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Once you decide to move your home to a different country, a lot of jobs are in front of you. The most important of them all is to make sure relocation is not too much disturbing for your health. Moving abroad is a huge undertaking, especially when you have a baby on the way. In case you are preparing for moving abroad while pregnant, there are a lot of things to prepare for. One of the first steps is to find reliable professionals to lend you a helping hand and help you overcome the logistic aspect of your move. Luckily, with the help of our international removals, there is no need for worries. Not only we will provide exceptional international moving services, but also we will remind you of things to know when moving abroad with a baby on the way. Let’s prepare for this challenge together and stress-free!

Ways to prepare for moving abroad while pregnant

Just like you will never be ready for everything that pregnancy brings, you are never truly ready to conduct your move quickly. Moving to a new country is a big adventure just like becoming a parent. Each of these events in life is special and brings so many responsibilities. In case you or your suppose got recently an opportunity to move abroad, you should not miss it just because you are expecting. Although this includes extra preparations, it is possible to move safely abroad during pregnancy. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind important advice and recommendations, to ensure you and your baby are safe constantly. Also, you need to find and hire reputable international movers to rely on for all upcoming relocation challenges. Only this way you will be ready for a smooth transition to a new country.

A couple holding an ultrasound picture of their baby
There are many steps you should take to prepare for moving abroad while pregnant.

Make sure not to forget anything crucial when moving abroad while pregnant

Regardless of your age and the way you react to the news and changes in life, this is going to be so exciting. Since you are about to expand your family, you’ll need to complete many tasks related to the arrival of a new family member. On the other hand, you should prepare for a new chapter in a new country, too. With so many things in mind, while you are packing your belongings in moving boxes overseas, you could easily forget about something vital. Here are some things you should not overlook when relocating abroad while pregnant:

  • research maternity care options in your new location;
  • create a birth plan as an expat;
  • speak to a doctor before you go;
  • find a new doctor in your new location;
  • prepare your documents related to the pregnancy;
  • practical planning for your move and arrival;
  • get as much help as possible since you are moving abroad while pregnant;
  • prepare to accept all limits and boundaries related to the pregnancy before you start packing;
  • consider getting international health insurance. 

Visit a doctor and speak with him about moving overseas during pregnancy

Before you book your plane ticket, make sure to visit your doctor. Speak to him about all things that make you worried about the upcoming transition. Of course, your doctor will remind you to forget about living with heavy objects due to move during your pregnancy. This way you will put hiring the experts for moving furniture overseas on your list of tasks to complete.  Also, your doctor will tell you that you should give up on moving abroad during the first three months of pregnancy. Specialists say this can add stress and increase the risk of having a premature birth. It is very important to talk with your doctor about potential stressors. This will help you prepare to avoid many risks and imagine easier setting up everything you have to do before giving birth.

An obstetrician consulting a pregnant patient about moving abroad while pregnant
Be free to ask your doctor about anything that concerns you about your move during pregnancy.

Sometimes comparing international moving quotes isn’t easy. Luckily, our quotes are ideal and affordable for your budget. Nevertheless, before you dedicate all of your time to hiring movers to move abroad, make sure not to neglect your medical appointments. For this reason, speak to your doctor and ask for his help to review your pregnancy calendar. You should not forget about the medical appointments you will need at certain points during the pregnancy. Make sure to remember your current week and your due date. In case you have your plans set, let your doctor help you find out at what stage of pregnancy you will be when you move abroad. Since schedules of appointments and check-ups vary across the world, make sure to set all of them on time. This can help you encounter a different experience at your new destination.

Sometimes you might need to postpone your trip

As you know, some locations require people to take a certain vaccine to enter the country. Of course, this is a way to prevent some diseases and health issues. In case you’re moving home somewhere that requires you to have one, you should be careful. You’ll have to check if recommended vaccines are suitable for pregnancy. For instance, some anti-malaria tablets are not safe to take during pregnancy. Also, certain vaccines use live bacteria or viruses and are not recommended while pregnant. So, before you take any wrong steps make sure to find out about potential risks. If you need to, stay in the United States of America until your child’s birth. Some obstacles such as the risk of having a premature birth are reason enough to postpone moving abroad while pregnant. Unluckily, moving during pregnancy is associated with increased risks. So, give your best to minimize stress during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman at home
Sometimes it is a better idea to skip moving until you give birth.

