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    Citizenship in Austria is not very easy to get. Therefore, there is no automatic mechanism for obtaining Austrian citizenship. A European comparison shows that Austrian citizenship law is even extremely restrictive. And last but not least, the six years of residence per se are also wrong. Transparent International will share with you their knowledge on this topic.

    How does one actually get Austrian citizenship? 

    The easiest way to get Austrian citizenship is to be the child of Austrians. Austria has some mixed forms. The fact that children of Austrians become Austrians and the place of birth plays a minor role. Children of Austrian parents who are born abroad also receive citizenship in this way. The reason for this is that their parents are Austrian citizens. There is no automatism that children born in Austria will receive citizenship if their parents are not Austrians.

    Obtaining Austrian citizenship
    Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Western Europe.

    Knowledge of the German language and citizenship test

    If you are moving from USA to Austria and thinking of getting Austrian citizenship you need to know the German language. Above all, the standard period is ten years of uninterrupted and legal residence. In addition, you must fulfill some conditions. One of them is proof of German language skills, at least at the B1 level. The second is proof of basic knowledge of the democratic order and the history of Austria. As well as of the province in which the person lives. For this, you need to take a citizenship test.

    Additional requirements for obtaining Austrian citizenship

    You need also to have proof of secure livelihood. Of course, without receiving social benefits for a period of at least three years. Also, you need to have an affirmative attitude towards the Republic of Austria. Without the danger of disturbing public peace, security, and international interests of Austria. Unfortunately, you have to give up your previous citizenship. Also, this often leads to visa problems. These requirements must be met together. 

    Getting Austrian citizenship by being married to Austrian citizens 

    According to the Citizenship Law, a foreigner can get citizenship after a legal and uninterrupted stay of at least six years in the territory of the Republic of Austria under conditions:

    • His or her spouse is a citizen and lives with him or her in the same house. Also, they have to be married for five years; 
    • The marriage is not legally divorced
    • He or she is not a foreigner as a result of the withdrawal of citizenship. 

    You will lose citizenship if you enter the military service of another state.  

    Man and woman kissing
    You can obtain Austrian citizenship if you are in a marriage with an Austrian citizen!

    When you decide to move to Austria, feel free to call Transparent International. You can leave the whole move as well as moving furniture overseas to them. You won’t have to worry about anything. All you need to do is to enjoy a stress-free move.


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