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    Long-distance relocation can be overwhelming. Especially if you are moving to a different continent. One of the most important moving factors is the season during which you are planning your move. For example, moving during winter can be hard. Low temperatures and wet weather can make things worse. On the other hand, it is beautiful. If you are moving to the UK. On this island, spending winter holidays can really seem like a fairy tale. To make this dream come true, an international moving company UK must help you with your relocation. Once you get to the UK, there are plenty of things to do. In addition, you can visit many different events, particularly in February. Those people call February places in the UK. The first reason is the end of the low season and traveling is cheaper. In this article, read about the February events in the UK.

    Why is February so popular in the UK?

    Remember that the weather is getting better, but it is still cold and damp in the UK during February. Nevertheless, with the first sun rays, you will see plenty of British people wearing T-shirts and flip-flops. On the other hand, tourists and new residents coming from the US will certainly have some warm clothes on. There is a great metro network in all the big cities, and you can be at any popular event in no time. However, if international car transportation services brought your car here, your journey can start. You can head off to Hayes which is near Heathrow airport in West London. There you can enjoy many Valentine’s Day activities. If you just moved with a partner, you can take them for a slow ride in the London Eye. In a private capsule, you can see the entire city of London.

    London Eye as one of the February events in the UK
    Visit London Eye to spend a perfect Valentine’s

    Some of the most popular February events in the UK are in Bristol

    The next thing on the list should be your visit to Bristol. Why Bristol? First of all, this is a city with one of the richest history in England. Also, the city has its romantic spots where you can also spend your Valentine’s. You can enjoy a beautiful view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. If you wish to visit ‘the ship that changed the world’ go to visit Brunel’s SS Great Britain. There you can explore two museums, a historic dockyard, and the world’s first great ocean liner. As soon as international movers USA to UK transport your goods door-to-door, head of to Fire and Fantasy, Tyntesfield. This is a new installation at a National Trust property. There you can see curving banks of flame, glowing firmaments, and galaxies. In the end, you can sip hot chock during the chilly night.

    Other things to see and enjoy around the UK

    Among some of the most popular February events in the UK is visiting Glasgow. First of all, Scotland has one of the most beautiful natures in the world. The grass is so green and the waters so clear. Just walking through Scottish nature is the event itself. But let’s see what is so popular in Glasgow. Although it is not a capital it is the largest city and full of February fun. For art lovers, there is Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. If the international household movers helped you move to Glasgow, be aware that you chose one of the best places in the UK. As this is the port city, you can visit the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. Scotland is famous for its different kinds of malt whiskies which you can try in Glengoyne Distillery.

    Bristol Cathedral
    Some of the best February events in the UK are in Bristol

    When in Scotland

    You certainly cannot miss the Spectra Festival of Light in Aberdeen. This a very popular place, especially among students coming from the villages around such as Ballater, Baltimore, etc. At the mid-Feb festival, you can enjoy the world’s second-largest granite building, Marischal College. Every year there is a different topic which you can see on the walls. This is the year of stories. On this beautiful building, you can see lines and images from Scottish prose and poetry illuminating grey stone walls. Also, these light artworks also play around the streets around Marischal Square. Therefore, ask quickly for international moving quotes from a moving company, so you can come here on time for the festival. There are many different events that relate to this one in the Aberdeen art gallery. This year Spectra festival in Aberdeen takes place from 10-13 February 2022, 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM.


    Other popular February events in the UK

    We must not forget to mention the beauty of Northern Ireland. You can top off your February travels by visiting Belfast. You should not miss out on the story about the Titanic of Belfast. The museum bears the name of the ship Titanic Belfast and it commemorates the story behind it. While staying in Northern Ireland, remember to buy some books by popular Irish writers. You can stay indoors and enjoy reading. Or while driving around in some of the popular chariots in Irish parks in winter. Another very popular museum is the Ulster Museum, the home of the North Ireland treasures. The rich collections of art, history, and natural science take you around the world.  Classical music lovers can visit Grand Opera House. Finally, history lovers can stop by and visit Crumlin Road Gaol, the famous Irish prison.

    Glasgow Science center
    Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland

    There are really plenty of February events in the UK. These are particularly important for those coming from a completely different culture such as the US one. Literally in any part of the Kingdom, you can have fun during all seasons, especially in February. There are numerous festivals, museums, art galleries. For those in love, you can celebrate the most beautiful Valentine’s Day so far. Therefore, inform yourself on time about all the upcoming events. In addition book your international movers to drop you to this part of the world as soon as possible. One is for sure, throughout all the four counties of the Kingdoms you will have great fun.


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