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When considering moving overseas, you will realize how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. Table-tennis desk, toys, clothes, boxes, fishing rods. It is amazing how many items we gather over time. Since moving overseas, you will need some serious downsizing. You may be planning to move temporarily or permanently. Whatever is the case, you certainly cannot bring everything you have to your new home. And, there are so many things that you need to pack or store. Therefore we recommend Transparent International NYC. What about the heavy and bulky furniture? Not to mention your car. To prepare all this you will certainly need help from professional movers. Since they are professionals, they certainly have more experience and will give you good advice on this long-distance move. In this article learn why downsizing your home before moving overseas is necessary.

a mover downsizing home before moving
Experts will give good advice on downsizing your home before moving overseas

Why hiring experts when downsizing your home before moving overseas

Before you start doing anything, you will need a detailed plan. Why? Because moving overseas is a very complicated process that can last for months. Give yourself enough time to prepare. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze everything in just one week. To achieve everything and manage your time, it is necessary to use international services. Present them with a downsizing and relocation plan. Professional movers will then inform you if the plan will work. In addition, they will provide certain corrections of it. What you should provide is the dimensions of your new home. Expert movers should visit you and measure your belongings. Then, you can decide what items you will bring into your new home. After all, it may happen that your new home already has some built-in closets or other furniture left from the previous owners. Use that wisely.

 How to prepare for an international move to New Zealand?

It is a great decision to go living in New Zealand. This is a great destination, no matter you are moving there with a family or just relocating your business.

When you set up a moving date with the moving company, there are several things you should start doing right away. First, access your inventory. Go from one room to another and make a list of what you plan to definitely bring to your new home. Downsizing your home before moving overseas is crucial. Moving to New Zealand from US is a serious process. Downsizing is making a balance of what you have and what you will really need out there. Think if it’s worth shipping stuff that will be available to purchase in your new country. As long as you have a rough idea of how much you can take with you, you will be fine.

a couple downsizing home before moving
Make an inventory list before downsizing your home

Moving overseas to Europe

The old continent is again a beautiful destination to move to. For example, if you are going to live in Portugal, there are many opportunities for you and your family.

Again, whether you are going to Europe or New Zealand, you will need help from experts. Cities are beautiful, public transportation works well, you will learn Portuguese. But you cannot do everything on your own. Moving to Portugal from US means downsizing your home. International transport is more expensive than the local one. Typically, you will either pay by volume or by weight. First, start with tidying up. Put all the books on the bookshelves. Secondly, remove everything that is not a book from this place. Follow the same pattern for other categories. This way your items will be well-separated. You can also label them eg ‘Room 2, Books’ and ‘Kitchen, Pans’, etc.

Time to start downsizing your home before moving overseas

After you finish tidying everything up, it is time to actually start decluttering. Some people like to declutter room by room. Others like to sort things out by category. Whatever your choice is, it is important to bring just those items which are really necessary. For example, when moving overseas to New Zealand, there is no point in bringing heavy winter clothes. Start with the easy and obvious things. Anything that’s broken, chipped, scratched, ripped, or outdated. There is no right or wrong way to do this necessary chore. Create a spreadsheet with two columns: Items name and Location. Go room by room and write where everything is. Open up all the closets, drawers, and storage bins. The question that really works is ”Do I want to keep this?” instead of ”Do I want to throw this away?”. This will help you cut through sentimentality.

clothes organizing and packing
Tidy up and label everything when you start packing

Categorize items as Donate, Store, or Sell

There are these three additional columns to add to your spreadsheet. Go down the list and write Donate, Store. or Sell. Here you will find some tips to help you:

  • You may decide to donate stuff you no longer need. If you don’t have transportation or are donating large items, many charity shops have a pick-up service.
  • If you plan to sell, take photos of all the items you want to sell. Then you can post them to Facebook or other platforms for sale. Earning additional cash while moving cannot do any harm.
  • Offer unsold items to friends and family. You have already taken pictures of the items. Therefore, send out a link to the album and ask friends and family to email you what they want. You will get rid of items you no longer want. Plus, you will make others happy.

A new start in your new, faraway home is awaiting you. We are aware that there are so many things in your home that you have gathered through the years. Some of them you can easily give up on. On the other hand, it will be hard to let some others go. There is no need to worry. Instead, decide what is really necessary. Some items will cost more to transport than to buy again in the new country. Consult with experts on this and pack wisely. And start looking forward to your new home!


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