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If you live in New York City, it is easy to get certain of the fact that you are living in the capital of the world. And, in some cases, most of all financial one, that appears to be true. Running a business in NYC is truly the best place to run it. After all, NYC offers the most competitive marketplace in the world… However, that is exactly what it is. New York is not some capital of the world, it is its arena. The world is way too big to be focused on one city. And, if you lived in New York long enough, some of you might feel tired of the modern skyscrapers and envy those who live in cities that hold history such as the New World never saw. Cities that seem to stand the test of time, forever. And, if you be just brave enough, you might decide to visit one of those cities…  and move! To live in a place dedicated to the heritage of greats and built on the shoulders of giants, imbued with glorious history. There is only one city that stands above all else in this regard. It is your time to be moving to Rome from NYC

How to plan for such a big move?

So, first off, let us talk about the technical part. Moving from USA to Europe is not a small feat, but we are sure you don’t need us to tell you that. What we are here to state is that you need to search for your movers with utmost care. Make sure you read the reviews about them and that they have experience in an international relocation. Find good storage in Rome, as you will definitely need it. Plan for the change of address, voter registration, and other legal obligations in the states as well as the passport and residence in Italy.

What to expect after moving to Rome from NYC

After Transparent International NYC relocate you to the Italian capital, there will be a lot of things that feel strange. For example, the language. Everything is, strangely enough, Italian! Sure, young people generally know English as their second language and will speak it gladly, but you will also be facing a language barrier.

moving to Rome from NYC - The monument in Rome
What will strike you the most when you move to Rome from NYC? Will it be the difference in architecture?

The difference in ambiance is even more drastic. Sterile buildings of New York will be replaced with architectural wonders of the old masters of the renaissance and ancient times. Furthermore, the lifestyle of New York will be left behind for a much more laid back Italian lifestyle.

What are the most common challenges?

When not looking at international moving quotes, what are the most common challenges foreigners face when moving to Rome?

  • Finding a job – If you are a young person moving to Rome from NYC you might find it difficult to find a high paying job.
  • Learning a new language – Italian is not hard, but it is not exactly easy either. And, without it, you can’t really hope for much in terms of jobs.
  • Cost of living – The cost of living in Italy, and in Rome in particular, is not cheap. You will find that you need quite a lot of money.
The catican
What will be the challenges?

Organize your moving budget

Be sure to organize your moving budget well, especially if you are using additional services such as international piano movers. Always ask for free moving estimates and try to DIY whatever you don’t need movers for.

What places in Rome you must not miss?

Finally, now that we covered all the things you should know when moving to Rome from NYC, let us talk about attractions in Rome. Sure, you would think that the attractions would be only of interest to a tourist. After all, you are moving to Rome, you are sure not to miss it, right? However, Rome is a big, layered city that has a lot of things in it. Therefore, we want to make sure that, during the first few months of your stay in the Eternal City, you don’t miss the biggest attractions. The more obscure ones you will surely learn on your own.

First off, of course, you will find the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. Both are staples of Rome and we are sure you know that they stem from the time of the Roman empire, the most powerful state of the ancient Mediterranian world.  Vatican city should also be on your list, with its St. Peters Basilica and St. Peters Square. This is technically a sovereign state inside the Roman city, making it the smallest state in the world, ruled by the Pope (the holy see).

The palace of vittorio-emanuele
Vittorio Emanuele monument is truly a sight to behold!

Returning to the more ancient times, you will find a monument that is 2000 years old. It changed religions it praised, and its look, but the Pantheon of Rome stood since before Christ. It holds a 43-meter wide dome. Among the renaissance masterpieces, you will find the Trevi Fountain and Basilica of St. John. Finally, modern achievements such as the Vittorio Emanuele monument still echo the classical architecture of the ancients.

These are a very conservative list of things you can and should find in Rome, so be sure to find your own things of interest.

In conclusion

Moving to Rome from NYC is a brave step. Not many people take it. However, it is also a good step to take! Your bravery will pay off. Living in this ancient city you will feel like part of history. You will feel inspired and find a whole new purpose for many things in life. You might just, like many others that made the same journey as you, find yourself there too. So go on and risk it. Pack your things and move to the City of seven hills. The eternal city. The capital of the world long gone that still holds its secrets in the stone carved by the ancients. Go on and live through history!


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