December fun in Portugal to explore after moving

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    Whether you are moving to Portugal from US or have recently moved, congratulations are in order. As you probably already know, Portugal is a beautiful European country with so much to offer. Between its rich history, stunning countryside, picturesque towns, and affordable living costs, what’s not to like? But, planning and executing a move requires a lot of time and patience. It’s likely you didn’t have the time to think about all the December fun in Portugal to explore after moving. No worries, we are here to provide you with a quick guide on all the things you should put on your to-do list.

    December fun in Portugal

    The cold weather has arrived. Even in Portugal, better known for its sunny beaches, the rigor of winter has crept into the air. But do not despair. This wonderful country is full of surprises and has plenty of beautiful sights to take in in December. No one can guarantee a white Christmas, but we do have some recommendations for other delightful winter sights across Portugal that you can look for to add a touch of magic to the end of your year. Keep on reading to discover what to do for fun in December in Portugal after overseas removalists help you move there.

    Alfama, Portugal
    Exploring the beauties of Portugal may be the adventure you needed.

    Visit Serra de Estrela

    Most of us think of snow and the cold when we think of winter. And many of us hope to see snow for Christmas, even if it bites to the bone. If you want to enjoy the snow in Portugal, then Serra da Estrela is the place for you. Portugal’s most notable mountain range has the highest peak in the country, and the snow covers it almost all winter. Winter sports enthusiasts will adore this place. Most hotels will have special offers for the holidays so you can snuggle up in front of a log fire and gaze out at the white wilderness. After you hire movers to help you with your overseas relocation, consider booking a hotel in Serra de Estrela.

    Explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park

    The beauty of Gerês is exceptional all year round. But of all the seasons, winter offers the most peace, quiet, and isolation of this National Park in the best possible way. What could be better than resting in front of the fireplace after a day of walking through enchanting woods, surrounded by waterfalls and staggering landscapes in the crisp, cool weather. This is one of the many new adventures you can have after you start a new life in Portugal.

    December fun in Portugal include many different Christmas activities such as enjoying wonderful decorations like the lighted Christmas tree in the photo
    December fun in Portugal is incomplete without Christmas activities.

    December fun in Portugal includes Christmas concerts and events

    Christmas is relatively understated in Portugal compared to other European counties. However, by no means is it ignored. Numerous places around the land go all out with events, fairs, nativity scenes, ice rinks, and Christmas markets through all of December. There are ordinarily a few candlelight concerts in the last month of the year, so be sure to heck Lisbon’s Cultural Agenda to see what’s on. Of course, there is plenty to enjoy in other parts of the country as well. December fun in Portugal to explore is bountiful. Surely you can find many things you will enjoy.


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