Guide for securing a commercial warehouse in Europe

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    Securing a commercial warehouse in Europe means covering all weak spots in the warehouse area.  This can be sometimes overwhelming. There is not much difference from country to country. Basic rules apply to almost any type of commercial warehouse.  Before you plan how to secure a warehouse, you should consider hiring the best overseas removalists. And make sure that your belongings arrive at the location, undamaged. You can take a few basic steps to secure your warehouse.

    Securing a commercial warehouse in Europe

    Europe has some of the largest warehouses. There is big competition there from large companies like Amazon, Alibaba and others. To be as competitive, you need to improve security in your warehouse. As soon as you finish your overseas relocation, the best is to start with security improvements:

    surveillance camera
    Installing a CCTV system is the best way to secure your warehouse

    Monitor your staff

    When you are just moving to Portugal from US, you will have a new staff entirely. This is a good enough reason to watch your staff carefully. Not only for the risk of theft but to make sure they are familiar with their tasks. Also, unannounced monitoring of the facility is a good solution. The best way to check if everything is functioning is in person. Another way to be on top of things is to have a CCTV. If you are monitoring them from distance, it will allow you to see how the processes are going. On the other hand, workers are usually aware they are being watched. And sometimes it is contra-productive.

    Leave less room for honest mistakes

    If you have a manual entry system for inventory, there is more room for honest mistakes. When you are using a warehouse managing system (WMS) device will ensure a better flow of all operations in the warehouse. It is a software application that manages inventory receiving and shipping orders. There are some free versions of the WMS devices. But you should compare the best option for securing a commercial warehouse in Europe.

    Secure the facility with a fence

    Another security step is fencing a warehouse. It will keep random people outside the warehouse area. Also,  you can choose a better security fence. This way the intruders might not get the chance to get to the actual doors of your warehouse.

    scanning products
    Use warehouse managing system (WMS) device

    Install motion detectors – the best for securing a commercial warehouse

    Motion detectors are actually a part of most security systems. You can install them in certain areas. They will immediately send an alert to either a security manager or the police.

    Check your current operations

    Sometimes the easiest solution is the best one. If you already have all the needed security measures. And you should also check to see if the warehouse operations are functioning smoothly. See if there are maybe some excess operations that are making confusion or slowing down the general flow in your warehouse.

    In the end, if you already have taken all the precautionary measures and you are still not entirely happy with the results. Then you should consider hiring some global mobility solutions to help you. Hire a third-person company that will be in charge of securing a commercial warehouse in Europe.


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