, sometimes even more. How is this possible? Well, shipping companies use different sea routes, have different expenses, and use various types of partnerships to conduct the work that they do. So if you want to make sure that you get the best deal, you will have to do thorough research.

Cargo ship
Choosing the right shipping company is one of the most important parts

Learn about different delivery times before you choose

Also, when it comes to various sea routes, delivery time could also be very different. One shipper could offer to deliver your car in a week. Others will need two or three.  They might have more deliveries that they must do along the way. Or they have to make a stop somewhere and wait for other shipments. Of course, longer delivery time usually means lower prices. However, this can also mean that your car will be stored in CFS bonded warehouse somewhere. Or moved from one ship to another. Besides delivery time this also increases the change for damage.  Make sure that you understand everything before you hire a shipping company.

Dealing with immense paperwork is one of international car shipping obstacles

Another vehicle shipping obstacle that you will see when moving internationally is paperwork. Whenever and whatever you are shipping internationally, immense paperwork is something that you cannot avoid. Still, even though there is no way to avoid complicated paperwork, there is a way to do this easily. Of course, you do not have to learn about import/export procedures or to learn about a specific country’s requirements. You need to find a shipping company that will handle this for you or a freight forwarder. They are specialized in shipping laws and regulations and they are the best solution in this case.

Pen and paper
Immense paperwork could be one of the biggest car shipping obstacles

Protecting your car from damage will be your most important task

When it comes to most common auto transport obstacles, protecting your vehicle from damage is certainly one of the most important. As we all know, cars, even though they are made from strong and durable materials, are very easy to damage. And when you put them among those large shipping containers, cranes, and cargo ships, they do look like small breakable toys. Of course, you cannot do much about protections except to hire a quality packing and crating service that will guarantee that your vehicle will be properly protected.

No obstacle is big enough

As you can see there are many car shipping obstacles that you might come across when you are transporting your car. From protecting your car to choosing the right type of transportation and shipping company. However, people are doing this regularly, and no obstacle is big enough to stop you from enjoying your beloved vehicle after you move.


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