Make sure to prepare all of your medical records and documents

Finding a new doctor in your new country could take a while. But after finding the one, make sure to be ready for your first appointment. Once you decide to move your home, it is vital to gather and organize all medical records. Since you are pregnant, prepare all documents related to your pregnancy. This way they will be easily available to the doctors and medical practitioners in your new country. Moving to a country where a different language is spoken? In this case, it will be phenomenal to have these documents translated. Extra advice, make sure to translate on time the list of emergency contacts.

Did you have had vaccinations? Then ensure your International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) is up to date. With all documents ready, enjoy meeting your new doctor. He can give you tips and ideas on what you can and cannot do during the move since you are pregnant. Also, below you will find some useful tips on pregnancy and moving, too.

Things to remember about visiting your new home abroad

When they get a job promotion, people arrange their transition to a new country quickly. If you are alone, you will probably skip visiting your new location until you finish many other tasks. But if you are expecting, it will be ideal for you to go there and examine your new home. Firstly, you should check out your new home and prepare it for the baby’s arrival. Secondly, you should find a hospital and doctor near your new home. So, before you hire our door-to-door international movers, prepare for the trip.

A pregnant woman standing at a new home and planning to move abroad while pregnant
Make sure to visit your new home on time.

Are there any limitations since you are pregnant? Well, there are certain pregnancy stages when it is safe to travel by air. For instance, after 28 weeks of pregnancy may need a letter from a midwife or a doctor confirming that you are safe to travel abroad by plane. Also, a lot of airlines will not allow passengers who are over 37 weeks to travel at all. If you are pregnant with one baby, you should know that the safest times while pregnancy to fly are before 37 weeks. If carrying twins, you should travel before 32 weeks. Mentioned limitations and rules will help you avoid a lot of risks of traveling by plane while expecting. So, keep them in mind while making plans and looking for your plane tickets in advance. Make sure to arrange your trip on time and don’t wait until the last moment for it.

Get all the help you can get and understand you need to enjoy every step of the way

There is a huge number of women and men who are excellent at conducting moving tasks. In case you have some experience and organizational skills, moving home can be truly fun and pleasant. But pregnancy is not the best time for testing your organizational skills. As a woman, you will need to accept your limits related to pregnancy and make sure not to harm yourself and your baby. So, before you make any mistakes, make sure to enlist professionals. Although you have experience in moving your piano, make sure to get help from our international piano movers and stay away from heavy lifting. You will need to remember how it is important for your to lift and bend safely, all the time. Packing your items can be tempting but it can result in pregnancy injuries including back strain, sacroiliac joint problems, pubic symphysis dysfunction(SPD), and carpal tunnel pain.

Pregnant women at doctors
Your doctor will remind you of potential risks.

In case you already have a child or children, don’t forget to ask your friends or family to help you. Although our international household movers can help you a lot by providing their services, don’t hesitate to get extra help. Taking care of kids during the move is challenging, especially with a new baby in your belly. It can disable you to do any moving task that your need to finish. So, consider hiring a babysitter or leaving your kids at your parent’s house. When you start packing, make sure you have plenty of time to do it so you can take regular breaks. It would be excellent to take a rest every half an hour. Remember to prevent lower extremity swelling that could happen if standing for too long. This is important both when packing and on the big day.

Have a plan for your new house

Although planning your move was not easy, everything is perfect and you are already at your new location. Now it is time to place all of your items at your new house and start a new chapter. Even your international car transportation experts have great news about transporting your vehicle. So, make sure to focus on the task that needs to be done once your movers arrive at the new house. It is okay to be assertive and let others know what they need to be doing to finish your move quickly. Since you have a baby on the way, everybody can understand you want to complete the move as efficiently as possible. So, check if your movers know exactly where all rooms are in the house. They can take a look at labels to find out where certain boxes go.

A key and the lock
After moving abroad while pregnant, you will need to get through moving in.

Stay healthy and calm when moving abroad during pregnancy

Many parents decide to move after they find out a new baby is on the way. As long you and your baby are protected, there is nothing wrong about relocating. Moving abroad while pregnant can be exhausting for your pregnant body. For this reason, make sure to listen to your body. If you are getting tired and sluggish, take an hour or two to get rest. It is vital for your and the baby to take healthy meals and stay hydrated. Also, you should be careful walking up and down stairs or anywhere you could fall. Be wise and let other family members take care of relocation tasks. Also, contact us and get the services that you need and deserve. Prevent as much stress as possible and try to enjoy your international relocation with the baby on the way!

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