Exploring Luxembourg on two wheels: the best cycling routes and trails

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Luxembourg has become one of the most bike-friendly places in Europe. With that, there are many sights and places to see and visit. You can find routes and trails where you can begin exploring Luxembourg on two wheels. And if you are just visiting Luxembourg, who knows what will happen next? Maybe you will decide to hire one of the most credible international moving companies and relocate here. Regardless of whether you are visiting or relocating here, let’s take a look at what to expect.

Exploring Luxembourg on two wheels: the basics

If you are moving to Luxembourg from US the first thing that you need to know before heading into this adventure is that there are a few rules in Luxembourg. Firstly, the government of Luxembourg advises its citizens to buy electric bikes. This will keep the environment ecologically friendly. Secondly, there are many places in which you can rent a bike. Many of these places have a “self-service” principle which basically means that you alone can rent a bike. The fees that come with it depend on the place. When you rent the bike, you can cycle around in complete freedom, 24/7. One of these companies is Vel’OH company.

There is another way of renting a bike. That is a “bike-sharing” subscription. You need to register on the company’s official site and then you can rent a bike. You can pay only with credit or debit cards. The best thing is that the first 30 minutes of the ride are completely free, then you will be charged hourly, from 1 euro to 5 euros per hour.  Additionally, if you plan on using international moving services and relocating with a family, you won’t have to worry! Luxembourg thought of your little ones too. You can find kids’ bikes for all age groups in many rent-a-bike companies. Even if you are not an experienced biker, you can also find a bike suitable for your level!

a girl in a sunset riding a bike and exploring Luxembourg on two wheels
Exploring Luxembourg on two wheels is the best way of meeting the country

The best routes for biking

As we mentioned before, Luxembourg has become the most bike-friendly nation. After you use one of the moving overseas companies and relocate here you will have the opportunity to see that yourself. The government gave its best to make routes suitable for bike lovers and adventurous explorers. Here are the routes you should explore:

  • Exploring Luxembourg on two wheels is the easiest on The Moselle Cycle Route
  • You will absolutely fall in love with The Vennbahn Cycle Route
  • Don’t forget to visit The Mullerthal Trail
  • The Alzette Cycle Path takes you to the heart of Luxembourg City
  • Visit different cantons by using The Luxembourg Ardennes
  • The Industrial Heritage Trail will help you learn more about the history of Luxembourg

There are many, many more, but these are the most popular among tourists. However, before you start exploring make sure to know these safety tips. Always wear a helmet and make sure that your bike is in good condition. Be aware of traffic rules. Keep in mind that not every route in Luxembourg is flat, so depending on your biking skills and experience, choose the right route. Moreover, if you like hanging out with other bike enthusiasts, make sure to check out some of the bike events! Skoda Tour de Luxembourg gathers bikers from all around the world. For newcomers, if you don’t know Luxembourg well yet, you can always seek professional help from Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

a traffic sign regulating a vehicle height over the street on a gloomy day
Be sure to check out Luxembourg traffic rules for biking

The Moselle Cycle Route

This route is the most popular cycling route in Luxembourg. While riding a bike on this route, you can discover so many new sights. For example, you will see the Moselle River in a total of 42 kilometers. Alongside the Moselle River, you will also see the beautiful scenery of Moselle Valley. This route is suitable for bikers of all levels, especially beginners.

The Vennbahn Cycle Route

This route takes its root in Germany and ends in Troisvierges in Luxembourg. On this route, you can see the most beautiful countrysides that Luxembourg offers. You cannot miss the beautiful views of the Ardennes and the Eifel regions. You can’t simply bike away from this mesmerizing countryside!

The Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal Trail is the most unique biking route. It’s divided into three sections. The first section takes you to the rocky surfaces and forests, and rivers of this region. The second takes you to the beautiful villages of this region. The third one will lead you to the vineyards of the Moselle Valley. You can always stop by and taste some of the wines and learn a lot about vineyards in general. However, this route is more suitable for experienced bikers.

The Alzette Cycle Path

As we mentioned before, the Alzette Cycle Path takes you to the core of Luxembourg City. The route follows the Alzette River and passes through some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the European Court of Justice. The Alzette Cycle Path welcomes bikers of all levels.

The Luxembourg Ardennes

This region has the famous Circuit des Trois Cantons, a 45-kilometer-long route that takes you to three different cantons of Luxembourg. Experienced bikers will surely enjoy the challenge on the region’s hilly surfaces, however, rookies can enjoy peaceful rides on flat surfaces.

The Industrial Heritage Trail

This is for everyone that enjoys history alongside biking. By passing this region, you will see historic sites of Luxembourg’s industrial past. You can really feel a part of history here. That is because you will notice how the country changed over the years and compare it to what it looks like today.

a group of bicycles parked on the street near the colourful apartment buildings
You can discover many beautiful places while biking

Exploring Luxembourg on two wheels has never been easier

In conclusion, we can say two things. First is that the people of Luxembourg absolutely love bicycling. Secondly, you can discover so many picturesque valleys, rivers, and historic sites while exploring Luxembourg on two wheels. So not only will you do your favorite activity, but you will also learn something new every day! Enjoy exploring and discovering new places in Luxembourg!

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