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It is a big step, moving to France from the USA. You are probably very excited but also a little frightened. That is completely normal and everyone would be overwhelmed in your situation, no doubt about it. Because this is such a big and important step in your life, we will help you with a simple guide for moving to Paris from NYC that we put together. We hope that it will do you some good.

Is moving to Paris from NYC complicated?

When moving internationally, surely you will not do everything by yourself. You will probably hire a company such as Transparent International to do most of your work for you because of various reasons. Any move can be complicated or it can be easy and fast. The only factor that has an impact on the outcome is you and your organizational skills. When moving internationally, it is very important to have all of your plans regarding the move organized perfectly. You need papers, documents, different professionals involved, and much more. This is where we come in and give you certain reminders and advice to help you get through this without any unnecessary complications that can be avoided.

Organize- moving to Paris from NYC
You can easily move to Paris from NYC but you must have expert organizational skills!

How to organize your move to Paris from NYC

As we have already stated, you will have help from companies and professionals who will do your international removals for you and similar. Besides this, you will certainly have a lot on your plate. You must take this very seriously if you want your relocation to be successful. There is the first step, and there is the last step.

Documents and other papers

The first and most important step when moving internationally is having documents and other papers you are legally obligated to have. Without these, you will not be able to enter or live in the country you are moving to. Some countries require more or fewer documents than others but most documents are universal for all. We have made a list of papers that we know are definitely mandatory. This is the first thing that should be on your mind. Getting all the papers and documents you need for moving internationally. Remember to start collecting them on time because when it comes to documents like these, you often have to wait to get them.

  1. Passport- We did not have to mention this one but still, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Visa- You probably are aware of this but getting a visa is not an easy process.
  3. Work permit- When moving to Paris from NYC, this is one thing you cannot forget because, well, you will not have a job.
  4. Birth certificate- Always mandatory, you know that.
  5. Medical and school records- Dental records may also be mandatory for you to provide but that varies from country to country.
  6. Marriage certificate- Whatever your status is, the country you are moving to must be informed about it.
  7. Other documents and papers- Social security cards, divorce papers, child custody papers, insurance papers, adoption papers, pet vaccination records, and much more.
Do not forget any documents or paperwork! Keep your paperwork clean and ready.


Packing is more or less a simple process but when moving internationally, it should be taken more seriously. You can always find packing and crating services. Many people do because they want their belongings to be perfectly safe during transport. The professionals you hire know how to make that happen. So, even before you arrive in beautiful Paris, you can enjoy yourself. You will know that someone else handled your items and you have nothing to worry about. 

Informing everyone that you are moving to Paris from NYC

Besides your friends and family who you will inform about your relocation, there are other people and companies who should be informed as well. Since you are moving to another continent, you will no longer be needing certain services you have been provided with up until now. You must call your bank, your utility companies, cancel subscriptions you have that are linked to the address in NYC, and much more. All of these must be done on time because you can end up having quite a few problems. For example, if you do not inform the USPS that you are no longer at a certain address, you end up paying a fine. Now, it is all very different when you are moving to another continent than when you are just changing the street. Still, you have to gather the info you need and start acting on time.

Hello Paris

The city of Paris is such a wonderful and romantic place. Most people immediately think of croissants, wine, old movies, and similar. What we fail to see is that Paris has much more to offer than an idyllic walk in the park. In this town, you can find pretty much everything you have always wanted and needed. The food is spectacular, people are friendly, job opportunities are endless and that is just the surface we are scratching right now. With the proper, ambitious mindset and hard work, you will be able to provide yourself with the most beautiful and high-quality lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

You must be so excited, Paris is a wonderful city and you will enjoy your new life here!

Goodbye NYC

We hope that our guide for moving to Paris from NYC was of some use to you. Maybe it gave you all the information and answers you needed. Remember to be well organized and have everything prepared beforehand so that you can leave some time for solving possible problematic situations. Unexpected problems can always happen, it is good to be prepared for them. Whatever you choose to do and in whichever way, we hope that you will love your new life in Paris and have a lot of fun. We wish you good luck!

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