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    As if moving is not stressful enough, moving pianos – and doing it internationally – is one big chaotic situation altogether. Or not, depending on whether you hire Transparent International NYC to help you move. In any case, if you are preparing a piano for transport, you’re in for a ride! You have to carefully plan it and find tools to avoid damaging your instrument (or your new floors). As we said, it’s best to hire professionals, but if you’re curious about how to do it yourself, we’ll explain the process right here.

    Preparing a piano for transport – can you do it on your own?

    When it comes to being able to prepare a piano for transport on your own, the answer is, well – yes and no. Basically, it all depends on how delicate your piano is and how much experience you have with packing large items. And if you want your piano to be safely packed and transported, the best idea is to simply call international piano movers. But, if you feel like doing it on your own, we have to stress again that moving a piano is a very difficult job because it is a valuable instrument that weighs several hundred pounds.

    piano - preparing a piano for transport
    If you are preparing a piano for transport on your own, you’re in for a ride!

    It’s all about planning

    If you do, however, decide to prepare your piano for transport on your own, know that it has delicate parts. Its keys, pedals, wires, and other components, can all be very fragile. You have to be very careful not to damage or broke it because part replacement can be quite expensive. But, as with any relocation, planning all the steps is the most important factor for a successful relocation. You can even write down your plan or watch a video tutorial on this subject.

    Measure everything

    First, start by measuring the dimensions of the piano itself, as well as doors, windows, stairs, and all other areas it needs to pass through. It will be wise to think about quality packing and crating materials that can help you before the transport itself. Go through the whole process of preparing a piano for transport in your head, from start to finish, before you start preparing your piano. Otherwise, you may want to carry the piano towards the exit and then find that it cannot pass to the lower steps or through the door. This, of course, can further damage the keyboards, walls, or railings on the staircase if you decide to push it through, anyway. Also, wipe the floor so that it is not slippery and move unnecessary things that may be on the way.

    Go through the whole relocation in your head, from start to finish, before you start preparing your piano.

    Thinking of moving the piano on your own? Bad idea

    If you are thinking about moving the piano, it’s better not to do it on your own. As we said, just call someone who has been dealing with furniture moving in a professional way. If you still have that (crazy) idea in your head, then just don’t do it on your own... You can’t move the piano by yourself! So call your friends and relatives to help you out. But again the best option is to hire experts who have experience in this field.

    Also, when thinking about how to move the piano, you must think about all the necessary materials and tools for the job. In addition to working gloves, packing foil, and soft covers to protect the piano from bumps, scratches, and dents, it is necessary to provide additional equipment that will make it easier for you to move it. You also have to find ladders or rails which allow easier maneuvering from one place to another… Include special tools to help you go down from one floor to another and wheels that will help it slide. So preparing a piano for transport is not a 5-minute job.

    Keep in mind that you can’t move the piano by yourself! So call your friends and relatives to help you out.

    Here’s how to pull off preparing a piano for transport

    Once you have a good plan, the next step is to pack the piano and prepare it for transport. Keep in mind that this instrument is massive and delicate. This means that you have to take care of all the parts.

    Disassemble the legs and pedals, close the cover and lock it, if possible, so that you can protect the piano keys from damage. If there is no lock on the lid, wrap it well using tape to prevent the accidental opening. Wrap it with protective foil and put it on a soft piece of fabric so you can move it to the door without damaging the floors.

    The hardest step of the way is to move your piano to the moving truck. Place furniture strips under each end and use the strength of at least two people to lift it. When the piano is in the air, make sure it stays upright.

    Keep in mind that you may injure yourself. To avoid this, take care of the position of your body. Always keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and your knees bent when lowering or raising the piano. This will allow you to use leg muscles for tension and at the same time will reduce the risk of a back injury.

    Move the piano slowly, walking with small steps so that the muscles have time to adjust to the extra effort. And don’t forget to never move the piano more than a few meters, and then take a break. Preparing a piano for transport is hard work, but pacing yourself will make it much more feasible. Good luck!

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