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    It is enough just to hear to words: international relocation to scare you. The never-ending anxiety is present when you think about crossing the ocean with all your possessions. It really is a complex process. No matter that you are moving to such a beautiful country as Denmark is, you must get there first. Especially when it comes to moving expensive and fragile items. Luckily, there are certain things we can do to make this process easier and with fewer headaches. Thanks to the international moving companies and worldwide movers, the moving process becomes less stressful. In addition, there are many things to learn about this process. Therefore, make sure to begin the moving journey at least 10 weeks before the moving day. Only this way will you have enough time to pack and prepare certain precious items. In this guide, learn about moving fine art overseas.

    the flag o Denmark
    A reliable moving company can help you transport the goods to Denmark

    From the USA to Denmark with ease

    Is this actually possible? Of course, it is. Nowadays there are many moving companies on the market that can help you relocate to Europe. For such complex procedures, we do not recommend wasting your time and money and doing this on your own. For example, you may have a nice collection of fine arts that needs transportation to your new Danish home. However, moving fine art overseas is not just wrapping up and putting it in a container. When moving to Denmark from US, those precious possessions need special treatment. This certainly requires hiring a reliable moving company. Only through a lot of moving experience can a moving company get all the skills and knowledge on how to do this properly. In addition, the risk of any damage will be minimal. Plus you will have door-to-door safe delivery.

    Use the right packing method when moving fine art overseas

    You should not pack fine art the same way you would other everyday household items. We need to think about safety first.

    Therefore, make a call to a moving company and arrange a visit to your home. A moving representative should come to inspect the type and size of your art collection. This way they will have insight into the value of it. Also, international movers overseas will know what kind of packing material they should bring. With artwork, ensure that it is secure in the frame and that nothing is loose. Some packaging like bubble wrap can cause damage. Only the highest quality, acid-free protective materials should be used for valuable art and antiques to protect them from potential damage and harsh elements. If your items are unusual in size, they need custom crating and evaluating on a case-by-case basis for added protection.

    packing for moving fine art overseas
    Proper packing of fine arts collection is crucial for the move

    Sea freight for moving fine art overseas

    On one hand, international relocation via air freight can be quicker but also more expensive than the ocean freight. Both methods have pros and cons.

    By air, there is a weight limit as well as customs regulation limits. What if you have large pieces that you cannot transport by air? In that case, ocean freight is a better option. First of all, this is the oldest and most convenient way of transporting goods overseas. Reliable movers have an entire network of partners around the globe that can make this transportation safer. Professional packers and shippers will handle special items with extra care and pack them safely in appropriate containers.  They will also advise as to the best method of shipping them, depending on their destination. Also, professionals will be aware of customs rules, so there should not be any delays when importing goods into Denmark.

    A word on packing sculptures

    If among your fine arts collection there are certain sculptures, then those need special treatment as well. The first thing you need to do is to make an inventory. Go piece by piece and write down the number of sculptures you have. Then check each one of them and write the condition in which they are before packing. This will help you locate where and how each one of them is packed so you can track them. If handling large sculptures, we recommend having professional movers and packers around. Skilled professionals will know exactly what kind of packing materials you need. In addition, they will handle packing heavy sculptures in a secure way. It is always better to add a little bit to your moving budget to let professionals handle this for you with additional insurance. If some damage happens, you can get a refund or a replacement.

    ocean freight
    Ocean freight is cheaper than air freight

    Additional steps to protect your collection

    As you already know, fine art pieces need cleaning and protection from dust and dirt. It is also very important to clean all your art pieces as much as you can before wrapping them up. If you leave your paintings and sculptures with dust or some grease on it, they can suffer permanent damage. And we certainly do not want any damages to happen. A reliable moving company can provide good protection and packing material for your items. There are also some things you can do to clean and protect your collection. These additional cleaning steps will help your items stay clean during transportation. In addition, these will be immediately ready to use as soon as you unpack them. You can nicely cover your new walls with beautiful paintings as well as arrange sculptures and other fines arts from your collection.

    Moving fine art overseas is not an easy process, as you can see. But also, it is not an impossible mission. To guide you in this process and make it easier, we always suggest hiring experienced movers. Only this way can you make sure that the packing and transportation of your precious possessions will be in safe hands. Also, think about purchasing additional insurance when transporting art pieces. You never know what can happen along the way. We hope that your pieces will arrive safe and sound but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


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