Common issues for cross-country truckers

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Driving a truck for a living has never been easy. Unfortunately, things are not going for the better. As it seems like there are more issues for cross-country truckers than ever before. Especially considering new coronavirus reality.  Luckily, responsible companies, like Transparent International, have heard about truckers’ problems and are doing the best they can to ease their suffering. However, there are things that are out of the companies’ reach. The problems that truckers have to face on their own.

Trucking is hard and full of problems

Trucking is not just operating a vehicle. It is a complicated and dangerous work. Whether you are driving merchandise or working for international household movers, if you have to spend days on the road you will face many problems and obstacles. That is why we have prepared the list of common problems for long haul truckers, and offer some solutions.

  • Hygiene has suddenly become one of the biggest issues for cross-country truckers
  • Stress and other health problems
  • Safety
  • Changing regulations and protocols
  • Bad infrastructure
A truck cabin view
Long haul truck driving is a hard job

Hygiene is one of the biggest issues for cross-country truckers right now

If you ever had an opportunity to drive a truck across the nation you know that keeping your hygiene is not easy. Sometimes it can be days before you take a proper bath. But most of the truck drivers are used to this. However, out of the blue keeping your hygiene has become a priority question. Not only taking a bath but primarily hand washing. And it is all ok while you are all alone in your truck.

However, once you get out of the vehicle, things change. You will be in contact with doorknobs, packages, paperwork, and other people. So if you want to avoid being infected with coronavirus, you need to wash your hands. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues that cross country truck drivers face is finding a place to wash.

How to keep hands clean while on the road is one of the problems for cross-country truckers

If you are working for international moving services you will often have a chance to wash your hands. But, as you know, very often you will not have that opportunity. That is why you will have to rely on yourself. Get alcohol-based hand sanitizing gels. Even though it is not the same as washing your hands with warm water and soap, those gels should be enough to kill the virus that could be on your skin.

Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure. That is causing stress

Not keeping your hygiene, especially these days, is not only increasing the risk of being infected but also increase stress. Truck drivers are under a lot of stress in normal times. Unfortunately, this pandemic is making things much worse. Stress can cause other health issues, and affect concentration.

One of the issues for cross-country truck drivers is how to stay relaxed

Try to stay relaxed. Most of the things that are going on right now are out of your influence. Concentrate on the things that you must do. And avoid thinking about things that you cannot change. Of course, it is difficult to get rid of stress. Especially once it gets a hold of you. If you are feeling that you are under a lot of stress, don’t be afraid to ask professional help.

A truck driver smiling
Try to stay relaxed and positive

Safety is another big problem for long haul truckers

Safety is probably the biggest problem for cross-country drivers.  When you are spending months on the road, things are going to happen. The things that affect safety the most are weather conditions, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Unfortunately, we are all witnessing how weather conditions change rapidly for the worse. Especially in recent years. And that affects truck drivers very much. In addition, truck driving is becoming more and more demanding. Truck drivers are getting more tired, and it is affecting road safety.  Also, it is becoming difficult to concentrate with all the tablets, smartphones, GPS alerts, etc.

Stay concentrated, well-rested, and avoid driving on bad weather

Safety is your main concern while you are on the road. Stay concentrated at all times. Do not let your devices pull your attention. Stay aware of your speed constantly. If the weather is bad, pull over. And make sure that you take regular breaks.

Bad infrastructure is another cross country trucker’s issue

Bad infrastructure is another of the things that you as a trucker cannot do much about. Sadly, we are all witnessing how roads, bridges, tunnels in this country are rapidly deteriorating for the last 25 years. Of course, some parts of the country are worse than others. However, when you are a nationwide truck driver, you are going to see it all today or tomorrow.

Keep your eyes on the road at all times

You need to stay awake and concentrated at all times.  Also, inform yourself and avoid bad roads if you can.

Ever-changing laws and regulations are causing headaches for cross country teamsters

One of the truckers’ biggest issues right now are laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Different paperwork, changing protocols, various guidelines. This was always a truckers’ problem. However, now with the coronavirus at large, regulations are changing daily. Unfortunately, truck drivers are suffering. Even though they are doing the toughest work right now.

A book of law and a hammer
One of the new issues for cross-country truckers is how to keep up with the ever-changing laws

Rely on your company or try to stay informed

There aren’t many things that you can do about ever-changing regulations. If you are working for the door to door international movers, they should be your biggest backup in this. If not, your only solution is to try to stay informed as much as you can.

Stay informed if you avoid common issues for cross-country truckers

Those are the most common issues for cross country truckers. We all know how important this job is. Especially at this moment. To stay safe be informed about COVID-19 at all times. Good luck!

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