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    Every relocation can be very complicated, no matter the distance. Still, when you are moving to Zurich from NYC, in other words, to another continent, things tend to get especially complicated. In order to help you devise a plan and see everything through without problems, we have made a guide for moving from USA to Switzerland. Follow our tips, suggestions, and advice, and all will be just fine.

    Is there anything special to know about moving to Zurich from NYC?

    Generally, there is nothing particularly special about this relocation. Just like with every move, you will need a lot of help from an experienced and professional moving company like Transparent International NYC based. They are aware of all the details you do not deal with on a regular, daily basis. What is important is to keep reminding yourself that you are not moving across the street and that forgetfulness is not an option by any means. Therefore, may proper organization be the first thing we emphasize. In order to succeed and not make a mess out of this international move, you must start on time and properly prepare.

    A man looking for information regarding moving to Zurich from NYC.
    There really is nothing special about moving to Zurich from NYC but you still need to be well informed about all the requirements and details.

    Our guide for moving to Zurich from NYC starts with proper preparation

    You should start by gathering up all the information you need. If you want to have enough time for the preparation, the actual relocation, and some extra space in between just in case, you need to start early on. By early on, we mean months in advance. Some people even start years before they actually move but that depends on the paperwork. Now that we have mentioned papers, remember that some are harder to get than others, so you might want to get informed about the visa process.

    We recommend that you devote a few months of your life to finding information and preparing yourself mentally for the work. Why? Because when the moment comes for you to actually start signing papers, packing, and getting on an airplane, you might freak out a bit. If you try and ease yourself into it by slowly adapting, you will probably avoid your own panic. Still, panic is normal, just not recommended.

    Arranging the details with the moving company

    Once you have officially found all the information you will need, you should start setting dates and organizing your time around them. For example, in a scenario where your paperwork is ready or will be ready without delay, the first phone call you should make is to your moving company. They will be your best friends during this whole process because they will handle technicalities you will be too occupied or inexperienced to handle. You should inform them about everything there is to know. Also, we recommend that you ask them for some additional services. See what they have to offer in terms of an international relocation because it just might make your life easier, trust us.

    A client discussing the details of the relocation with the moving company.
    it is very important that you rely on your moving company to help you with every part of your international relocation.

    The packing process

    When moving internationally, the packing process is a bit different than you may think. We recommend that you seek out help. International moving crates are just one of the many things you will need. Also, you will need someone to do all the proper packing because moving belongings with a van and shipping them are two different processes. Therefore, get professional help and also consult with the packers and movers regarding everything. They have experience and know various tips that can help you in many situations you have not thought of.

    If you have decided to pack on your own, even though it is not recommended, there are things you must pay attention to. First of all, have you packed everything and what have you done with the things you are leaving behind. Will you sell them, give them aways, recycle? There are rules when it comes to packing for shipping and you will have to inform yourself about them. Not to mention that certain things cannot be shipped, and if they can, the circumstances are very difficult and specific. That is why it is so important to inform yourself about everything and to the very last detail. 

    The official relocation

    On the day of the relocation, you must do everything once more. Not only check but double and triple-check if necessary. We suggest that you take a pen, paper and write everything down the day before the move. It would be even better if you could make lists and reminders throughout the entire process and then just go over them once more when everything is closer to the big day. All in all, remember that anything you have forgotten will most likely stay forgotten. So, keep an eye out for anything that could have slipped your mind. When handling such a demanding, complicated move, people tend to forget about very important things. Do not let that happen.

    A moving checklist.
    We suggest that you make a checklist and several other lists that will help you remember everything.

    This concludes our guide for moving to Zurich from NYC

    Now that we have told you about everything important you should know about, we have come to the end of our guide for moving to Zurich from NYC. Follow our steps and keep our suggestions in your mind because they will surely be of good use. We hope that all of this was helpful and that you will have an easy, stress-free international relocation to Zurich. Contact your moving company and get started. We wish you good luck! 

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