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    When the shipping industry is in question, you probably know that there are some goods that are considered dangerous. This is the case with those items that could cause harm to the health and well-being of those who are handling them during transit. Of course, this can happen only if the items in question are not properly controlled. Should you do everything properly, there will be nothing to worry about. Here are some tips on how packing hazardous cargo should be done.

    You should know what items are considered dangerous

    Before you start packing hazardous cargo, you should know what items are actually hazardous. There are many restrictions on goods and this depends on their classification. You should bear in mind that some items are considered dangerous but they may not be dangerous by themselves alone. For example, nail polish, table tennis balls, paint, and perfumes are considered to be in this category.

    Before you start packing hazardous cargo, you should do research and find out what items are considered dangerous

    Another thing you should be aware of is that some items are banned from some countries. So, before you proceed, you should also get this piece of information. If you do this on time, there will be no complications during the whole process. Should you need a helping hand, you can always contact international movers in the USA. They know what should be done in any situation which is why you can put your trust in them.

    When packing hazardous cargo, check whether it can be shipped by air

    Another thing that is important to know is what cargo can be shipped by air and what cannot. There is a list of items you should get and this is going to be your guide. The items you cannot ship by air, you should ship via surface freight. It will take more time for those goods to arrive, but this is certainly a better solution. You should avoid risking sending something that is forbidden at all costs. If it happens that you send such an item, it can cause large fines from national governments. Also, even if you send something unintentionally, ignorance is not a good enough defense. So, before you actually ship the freight, you should double-check its content. This can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

    Make sure you pack the goods carefully

    Since you are packing hazardous cargo, you should pay special attention to it. You have to make sure you use appropriate packing materials and be even more careful. If you do this, you will know that you have packed the goods properly and that the risk of damage is quite low. For example, you have to make sure that there is no empty space in a moving box.

    Using proper labels will be of great help in this process- everyone will know what is inside

    You should fill it with packing paper, bubble pack or maybe some small cushions. Once you pack these goods, you should put a label so that everyone knows what kind of items are inside. In this way, everyone that gets in touch with this package will know that they have to be very careful. Also, you should consider getting international moving crates. It will be possible to load them with quite a lot of items which will make shipping much easier.

    Make sure you have all the documentation

    Packing hazardous cargo is probably not as critical as gathering and completing documentation. You surely want this whole process to run smoothly. So, what you have to take care of is to check what are the regulations for shipping this kind of cargo. Once you do this, you should get all the necessary paperwork and fill it in.

    Another thing you should pay attention to is filling all the parts in detail. In case you make a mistake, you should know that it will lead to massive delays at customs or worst damages. The documents usually depend on the nature of the goods, mode of transport, and country of shipment and receipt. Some of them are the following: Material Safety Data Sheet, Transport Emergency Card or TREM card, Dangerous goods request, and many others.

    You may need to pay some extra fees

    A great majority of the couriers raise their premium rates when shipping dangerous goods. In addition to this, they can also ask for an additional charge. The reason for this is that both they and their workers are exposed to the risk. Even though they are going to do everything in order to protect not only themselves but also the goods, this is a great risk, after all.

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    It is possible that this kind of shipment is going to cost a bit more in comparison to a regular one

    Also, when it comes to insurance for dangerous goods, you should know that it is much more expensive in comparison to insurance for goods that are not considered dangerous. So, your courier may ask you to take insurance in order to cover both their health and safety risks. However, you can also expect from them even to refuse to cover your shipment if any damage occurs in transit.

    You should complete a number of steps when packing hazardous cargo. We have given you several pieces of advice and we hope that you will find them helpful. If it happens that you are not sure what materials to use for the packing part, we recommend to you wooden crates. They are excellent for several reasons and you will realize this once you start using them. Just make sure you pay enough attention to your dangerous goods and there will be nothing to worry about.

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