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Are you planning to move abroad? Then you can’t do much better than Belfast – the capital of Northern Ireland. There are so many amazing things to know about this impressive city. However, what you really need to know if moving to Belfast in the foreseeable future is that you are going to move to a modern and growing city. And with the right international removal companies by your side, aiding you through this process, you don’t have to experience any turbulence during your journey.

Nevertheless, we have decided to compose a short guide for all of you who have decided to make Belfast your home sweet home. We do advise you to take these facts and tips into consideration once you find yourself on the cusp of relocation. They will be of great help when trying to plan, as well as adjust to your new home across the world.

A tower bridge in Belfast.
With its amazing architecture and modern lifestyle, Belfast will amaze you.

Belfast housing facts and costs

The first thing you will be glad to hear is that the housing costs in Northern Ireland are generally lower than the ones in the UK mainland. That means that buying a property in Belfast is pretty much a possibility for most people. It’s also a fact that most people prefer to buy a home instead of renting it, so it will do you good to have an idea of how much you need to set aside for both of these options.

  • One bedroom flat in the City Centre – over 400 pounds, and outside the City Centre – over 280 pounds.
  • Three bedroom flat in the City Centre – over 650 pounds, and outside the City Centre – over 495 pounds.
  • Price per square meter to buy in the City Centre – 2,241 pounds, and outside the City Centre – 1,750 pounds.

Now, we can’t tell you which option is the best one for you. What you ought to do is take a realistic look into your entire relocation budget. After you pay for international moving services, how much do you have left? Do you think you will be able to rent a home or purchase it? Analyze your options and choose the right path – but do it much before your moving date. Something as serious as your housing situation should not be left for the end.

Adjusting after moving to Belfast

Adjusting to life in a new country is always a very challenging task. You can definitely expect to experience some sort of culture shock, no matter how well-prepared you are. However, your situation will vary based on your moving companions – or lack thereof.

Two women posing after moving to Belfast.
Finding new friends after moving to Belfast will be crucial for the adjustment period.

If you are relocating to Belfast as a single person…

There aren’t many things that will be more stressful than relocating across the world by yourself. You are definitely going to need plenty of assistance from your international movers USA to UK, but also from other people when you arrive in Belfast. Your most important task will be meeting new people and making friends. To do that, you can attend local meetups, as well as events. Belfast is a very lively city, which means you will be able to find an activity you like rather quickly.

If you are relocating to Belfast with a family…

The good thing about moving to Belfast with a family is knowing that you are moving to a family-friendly city. However, that fact alone won’t be enough. You have to do your part of the job by moving to a neighborhood that will be perfectly suited for your family. The area of Newtownbreda is by far one of the most popular places for families living in and around Belfast. It has good schools, plenty of fresh air, and a shopping mall. There will be plenty of fun activities that you can do with your family on any given day.

The climate in Belfast might take some getting used to

You will be happy to know that Belfast has a moderate climate that isn’t characterized by any extremes in temperatures. Summers are moderately hot, while winters can be a bit on the colder side, but still, nothing that will shock your body. However, if you are moving your household to Belfast from a very hot area, such as Florida, you could say you are in for quite a shock.

That’s why it’s a good idea not to forget to pack your winter clothing. And if you don’t have any, you will definitely want to go out and purchase some – especially if your move to Belfast is happening in the winter months. You might not like the weather in the beginning, but you’ll soon realize that every season has its appeal.

A woman walking with an umbrella.
You might not be a fan of the weather in Belfast at first – but you will get used to it.

Have the visa issue settled

Finally, we came to perhaps the most important item on our list – getting a visa. Since Northern Ireland is a part of the UK, UK visas are required if you plan on moving to the country. The good news is that there are many different visas that you can consider if you are set on moving to Belfast. Clearly, this is something you’ll want to do before you start planning out your relocation and contacting international furniture movers. Otherwise, you might be wasting everyone’s time if it turns out you can’t enter the country.

All in all, we don’t think you will have too many problems after moving to Belfast. All you have to do is do some groundwork and prepare everything for your relocation. As soon as you arrive, we definitely suggest you socialize as much as possible and form new friendships. Of course, you should also maintain your old relationships. Thankfully, because of Skype and Facetime, seeing and talking to people who are miles away from you is a piece of cake. You should definitely use all the advantages of modern times.

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