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Ever wondered if you can be sure in life that you made the right choice? People in all situations make decisions, every day, every hour. Decisions – the small ones, what are we going to eat, what are we going to wear, where are we going to drink coffee today. When it comes to big ones, we can’t just decide recklessly on the way, we need to see what is the best choice. What do we need to do if we move somewhere? What are you doing if you need to ship something overseas? In that case, you definitely need to ask for the help of an international moving expert. Why is that so much important? Because the one thing you must think about while planning to make a difference in your personal or work life is what are common international shipping mistakes and how to avoid them.

Shipping boat on the sea
Do everything smoothly like a boat on the water!

A peek into the list of international shipping mistakes to avoid

The word costly can be many things, what is a lot to one person maybe isn’t to another. Women’s shoes most likely are expensive for a man but not for a woman, or the opposite way for working tools for man. Either way, we all know that we don’t want to waste our money on making mistakes. You need to think secure and big, make firm plans, and check every piece of information. The minute you know with whom are you going to collaborate that is at least half the work already done. There are always people who can help in any international services you desire; you just need to find them and they will help you avoid any shipping mistake you could make.

Few things to avoid while planning international shipping:

  • Spelling mistakes – be a little spelling bee

These are simple mistakes, but they could be devastating while working on properly shipping your stuff. Make sure to write everything correct, like addresses, codes, or some other information that you will write on boxes or some other documents that are used in the process. No one likes to ship their properties to a false address or to lose any of them because of a single mistake.

  • Weight – in this case, it’s not about a diet

How much is the weight of your shipment? You need to know the exact amount. Because if you wait for the carrier to measure it again and if it’s heavier than you thought, that can be possibly problematic. Do not lose money. Especially don’t lose unpredicted money like someone who went on too much shopping in the vacation and needs to pay extra money on bags at the airport. This is a bigger thing; you probably won’t give more money for one or two kilograms. What if is much more? Find a way to measure it right.

weight scale zoomed in
Scale all international shipping mistakes to avoid!
  • Packaging – put a firm and tight ribbon on it

All the boxes that you are going to use and all the extra materials for making your shipment safe must be new and of high quality. You will need to seal all the boxes right with quality wrapping material because sometimes shipments get wet. If anything becomes wet it will both damage the box and your belongings inside, later the wet box possibly will be difficult to handle and move from one place to another.

  • Deadlines – relax and enjoy being on time

International shipping can be tricky sometimes because that is always a complicated process. For example, moving to Luxembourg from US is a long-distance move, you would need to ship all your belongings through a lot of water and the trip is not short at all. Whatever is the destination Luxembourg some other place, don’t forget the time zone changes and shipment delays that can always occur. Calculate accurately, start the process in time, no one likes to stress out because of being late. One more thing that you shouldn’t forget is all the papers and documents. You can maybe depend on yourself, but you can’t know if some worker at some office will prepare your documents on time. Start earlier than you think you should.

  • Ensure your shipment – Don’t provoke good luck

Always make insurance for your shipment! You never know what can go wrong with moving overseas companies and that mistake is a really expensive one if you make it. What if some of the stuff gets stolen or damaged, delayed? Also, you will need to check the stuff that arrives. Is everything in the whole piece not broken or damaged? If it’s not, and you sign the delivery receipt without checking if arrived how it is supposed to, shippers and carriers could say that that isn’t their fault, and again all the costs fall on your back.

International shipping mistakes to avoid are like balancing tower of rocks in the water
Without mistakes, life is in the balance!
  • Freight class and rates – Better not be too economical sometimes

Sometimes people want to save money on shipment. They try to ship their belongings at low prices that can cause more problems after, or failing to ship in the right class because of wanting to save money. If you want to save money by shipping with the wrong freight class you can face the reclassification penalty. That is maybe more problematic than choosing the right freight class at the beginning.

Balance in life is key

You can look at international shipping mistakes to avoid like a checklist for moving overseas. Of course, there is always more to think about. You need to act on time, you should be ready for everything. Choose the best and proper moving expert who can offer you the most trustworthy choices of international services. Let’s hope everything will be going like it should be going. You can beat all the bad luck, if it could be any, by making a firm strategy. Cooperate with people that know what and how should be done. You will avoid stress and making mistakes. Just make sure to find time for relaxing after you finish all the work and move. Go out and meet new people, see how is the new place where you are going to live or work. It is important to find balance in life, after hard work comes nice things!

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