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Just like when relocating to any country that is on another continent, you will have a lot of planning and possible problems in your way. The good thing is, there are professional international moving companies that you can hire to help you relocate. The bad news is, there are many things that you will have to take care of by yourself. Nevertheless, with proper preparation and some sweat, you will be able to perform this move without those, previously mentioned, problems. Let us see how we can help you make sure you are relocating to Brussels quickly and easily.

Is the process of relocating to Brussels complicated?

You must understand that moving from USA to Belgium is a very time-consuming process that requires your attention. There is no science behind it. Yet, there is a lot of hard work. It is complicated because you must think about everything in advance and prepare every single detail. Nevertheless, if you follow the suggestions we are bout to give you and take this relocation seriously, it will still be complicated but it will not be stressful. If you ask us, that is more important.

A woman who is tired because she is relocating to Brussels.
Yes, you will surely be tired when dealing with the process of relocating to Brussels but you can make it all easier with a few steps.

How can you make the process of relocating to Brussels easier?

Logically, you will want to get professional help, as we have previously emphasized. Hiring overseas relocation services is both wanted, needed, and you are kind of obligated to, by law. They will have permits and other possibilities that you do not have and so, well, you must contact them. Still, trust us when we say that you would do the same even if you were not obligated to. Professionals can help you more than you think because they handle these relocations every day. What you might overlook or forget about, they will surely remember and remind you, as well.

Deal with the papers on time

Just like with any relocation whatsoever, especially an international one, there will be tons and tons of papers to take care of. The first and most asked questions are always regarding the visa requirements for Belgium but you can find those online. The point is that some papers are easier to get and some are very complicated to get. You will see that there will be many waiting lists and they will be very stressful. What you can do to make things easier is to start informing yourself and applying much in advance. That way, you will not have a little maggot in your head constantly making you worry about whether you have time for everything and will the papers come too late.

People dealing with paperwork.
Dealing with paperwork on time will save you a lot of trouble.

Call all the numbers you need to

Remember, friends and family are not the numbers you need to call, they will know about your relocation and even if they do not, you will not pay any fines. On the other hand, utility companies, the USPS, and similar are the numbers you must dial, otherwise there will be a price to pay. You must inform them about your relocation and allow them to inform you about what you must do before you exit the USA. You will be able to find information regarding this matter online.

The packing process

Do not expect this process to be like any other packing process, it differs greatly. Certain requirements must be met and rules that you must follow. Thankfully, you do not need to know all of them for there are many. What you can do is hire the assistance of professionals who will do your packing and crating for you. This is important not only because of the rules but also because of the safety of your items. Moving something by car a few kilometers and shipping it by plane are two very different processes. You do not want to have problems because you did something incorrectly. Every little delay will cost you a lot, both in time and in money so try to avoid that scenario in every way you possibly can.

Make lists, make lists, make lists!

This is the number one and most important advice we will give you. The ultimate organization tool is a list. if you want to make sure everything is prepared and you have not forgotten about anything, lists are the way to go. This can even be the first thing you do once you decide to relocate to Belgium. You should make lists for everything that you must do and every little task as well. You can even have a notebook especially for this relocation where you will write down all information. We cannot stretch this enough.

A checklist.
Should you make lists? Yes!

When relocating to Brussels, be prepared for cultural differences

This is not so much as a task as it is something you should do for yourself. If you have not had any previous experiences in Brussels or Belgium, in general, you should be prepared for some great cultural differences. Different food, a different mentality, pretty much everything. You are moving to Europe, a completely different continent that has very little to do with America. You will love it surely but you might need some time to get used to it. The best thing to do is find some info online, see what awaits you. Create a positive and excited demeanor.

That was our guide and we hope that you enjoyed it

When relocating to Brussels, as you can see, there are many things to do and think about. We did our best when making this guide and we hope that it will help you during this process. Remember to have a positive attitude and do everything that needs to be. If you do, everything should be just fine. We wish you good luck!

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