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Moving to Hawaii from New York is going to be a huge change. It’s about as close to an international relocation as you can get without actually leaving the country. You’ll even need the help of overseas moving companies to do it! The fiftieth state and the relocation to it are just completely unique. So before you embark on this journey, it’s important to learn as much as you can in advance. What is life in Hawaii really like? How different from New York is it? What does relocation to an island look like? And how can you prepare for it all?

The pros and cons of moving to Hawaii from New York

Normally, moving overseas means moving to another country. But when you’re moving to Hawaii, you’re still staying within the borders of the United States. And yet, you’ll feel like you went to a whole new planet – that’s how different Hawaii is from New York. So before you hire international household movers to help you relocate there, do your research and decide if this really is the best choice for you. You shouldn’t make such a huge change without being certain about it!

View of the beach you'll have afer moving to Hawaii from New York.
Living in Hawaii is the dream for many Americans.

What do you have to look forward to?

Living in Hawaii is a completely unique experience. You’ll get to enjoy summer weather all year long, there will be beaches around every corner, and you can grow tropical fruit in your own backyard! It’s a tropical paradise. The lifestyle reflects this too: the pace of life is much slower than it is in New York and everything is far more casual than you’re probably used to. This is precisely what brings so many people to the islands.

What should you worry about?

Of course, nothing is ever entirely good or entirely bad. So there is a flip side to the beauty of Hawaii too. The biggest one is the extremely high cost of living. Let’s just say that international moving costs won’t be your biggest problem if you’re moving to Hawaii! Even by New York standards, Hawaii is expensive. Additionally, the earning potential is low as most jobs are part-time and not very well paid. So make sure that you can afford this relocation before you commit to it.

A step-by-step guide for moving to Hawaii from New York

If you’ve looked into your options and decided that a relocation from NY to Hawaii is the right choice for you, you need to prepare for relocation to the islands. This is not going to be your typical move. So even if you have experience with moving, you should look into the process.

Decide where to live

The first thing you need to do is decide where in Hawaii you want to live. Hawaii consists of four major islands (and a number of smaller ones):

  • Oahu – the most populated and busiest island, it offers the best opportunities for work and socialization but also comes with the highest prices and worst traffic
  • Maui – larger than Oahu and about as expensive yet far less populated, Maui offers a lot of outdoors adventures and many diverse locations but not many opportunities for work
  • Kauai – another island whose economy doesn’t compare to Oahu’s, it offers the opportunity to live on the beach and enjoy small-town vibes instead
  • Hawaii – the biggest and most sparsely (though not least) populated major island draws people in with its comparably low costs of living but beware of the bad traffic and hard-to-find jobs

The island you choose for your home depends on your priorities and capabilities. But the good news is that island-hopping is easy so you don’t have to commit forever if you don’t want to.

Hawaii beach.
Different islands offer different adventures.

Get professional help

Unless you plan on relocating with nothing but your suitcase, moving to Hawaii without the help of movers is not possible. So check out international and interstate moving companies in the area. Look at credentials and licenses as well as reviews to find the best fit for your upcoming relocation. Trust us, it’ll be much easier than trying to organize everything yourself.

Don’t pack everything

Since you’re moving to an island, you’ll need to ship most of your belongings. The cost of this is usually calculated based on weight. To cut costs and save some money, you should, therefore, get rid of some of your stuff. So sell the things you have no use for or donate them to those in need. In Hawaii, you won’t need the winter coat you can’t live without in New York. So there’s no point in bringing it with you.

Ship your car

Much like most of your belongings, your car will need to be shipped from New York to Hawaii. So, arrange for car transportation through your moving company. Make sure you agree with them on the delivery dates – you’ll need a car in Hawaii and renting one isn’t cheap. So arrange for the delivery date as close to your arrival in Hawaii as possible.

Person sitting on a car after moving to Hawaii from New York.
If you want to use your car in Hawaii, you need to ship it there.

Check local regulations if you’re moving with a pet

Hawaii is the only US state that is completely rabies-free. How does it achieve that? By strictly regulating the arrival of animals from out of state. So if you’re moving with a pet, prepare to face some obstacles. You might need to prove vaccinations and medical history as well as quarantine your animal. Look into the regulations that relate to the species of animal you keep.

Plan for the life you want to have after moving to Hawaii from New York

Moving to Hawaii from New York is just the first step to your new life. After the relocation, you’ll want to build a life you can enjoy. To make this easier, you should start planning early. Look for a job long-distance because finding well-paid work is the hardest part of starting fresh in Hawaii. Tourism is your best bet, but agriculture, civic work, and science positions are also possible. If you have school-age children, you’ll want to find a school for them as well. Finally, you may want to sort out your health insurance in advance. Since many jobs are part-time in Hawaii, they often don’t come with benefits. Your options for healthcare will, therefore, be more limited on the islands. But if you work everything out before the move, you can have a great start to your new life.

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