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Moving to another country is a big decision and one nobody makes lightly. So if you’re considering moving to London from NYC, then you must have a good reason for it. And while New York is certainly one of the greatest cities in the world, London can be a great place to make your new home. A big cultural and business center in Europe, London is an attractive location for many ex-pats. You might want to move for work or for love or to start a family. But whatever the reason, there’s a long road ahead of you. You’ll need to plan and prepare, hire an international moving company in New York, deal with immigration, and more. This guide is here to help you figure it all out.

What can you expect from moving to London from NYC?

Moving to another country is always a big change, but moving to a whole new continent? Now, that is bound to change your life forever. Culture shock is pretty much inevitable when you decide to leave the US for Europe. Still, some places are going to be a bigger problem than others. And preparing for what you can expect will definitely help. So before you leave NYC and fly off to meet the Queen, it’s important to do your research. That way, you’ll be prepared for everything that living in London brings.

The similarities

Every city is unique! New York perhaps even more so than most. But there are certain things that, as a New Yorker, you’ll find familiar even in London. Much like NYC, London is a big and diverse cultural capital. Millions of people from all over the world congregate here for work, leisure, and a better life. And doesn’t that sound familiar? London is also, just like New York, a city that both knows how to work and knows how to party. In that sense, you will certainly find that your new home doesn’t disappoint.

Aerial view of London.
A big and vibrant city, London is not as far removed from NYC as you might think.

However, as you acquire international moving quotes, you may start to worry about your budget. And you’d be unfortunately right to do so. London is only marginally less expensive than NYC and still one of the most expensive cities in Europe. But just like in NYC, the trick is knowing where to look! Housing is less expensive as you move further out of the city and further away from major transportation hubs.

The differences

Despite the similar energies, there are definitely things a New Yorker like you will find unique in London. You’ll be happy to learn, for example, that London’s weather is milder than what you’re used to. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing (which you’ll have to learn to call 0 degrees after your move – Celsius is the preferred scale across the pond) and rarely rise above 70. Additionally, all the talk of endless rain is vastly exaggerated. In fact, London gets plenty of suns. This is excellent news as London also has many more green areas than New York. Impressive as Central Park is, you’ll find many more and different (albeit smaller) such oases in London.

Aerial view of the Houses of Parliament.
The hisotrical and architectural beauty of London will take your breath away.

And if you prefer the more tourist-geared attraction, worry not! London has a lot to offer, particularly in the history department. You’ll surely find this very interesting as it is quite different from NYC. But you should have no problem seeing it all as the public transport system is excellent, especially compared to New York.

The process of moving to London from NYC

Before you can start getting used to your new life in London, you need to figure out how to get there with the least amount of fuss and stress. The simple answer is to hire international movers USA to the UK. But that’s not quite enough! Even with the kind of help you will undoubtedly get from your moving company, there’s still a lot to do before your relocation.

Sort out your visa

Since you are not a citizen of the EU (not that this will matter for much longer as the post-Brexit regulations come into effect), you will need a visa in order to go to the UK. If you’ve never traveled somewhere that required a visa for US citizens, you may find the process of obtaining one slightly confusing. To begin with, there are different types of visas. So as you apply, check that you’re applying for the right one! A tourist visa, for example, will only last you so long and does not allow you to legally work in the UK. Be sure to check out the UK government website for more information on visas and how to apply for them. Read the information carefully because your continued stay in London will depend on it!

A passport you need to have when moving to London from NYC.
Make sure to sort out all your paperwork in time and have your passport at the ready.

Hire international movers when moving to London from NYC

It’s never easy to move your entire home somewhere. But when that somewhere is a whole ocean away, you’re definitely going to need some serious help. Luckily, international household movers are there precisely for this purpose. Check out the moving companies in your area, compare their reviews, get a few estimates, and find the best possible movers for your relocation. This will significantly reduce the amount of stress you take on during the move as you will have people to deal with the worst parts of it instead of you.

Start packing on time

Packing is the hardest part of a relocation. And when you’re moving internationally, odds are you will have to coordinate your packing a little differently. The bulk of your stuff will actually be shipped out by your movers. You’ll want to talk to them about when to expect this as you don’t want to wait too long for delivery after you arrive at your new home. The rest of your stuff, the stuff you need to live for at least a few days or even weeks, will come with you. But before you pack it, read up on your airline’s luggage policies. You can’t take just anything on a plane with you.

Since there’s so much planning to do when it comes to packing for moving to London from NYC, it is imperative that you start thinking about it on time. It’ll take you days of active work to pack, weeks if you don’t want to rush yourself. So make sure you don’t leave this for the last minute!

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