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In the case that you have been thinking about what you need to do in order to move safely abroad, you must have come by a piece of information that packing & crating heavy equipment is one of the things that you should make sure to take into serious consideration. However, these are not the terms that many of us meet on a daily basis. Hence, it’s important to know exactly what they mean in order to be able to use them to your best benefit. The best piece of advice on this subject should come from professionals in the industry.

Therefore, we are going to take a look at these terms with you. We are going to focus on the things that you need to focus on in order to be able to finish up the packing and crating of your items in the best way possible before the move.

packing & crating heavy equipment requires the right kind of material
Make sure to invest time and effort to properly crate your items

What you need to know about packing & crating heavy equipment

There are many things that you should consider when you are thinking about packing & crating heavy equipment. Obviously, the most important piece of information is what items you should crate and which ones you should not. For example, international car transportation agencies will not offer to crate your item. On the other hand, heavy equipment or artwork is something that should be crated. Now, it is your concern about how you should go about the process of protecting your heavy equipment for moving. Whatever you do, make sure to do it well.

In order to make sure that your items are going to survive the move without any consequences, you should consult the handling guide issued by the manufacturer. This is the first thing that you should focus on. Only after you have found out about the best practices of packing your equipment should you start thinking about crating it.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Make sure that there is the right amount of cushioning between the piece that you are looking to move and the crating itself
  • Bear in mind the means of shipment that will be transporting your items
  • Invest in the right crating supplies
  • Hire professionals to do the job properly
Be mindful of the size of the machinery that you need to move

Consider the amount of cushioning that you are going to be using

The first thing that we need to point out is that you should use enough cushioning material when packing & crating heavy equipment. If you would ask any trustworthy international moving company in New York about how important this step in the process is, you should know that the answer is going to be very important. 

Without the right type and the amount of cushioning, the heavy equipment that you are going to be transporting can easily slide inside the crate. As you can probably imagine, this is not the best thing that could happen to your items. Sliding means that parts of it are going to smash into the sides of the crate. If you were looking for a disaster in the transportation of crated equipment, then this is it.

There are different types of cushioning materials that you could opt for:

  • Foam peanuts
  • Styrofoam
  • Cardboard, etc.

Think about how each of these would handle the weight of your equipment. That should be enough to give you an answer to the question of which cushioning material to use.

Bear in mind the measures of the load

The next thing to think about carefully is the size of the load. 

The size of the item that you are looking to create is going to play an important role in choosing the type of cushioning that you are going to use. Also, it can prove pivotal in choosing whether crating is the best option for you. Therefore, in the case that you are unsure whether you should be packing & crating heavy equipment in your possession, make sure to seek a piece of advice from professional international household movers. Many of them offer this kind of service. So, use their knowledge to your benefit.

Invest in the right crating supplies

As we have already tried to emphasize, crating is a way to make sure that your items are going to survive the transportation unharmed. Therefore, in the case that you should decide to go about this business in this way, you should invest in the right crating supplies.

image of a man in a suit
Let the professionals handle your crating process if it is too much for you to handle

If your plan is to do it by yourself, you should head over to Home Depot and obtain the materials that you need. Let the salesmen over there know what you need the supplies for. This way, you are going to make sure that you are receiving exactly what you need. 

Hire professionals to take care of this job properly

Lastly, in the case that at any point you realize that you have bitten on far more than you can choose, you should go ahead and call in professional packing and crating companies for help.

The fact is that no one is going to do a better job of packing your items than the people who do it on a daily basis. Not only will they know how to go about this business. No, they will also have a virtually unlimited supply of crating material on their hands. So, they will surely be able to deal with packing & crating heavy equipment with ease.

Are you ready for packing & crating heavy equipment?

Packing & crating heavy equipment is a great way to make sure that they survive transportation. Still, it is important to do this the right way. Otherwise, you are probably going to waste time, money and energy, but will not accomplish anything. And this is not the situation to find yourself in. Therefore, if you realize that you cannot cope with the load, call professionals in to help you out.

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