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When speaking about international relocation, this is certainly one of the most complex types of moving. Many different people take part in this long chain. Movers, packers, truck drivers, third-party transporters over the ocean or by air. In order to make all of this work, professional moving companies developed a strategy that works in this kind of situation. There are the two most popular types of international transportation. Those are ocean and air freight. Ocean freight is the oldest and cheapest way that most international removals New York use. However, air freight can be more convenient in some situations. But it also has different regulations that you need to follow to make the transportation of your goods successful. Failing to comply with these requests can lead to many delays. Therefore, in this article, read about forbidden items on international flights.

Why choose air freight when moving?

There are different modes of transporting the goods and all of them have their pros and cons. When it comes to air freight, people usually use it for items of high value and small in volume. No matter it has its many restrictions, this is one of the fastest ways to transport goods to your new home. when contacting overseas moving services, it is vital to ask all the questions about your move. Inform your movers about the type of possessions you have. Your movers should provide you with an instant list of forbidden items on international flights. In addition, your movers should tell you precisely what items they can send by air. Since fewer people are in this process, it is safer but more expensive. Also, this is one of the fastest transporting methods. Compared to the sea freight, your goods will reach your new home more quickly.

burning money in a hand
Using air freight is certainly not a waste of money

Some facts about air transportation

This is a less common way of transportation when it comes to moving your household. One of the most important reasons is that there are many restrictions when it comes to the type and size of your goods. An airplane can only hold so much cargo. However, moving experts will say that it is worth using this way. No matter there are so many items you cannot send by air. When moving to Luxembourg from New York prepare everything by the list you will get from your movers. For example, detergents, fireworks, certain cigarettes, some medications, paints, liquids, all these most counties do not allow. The time of transportation is way shorter, so the insurance premium is much lower. However, no matter this is the safest way of transporting, you can send fewer items by air according to different customs regulations.


Some of the most common forbidden items on international flights

Can you imagine what can happen if the customs officers discover something they do not approve of in your moving boxes? This can cause severe delays in transportation.  And even completely ban your goods from entering into your new home country. As moving is already stressful enough, you do not need additional stress. Therefore, when shipping goods by air it is crucial to follow all the rules. If you are not sure what can go into a plane, ask your movers even ten times. Some of the most common goods that you cannot send by air are the following:

a hand holding toy airplane on a world map
You must learn what are forbidden items on international flights
  • gearboxes, generators, and engines
  • life jackets, ivory items, or fur
  • fine art and items such as bronzes, marbles, statuary, and antique or valuable rugs
  • Porcelain, rare books, and glass, collections of books, clippings
  • Precious metals and stones
  • lithium batteries, car batteries, corrosives, pesticides

Restrictions for pet and plant lovers

If you have a pet, no matter which type of animal that is, you will not be able to pack it for air transportation. Of course, you can still transport your pet with you on a plane with proper documents. In addition, if you are a plant lover and have many plants, as a rule of thumb, it is not allowed to transport any type of plant in plane cargo. In addition, when you think logically, will you close a pet or a plant in a moving box? Of course not. Also, moving is stressful for both your plants and pets and they need additional care during relocation days. Apart from these, you cannot ship biological agents, antibiotics, and anabolic substances. Do not forget to cross off your moving list any type of food or perishables. Practically, anything that can damage your or other people’s health is not allowed.

Other forbidden items on international flights

Remember that different countries have different restrictions. Therefore, learn on time what applies to your new home country. Also, you might need to pay additional taxes. This may apply to some furniture, computers, musical instruments, cameras, etc. It is necessary to learn all the facts about importing goods in Europe in order to avoid any problems. Make sure to fill in all the paperwork and give it to your movers so that they can present the customs authorities. When it comes to some very valuable items such as jewelry, you will not have the chance to send them by air freight. It is even better to keep your money, jewelry, or other valuables with you at all times. This way you will be sure that your goods are safe. Check your wallet to see if there are any counterfeit credit cards. This counts as fake money, so pay attention.

liquids in glass bottles
Most liquids you cannot take onto a plane

When shipping internationally, there are many forbidden items on international flights. Most European countries, especially those in the EU, agreed to certain terms when it comes to forbidding some goods on a plane. However, this is still the fastest and most secure type of transportation. The chances that your goods reach your new home in a good condition are higher than the ocean freight. But due to some restrictions, bulky items, cars, furniture, or liquids, you definitely cannot send by air. Shipping prices may be high, yet the insurance premium is cheaper. Therefore, inform yourself thoroughly what can and what cannot go by plane to avoid any shipping problems.


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